Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, December 25, 2011

And I... will always Love You

They could hear the footsteps arriving closer.
"Everything's with you?", he asked her.
"Yeah!", she said haphazardly. More in agility, checking her pockets that her phone and wallet resides in place.
"And me?", he asked.
She looked at him. Those eyes of recklessness. Those eyes of fondness of her. Those eyes brimmed with emotions for her. Those eyes of prolong, abide dreams of clenching her in everlasting bonds of intimacy. Those eyes of what they call- LOVE.
She looked up, hands still in pockets, hair just falling hastily on her eyes and ran into him.
Every time she would hug him, she knew her heart was never filled.
The footsteps were close. He had to let go. But she couldn't. Yet, the Love had to be sustainable, to be left for future.  They glanced at each other, with eyes desperate to fall into each other.. again .. and again.
"I Love you", she said brashly.
"I Love you more than you do", he said softly.
She turned & smiled innocently, "that's true".
She ran from fear. Fear of having caught by eyes other than his'. Fear of the world to know what they mean to each other. Fear of not being accepted by the world.
She knew he was watching her. Indeed with no time to take a flash of his beautiful eyes, she absconded, for she knew the time will give her more.
For him, it was more piercing. For he, waits for the right time to arrive and secure her keeping the world at stake. The time when they would fear eyes of none. The time when they would fear the footsteps of none. The time... shall come, he promises.
And yet, she only breathes on that promise.

If I should stay, 
I would only be in your way. 
So I'll go, but I know 
I'll think of you ev'ry step of the way. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
You, my darling you. Hmm. 

Bittersweet memories 
that is all I'm taking with me. 
So, goodbye. Please, don't cry. 
We both know I'm not what you, you need. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its better late then never...

Finally, feels like its been ages since I've gotten down to blogging. The exams ate my mind & time up. Having so many fishes to fry, I couldn't think of anything. Though, the cake didn't bake very nicely with many complicated issues to be followed. After giving the final exam, trust me, I didn't feel like they are over. Neither was I filled with over the brim excitement and relief. Relief is just a term that arrives if your exams went good. Mine, just the beginning two were good. Rest. Just flowed like a landslide. Not just I had to give my one compartment exam (which again didn't go so good), I had to give another one of the crankiest exam the very next day (which gave me a severe depression) which lead to more of the blahs. Then, I lost my wallet somewhere, which not only had enough money which I was saving, but also my college ID card and driving license. Anyhow, this blog isn't about again feeling the ennui.
So, yesterday I told my parents what my influenza was. They gave all their ears to my issues. Ears which I got from none. It felt good, relieved to let them know. Yes, my issues were something which many people have. Obviously, I understand 90% of what is being fed in the class. But, somewhere when it comes to exams, I do not perform that well. These were the points I figured out:
* Gazing at the question paper, I realize I have read all this & that. So it should go good. But, while crossing half the bridge, I can't carry the rest. Its because I study only during exams, which mixes the things. Then, I don't know which way to go. Rather, its important to do some daily studying. 'Some' is also 'enough'. After all, each drop of water makes the ocean.

*The positive aura is also important. Which only comes with love and peacefulness. If one has these, the concentration becomes stronger.

*Another thing which made my wine fell over the glass was my sleep. I crucified it badly. Waking up till 3, 4, 5 in the morning only gave me less time. 'Less time' for my brain to take rest and store the data. Thanks Aditya for that future tip. Also, if one wants to do that, he shall do it daily. 'Daily' studying till this hour of the morning so that the brain becomes addict for this level- Dad said. Which, does not happens to be my bite of apple.

*Even friends matter for support. The college which I belong to, happens to be one where people will look at you with lowered eyes if you do not score 65-70%. Thats what I said to mum, that people don't talk to me nicely when it comes to studies. She just said this "You are what you think you are. If people think you are not good in some field and even you think the same, then you are not. But if you think you are good, then let people blabber".

