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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lets fall in Love...again?

2012, May
Its exam time again. She's stuck in the books for like hours till now. Helpless, tires, blackout, dull, restless, surrounded by negative vibes. She gave away the books. Sitting on the chair, straightened her legs and reached the corner of the bed. Looked up at the fan. Stared at it for some time.
"I should make a call", she said to herself. And dialed his number. He didn't pick up, must be busy.
Staring at the ceiling fan again, she dozed back to the time of an year ago. Same time, same day maybe. Same exam tension for sure and same recklessness.
2011, May
Haven't slept for days properly. Its already 3 am and she has given up hope for studying, at least for now.
She made a call. To him of course. He'd cut the phone and called her.
"Hmm.. Hi", she said in a tone assuring she has given up studying.
"Hey", he said, in a tone which surely tells he has given up hope. Hope for living.
"How are you?", he asks.
"Am not so good. Exams are on head and I cant even remember a word I have been studying since days by now and you?", she said.
What would he say? He's already heartbroken. Reason? She left him. Then why is she calling him? Even she doesn't know.
And then the time took a twirl. They talked as if nothing wrong ever happened between them. And he, he just started breathing again. The clock has stopped, as if only for them. The darkness outside the window slowly lifted up. The first yellow ray of sunshine entered, so did the bright early morning. Sure, no matter how long & dark the night is, God assures rays of hope, happiness, new morning comes in all's way.
The clock struck 5am.
"I really wanna have an ice-cream", she said to him.
"Even I want to. Mind of we have it together?", he said.
"Sure! But I want to have it now!", she urged.
"I'll be at your gate in 10 minutes. Then we can go to any nearby mother dairy and get ice-creams. Say?", he said.
"Dude! you look impatient to have this ice-cream", she said taunting.
"Am impatient to see you, ice- cream is just a pretext", he said.
She rolled her eyes and blushed on her side of phone. Without any prejudices, she left her home at 5:10am.
None of them had hair groomed, or face washed or clothes pretty. He was already waiting at her gate in his car. Just when she came, he said opening the gate, "Shall we?"
And so they drove off. Not to some 100 miles drive but just a few kilometers and a 1000 miles away in dreams. Bought two cups of butterscotch each. Parked the car. Walked on the footpath, eating ice-cream at 5:30 in the morning. Talking about daily lives. What more could one dream of? After 15 minutes, of talks that meant to her and life that meant to him they sat back in the car. Just when she couldn't stop talking, he hauled her with the best three words. Every time she hears it from him, it means a lot than the previous time. The meaning just gets deeper and deeper. They kissed. Yes, ice-creams does magic a lot many times. And so, continued the fairy tale again.
2012, May
She came back to the present. As if, life is a time machine. Just when she couldn't ask for more, her phone rang. It was him. And so the time took the same twirl again. The clock had stopped again...


  1. W-O-W!!!!! Aavika...its just awesome!! n to me, it did sound like a fairytale!! <3

    P.S. I got a tip from this! ;)

  2. @Anisha
    I knew you'd like it.. you know why :P and yes, fairy tales do come true! :D
    tip :O lemme know what happens !!! :D

  3. @aditya
    I saw that coming :P thanksss..