Isn't this amazing how parents advice you so nicely. Even if you are a failure or a topper or some average person, you are a star for them. My parents are my last shot of grasping hope, and they never have, never will fail me for that. Just that you need to share things with them. If they do not ask you about your studies, its because you never tell them anything. But if you want to some day open that door for them, you'll see them standing there waiting for you to let them in. Not just one of the parents, you'll find them both. It gives a break actually. But just tell them before they start expecting, thats the trick. Its like, you come home giving the worse exam and they smilingly ask you how was it. And you are blank. So, just tell the, before they ask you. Not just about exams, about everything.
Friends, spouse, people, only happen to give you one or two or three chances, but they give you million. Thats because they trust you, since birth.
"Its okay! Its just a third semester, you still have three more. You are just half way. Now you know where you need to work, you will do better." Mum said.
Last but not the least, Thanks Nitti. You were a huge pillar of support during exams. Not just one or two exams, but every.
So, I happened to share with parents, and they let me breathe again. They let my doomed ship fly again. Am letting go off what happened this semester, with many new tips occurring in my head, I'll pay off confidently in the next one.
Finally, a nice cherry is on the roasted cake. "A good ending, makes everything good".
Solace. Succor. Sustenance.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Completely Naive..:)

The whole year passes by, I, pretending always how grown up I am. Like how coolly I can just do everything: Shopping, billing, and blah blah. Just it happened on the morning of 14th Novemeber, when just as the ritual, my dad gave money to my younger brother (who is 14 going to 15) to spend on 'Children's Day'. I, envious even asked for mine. Not just the money I demanded, but 'a right to be a child again' was what I wanted. My dad gave me none. Why? Cos 4 months to go, am gonna be 19.
Depressed, I return back to looking-in-the-mirror-while-brushing. How lame! I say while I bang my brush on the basin. Off to college in the metro, I still dreamed of a few years back, when even I celebrated at school (even buying a spring roll with friends at canteen was a celebration).
The wondrous years passed by, and never had I thought they would pass too soon. Playing whole day, no one to scold. I was the winner of all the games, which comprised of Stappu, gallery, hide n seek and many more. Swinging on the swings, swinging the highest, we always tried to touch the top bar of a tree behind, tremendously while swinging. Bob cut, open, air rushing through them while swinging. How amazing those days were. And I ruled the world, the gang leader I was, in my 3-6th standard school time. Just a few days back it was when I learned to ride a bike with my oldest of oldest friend- Deeksha. Falling down at every paddle, still she pushing me to try again. No heartbreak warfares. No fights, discrimination. Asking for a glass of water after every half an hour of playing from 'Ground floor wali auntie', we used to call. The skipping rope, my record for 117 skips non-stop. Dare would anyone break it. The rolling skates. The dolls. The kitchen set. The daddy's shoulder. The parent's scolds. Going to the school with a water bottle around the neck. Singing the nursery poems with actions. No matter what, I still have maintained the favorite hobby: Fighting with my brother almost daily, pulling my dad's cheek daily and pissing off my sister, again, daily. Watching cartoons is still in my daily catalogue.
So, where did those days go? True- Day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different. 
And so, arrives Dhaula Kuan Station, I get down. A 15 minutes walk from childhood to adulthood. From school to college.
The day passes just as I superficially wished all "Happy Children's Day". Home back, the celebration starts. Shahi paneer made at home (in which the paneer slicing was done by me, proud) followed by an ice cream. And so, as rightly said by dad-"No matter how much you all grow, you will still and always remain kids for us". (I glanced if that meant for my almost 22 years sis) Relief!
"Some people do not become adult. They just remain childlike ever-green, and luckily, you are one of them", says my mum to me.
Somewhere, we have the infant in us. Let it come out, for a child cannot be caged.
Happy Children's Day to all!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I performed the sacrament that evening. Making a red Swastika at two corners of it. While remembering Him, we ignited it. We just performed the holy rituals of being Indian. On the contrary, here it stands for the Sunflame Mirror Relfecto Gas with three gas stoves which replaced our previous one which stood at the same spot for 22 years or so. "May it serve with us with food and never withhold us with hunger", would say my dad, for he is a believer of God in true terms. Isn't it wonderful to be born in this land of God?Its not just about the Stove of course! We all do it even on buying an AC, or a LCD, a car, a bike, a scooty, computer (the Swastika is still here at one of the edge of my computer), laptop and what not. All the things that make our lives simpler are worshiped here. No matter which God we all worship, but we ensure we do, in happiness, in struggle, in vein, in regret. How often we remember Him, is not a matter, rather how often we thank him is the matter.
"India is the only country which has over 300 crore Gods for which we are in Guinness Book of World Records", would say my dad with proud, transferring his proud in me. "Yes, we worship everything for plants to rivers to trees to stones to soil to animals to everything", he continued. I would keep it as 'superstition' in my mind long back. But, not now. I have grown seeing His presence in many things & people. For those who haven't witnessed Him, I wish they would do it soon, so that they know the real meaning of life.
I remember lighting up a diya in front of our scooty and car each year at Diwali. Never had I asked why we do it. Earlier I did it just cos dad had asked me to. Now, I know why I do it. At festivals however, even those who do not worship daily are filled with His vicinity completely in & out.
This happens only here. Here in the land of God. His ubiety in almost all the living as well as non-living things. We all worship the birth of Him, the return of Him, the marriage of Him, the victory of Him. Who knows when and where did this all betide. It was manifested long back. We all grow up and forget and move over the things from childhood to adulthood. But, dare we forget one thing- His emanation.
So, I ensure, I "Thank God for everything in life" daily. Whether at College (for we belong to & study at God's own residence) or at evening at home-temple (as I would say). For everything that was, is, and will be, is a gift and celebration of Him.
Yes, we belong to the land of vivacity, to the country of unity between thousands and crores of worshipers. And so, His fraction of soul resides among us all.
A woman prays on Chhat pujan


Saturday, November 5, 2011

The "Sound"

I just started as a sort of awakening five-six years back when the tunes touched by soul. So deep, that it enlightened me just by means of strings, no words required. Pathetically, I used to listen his reyas in morning at 6 am. Not to be hypothetical now, he is a 45-50 years old man. And the stairs moved as like in Hogwards, from the floor of westernized music to Indian rooted one.
For now, its hard for me to see, the tabla being exchanged by a drum, the sitar & tanpura by guitars of different styles, harmonium by piano and flute by saxophone. An infamous saying- "One must learn to transform with the world". However the auxiliary standpoint is -"One the contrary, one must even learn to hold the roots".
Duly, I would dig up into 90's songs. {Correction: The 'awesome' 90's songs). It just made me more barmy. Admitted into my board of interest, was Kailash Kher. Being an admirer of his "Teri Deewani" which's video was launched in 2004. The music which turned the wave of music into a very requisite & jeopardized manner. This song is like a drug to me which I cannot do without. And yes, I sleep only once my mind and soul swims into this song, satisfactorily.
More than that, what would thrill me was an instrumental music, filled with chords, even more than any song. The best thesis which I found were on a violin, which a girl in my society agreed to play it for me, daily. Exclusively, Ode to Joy- Beethovan & My blue Shoe- Bishop
And the chords on piano, always awestruck me! I somehow learned to play the stanza of My Immortal- Evanescence & Where'd you go- Fort minor, which am sure even a 5th standard child can play.
Then comes another - A flute. My brother knows to play it, so I would haul him occasionally and get something out of that wooden piece. However, the flute at the background of Teri Deewani catches my ear more often than the lyrics.  My best were many pieces from Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya and the omnipresent- Ustaad Bismillah Khan ji. How eagerly I used to ask my father to bring him play at my future wedding.

The blend is here though, The Deewarists- "Musicians led by passion embark on a journey to discover places, inspire change, explore sound, collaborate .. in a search of a song.. Because some things are just worth doing"- The say.
Star World
Must watch! 

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Bond That Matters

Bhaiyadooj- not just another day for me cos the day emphasis on building the bond as strong as iron. Am not being too familial though, but a few bonds happen only twice a year: one at Rakshabandhan and another at Bhaiyadooj. Although I have a younger brother (who is taller than me) still leaves me craving to meet two more close brothers to me, who hypothetically meet me barely a few times a year.
Vaguely, the day starts at meeting of all: masi, mami, all the didis and the bhaiyas and the little sons & daughters of one of them. And then, starts the moment we all await for since a year. The women talk, the girlish snobbish, the marriage talks of the elder bhaiya and didis and the love stories of younger ones, the romantic talks of the ones already married, the shopping & movie buzzes and the school talks of little ones filled with laughter that goes on & on for hours at a stretch. We discuss it all. Sitting on the couch that stays at my ancestors home at Gurgaon since my mum was in 5th standard surrounded by captured glimpses of the then brothers and sisters with nana and nani ji; usually blurred cos of the decrepit photography technology. Filled with vivaciousness exchanges of sarees, suits & bed sheets for elder ones, and toys for little terrorists rushing the entire house on head. Isn't that great? I say to myself. We come to this place only twice a year and still, pretend as if we spend each moment together, bartering the moments of life.
When the time arrives for allowance, I mend my hair peeping into the versed mirror in which my mum once used to make two plates before leaving for college. After a long long time, we had to traverse through the local train for home, cos of the nonadjustable planing for car. A two rupee per head ticket was now in my jeans pocket. Mum, me, and bhai boarded the train as didi and bhaiya wave us an adios! Still hoping we would take more time form daily routines and plan to laugh again. Laugh so much which I hadn't since all past six months combined, taking out all the dullness of life.
I always thought, metro has given people a parallel view of local trains. I now descry I was so erroneous. The voice of moving trains is so diverging from the silent features of metro. The Ragini playing in someone's phone in train is so discrepant from the English hit songs in metro. The ascending horn of trains engine is so individual from the signal of metro. Like day like night. The twelve minutes ride of local train was so flushed with energy and made me stay grounded to Indianism.
After having many irons in the fire, I perilously longed for this October Month. I can sum it up as: The blood relations, the gifts, the beauty of India, the patent enjoyment, the decor and soul jinxed with culture.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lights.. Camera.. Action!!!

The halcyon excuse just knocked the door. A day which made my lethargically filled soul run away.. as a matter of fact, just for a day. The deluxe home, the ambrosial ambiance, the  appetizing appetizers and all the things I cannot list out, made my Deepawali. It abnormally started with nothing and abnormally ending into so many jolly good times which I will write down in my page of history for sure.
Everything was hand made. The rangoli, the painting of diyas, the decor. Everything was love-made. The puja, the servings, the door garnishing. Alas! My favorite festival touched my heart. The festival I can sum up as: Shopping, flounces, feeding the tummy with all the sweet things on the planet, opening the gifts. In short, I feel its my second birthday! The same excitement, the same joy, the same divinity.
Kudos to the day, I got more Deepawali wishes than I receive on my birthday! All the unexpected people calling me up, and collecting texts in my bag only widened my pupils.
Ergo, its a day when we all forget our sorrows, our fights, our egos, not just for a day, rather it exhibits cruelity from our minds and give birth to toothsome relations. The adds of Coca Cola are truly amazing, "Toh is Diwali aap kise khush karenge?", is the one which is on my top charts. Many of it leaves my throat paining and administers me to think whom would I surprise this Diwali. The one more add which was launched on the idiot box was "Chalo is Diwali do diye hum bhi jalaye". What a short and crispy add it was. I believe all adds should be like one of these. Unfortunately, these will vanish our TV screens until next year.
Anyhow, another best part was, my third cracker free Diwali! Yesterday, lighting over fifty diyas & candles, it made me sink into the depths of thinking (nothing new). How many trees have I killed? How many animals have I harmed? How much have I contributed into the widening of the ozone hole?
On the counter-part, I didn't find any answers. As a matter of fact, I do have a positive side. 

"Its better late than never", as I always ensure, keeps me give away a huge sigh of relief. To boot, I now enjoy more with lights, decor & sweets than with crackers & pollution.
Minimal, I did it on my part and so made sure my family does the same. And yes, every year the burning of crackers has tremendously decreased, which entrusts me a beautiful dream of a first-class future. 
Me, sipping cold coffee, and writing this post, eagerly waits for another year, another second birthday, another Diwali, another heart full greetings, another step towards cracking the use of crackers. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love this Diwali!

It just happened yesterday, when my observing power brought me some adorable sites. I was on my way back home, from college, celebrating Deepwali with our teach the kids gang of Parivartan. My eyes saw many students with strollers and bags waiting for the buses, probably going back to their families- I smiled.
The lovely celebration at Parivartan with our kids. 
Just 10 minutes walk from dwarka metro station to home has always been fun, and the fun was more this time. All the markets- be it the Jewell shop, sweet shop, even the book shops were glittering with lights. The people all  over the place with at least carrying 2-3 gifts in their hands left me wondering what we might get this time. The cars stuck in traffic, a chaos created even in the parking lot, front of the shops was fun to witness. I saw every car's back seat were crowded with packed gifts. I took a left, on the footpath I saw a lady sitting with 4 packs of dry fruits, 6 packs of tropicana fruit juices and some more squares packed in golden gift rap, probably waiting for someone to come pick her up. And so, I saw my society- the gates decorated beautifully with blue lights and even the trees with colorful lights. "Who would tell these people, these lights harm the trees. The radiation does actually"- says my mum.

I reached home finally, with a smile ofcourse but tired too. Just when I witnessed my sister and mum in out-going clothes. "Are we supposed to wear good clothes today?", I asked her.
They planned to go to the market, to buy diyas and candles for the auspicious occasion. Tired, still, I managed to go with them. I didn't want to miss any glimpse of the festival- Simple.
Infamous sector 6 market, each corner seeming so glittery, had my eyes sparkling. None-the-less, it was Dhanteras- A festival pre-choti diwali, which leaves people buy some utensil.
We came back home with diyas, some utensils, pillow covers and ofcourse- The rangoli colors!!!
Today, at choti diwali, the home (which always seems clean and beautiful- my mum ensures that) seemed like heaven to me. The sofa & cushions had fresh and new covers, the beds had Gujarati and Handcrafted bed sheets on each. New flowers filled freshness to my place. And yes, the biggest showcase was my duty to re-decorate and re-clean (which I enthusiastically did). The day went with practicing rangoli making for the grand event! Also, exchange of gifts goes on and on in the background. The pooja is just done and the diyas are set, which were painted by me (makes my feel rejoiced to do that). At 8 pm, my dad reaches home with almost 20 gifts. The best thing, they are all packed. The fun activity to open them leaves my heart bowled over.
Some more bone chinas, some more dry fruits, some more mithais, some more crockery, etc etc.
But but!! the best gift, is a money maker wheel. Yeah! it lies in my room, as the wheel promotes progress! Will show it to all who come home, its beautiful!
For now, am going to get the mehendi on hands ( I always find ways to do it over and over again). The different thing though is, am doing it myself! (For the first time).
Wish me luck!
Have fun guys with family & friends.
No crackers! Just diyas. I bet it will make diwali more prosperous and peaceful. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Day Has Come

A New Day. Filling rays of hope in the eyes. 

It just happened. I woke up today, in the morning and forgot what, why, and how I was upset yesterday. A fact: You reckon not to forget things which went in your mind the previous night, in case left incomplete. How did I forget it then? The new day, the new morning, the new ray of hope, the window besides my bed which appears newer each morning, refreshes me up. Am sure it does spreads its magic on everyone. Each night, when I remember what I did in the day, which I make sure I do (after all a summary is needed), whether its good or not,  it follows the next morning too. Most of the nights, am left agitated, that I didn't complete the tasks I was supposed to do, as a matter of fact the things are postponed to the next day.
In that case, I look up to the next day. Not just the clock to struck 12. I make sure I sleep soon. Instead of discussing the things with people, I make sure I sleep. Cos the new day brings new hopes. I know I've got new chances to make the things move in the right direction.
The new glistening morning is only to try once more, in some different manner, to start afresh. No matter how bad, guilty, remorse, embarrassed, or what so ever I feel, I must try again. Give an ear to an enthusiastic song,  I am sure everyone has their own, (for each event) and aim for the bullseye again. Life gives you opportunities, till you keep faith."Faith"- a word more bigger in size and shape than Trust  & Hope. I make sure, I have faith in me the most. I make sure I want to try again. Having being fallen like a thousand times, I make sure I stand up again.

So, for now, the girl who left music 3 years back, is gonna hold it again. Cos if she doesn't try it, she'll regret it one day in life. She knows, "Its better late then never".
Its okay, people have rejected you, your belief system has been broken down and other people are better than you. At that time, I always remember what what my dad taught me, "There is no lock without a key, as there is no problem with a solution, just that only 'you' can find its solution, others can only guide you, but the path 'you' take will make all that matters. You can make a good future, or better, make a good history to share".
So which path to take? That's completely up to you. But, not to worry until you have faith. After all. you are the Michelangelo of your life. You can paint it in any way you want to.
At the end, "Life isn't about buying a second car or a second house. Its about second chances and second comings".
So start afresh!
Here is my song:

Friday, October 7, 2011

A commemoration

Was it just luck or written- I got holidays when I needed them the most. After all, I have been rubbing my already blocked mind and soul at college like anything, I desperately needed a break! My plans were simple, study a bit, sleep more and take all the heavenly rest I deserve. I imagined my classmates going on a college trip to Himachal, which I avoided for simple reasons- I needed time with myself, with my family (after all it is a festival clock) and sleep a lot of course.So, the holidays kicked off with great zeal and zest in sleeping mode. However, the first and last days of navratreys are affixed for fast, which never-the-less, never leave my hungry. All the 'fast' food is still to eat, the fruit chaat made each hour of green apples (my favorites) and pears could never get my hands off them. The same time, starts Durga Puja, for which Samvita shopped like mads! And I helped her getting more mad. Durga Puja, one of my favorites, even though isn't of my culture, despite that, I despise this event greatly! A great night (till 9 pm) with old friends, with whom I barely get to spend some time, will something be I'll always live up to. The pandal, the stalls, the dance, music, drama stage, the women in bengali sarees, the men in traditional (eye stealing for me), the acquaintances all over (after all, its one of the best in Dwarka, at Samvita's (Bengali) Society), the giant statue studded in gold seeming shimmering avatar was something worth giving all senses.

Finally, navami! Aah! What a day! The essence of essence sticks which I love the most, watering the tulsi plant (which I never do), the red little tika on forehead by mum is something I again love. The day began in setting the puja with my society's over dressed, dazzling in beautiful bellies and clutches, juvenile girls was a fun as always. Teasing them, discussing about from how and where they got their special attires they are wearing is full of oohs and aahs, trust me. The same evening, final day at Durga Puja kicked off at which I went at with my brother & sister. My near to heart, Dhunuchi Puja, somehow got repeated on navami (which is glued for ashthami only) set my mind on fire! What an awesome and must watch competition it is! The lovely expressions, the music of dhol. God! You've missed a lot if you miss that at Durga Puja.

At 9:30pm, dad and mum picks us up in car and continued our journey to Ramlila Ground, sector 11. As a matter of fact, it was the first of theirs, so with so many mistakes and forgetting the lines, turned up more into a comedy, with over 1 lakh people laughing. The best part: Indrajeet setting a sparkling arrow at Lakshman, with full background music and  all spotlights at them, and the arrow just fell like 2 cm away from him. On and on creating a little fire on the stage. That Indrajeet bent over to lower the tiny fire resulting in falling of his crown, which left the crowd laughing. And yes! The feather on the cap was when Hanuman coming down from the crane like Akshay Kumar with one hand like superman and a lighted umbrella in another hand (seeming like a little mountain of Sanjeevani Booti), who got stuck in middle and revolving full 360 degrees at one spot. Oh! Ramlilas are a must watch every year for me. Coming out, I bought a little thing which parents call a firki, a sort of colored windmill on both sides.

Today, on Vijaydashmi, Dussehra, how can I dare to miss the Ravana Dehen. So, me, sister, dad went to the same ramlila ground and watched over a thousand rockets shining in sky one after another and finally the awesome dehen which even left the aside metro running on track slower down its speed and let all its passengers glued to the windows and doors gazing down here.
However, we reached late, so had to view it from outside the ground, the back side actually, still that memorizing moment left all of us awed and aahed with wow! coming out of our mouths at each colorful blast. Many children sitting on their dad's shoulder left me jealous. Agreed, am light weighed, but not that that  my dad would make me sit on his shoulders. I so missed my childhood then.

Home back, my society for the first time, managed to make little ravana, legs of which were made by my brother was a cherry on the cake.
What a week it was! Filled with festival enthusiasm, colors, crackers, puja, everything! How gracefully, I managed not only time for myself, for friends, for family, but also for the greatest existing power on the planet- God, which wasn't even in the plan. Am glad I didn't go anywhere, am glad I stayed at home and saw my home getting converted into God's own graced. The culture all resides here.

Looking forward to Diwali now!

Friday, September 23, 2011


"I quit, get lost", she said in acrimony.
"Hmm", he said.
She hung up the call.
After a few seconds she called back.
"You won't stop me either?", she said.
"You tell me what do you want me to do, I'll follow", he said.
"Oh God! Why on Earth am I stuck up with you"? she said. And hung up again in fury.
She threw the phone at an arm's distance, and laid on her back down on bed. Looking at the ceiling, she closed her eyes softly. "What the hell am I doing with this guy who barely understands me", a voice inside kept on repeating the same sentence over and over again deep down her soul.
She swiftly rolled over her stomach on bed, head inside the pillow, hair loosely tied.
She stretched out her hand, no messages or call received, for she wanted him to beg for mercy & everything to be normal again.
She started having the glimpses of the past: The first sight love, the first meeting, both blushing, the first dance, the first dedicated song, the first hand-in-hand, the first month anniversary, the first fight, the first apologies, the first gift, the first love greeting, the first rose, the first maggie, the first movie, the first forehead kiss, the first hug, the first breakfast, the first rain, the first winter, the first long drive, the first kiss, the first sharing of ice cream, the first snap together, the first yell, the first beg, the first marriage plans and all the firsts..
"Why are all the firsts so lovely and rest not so", the inside voice still goes on in agony.
This wasn't their first fight, or rather not the first break-up (she hoped it does not turns out to be this way). Haven't they fought and gotten back together every time? Even after the longest break-up for about two-three choking months?

"When people get too close, things start becoming irking after all. There's always a need for providing space".

"Take a break you two, have gotten too much into each other. Ask him for a break, not a break-up", don't know how many times she has suggested this to many couples.

She comes back to the present world, her soul lie upside down on bed. Picking up the phone, no messages yet received. Three minutes to the fight, and still no concern form his side. At least, she expected an apology if no begging for mercy. "What a guy", she says shutting her eyelids very tightly drifting the phone's screen upside down, almost at the end of the bed.

"Its been days since we've had a break up, why cant he come back? He said he needs time. How much? Why didn't he specify? Its hard to wait", asks a few of her friends.
"Why don't you just wait? Let him breath a fresher air, so you do too. And it all gets better in time", she would suggest.

"But why is it always easy to suggest others and not so easy to implement on our own lives", the voice screams inside.. "Patience girl, have patience".

"Its better not to fall into relationships", would say many of her friends.
"Does it mean ignoring the feeling of these strange feelings, which only your other half can give you? Even though being heartbroken a million times, does it mean not having strength to keep looking for the apt one? Does it mean forget the moments you've had? If so, then am sorry, I cannot avoid, but still fall for 'Love'". She would say with pride over the head.

"Shall I say sorry? " she thought.
"No! This would again mean losing the battle. It would mean declaring you were wrong. He'll repeat the same things again", would say her mind.
She doesn't bother to look up to the screen now.
More minutes passed by. Instead of greeting herself with the blithe moments, she started remembering the ugly ones.

"True, once you are in a bad state of mind, you attract more of it".

"Maybe this is the end", her soul repeated this line for one more time. Probably for the tenth time, out of which ninths, she'd always listen to it and try to forget her Love.
"Not for the tenth time", she replied to her soul. After all its been two years of profound love, there's no such thing called 'ego'.

"When ego comes in the ground, there's no room for Love".

She raised her head, hair still loosely tied, two tears running down the left cheek. She picked up the phone.
Called him again.
He picked up. For he could never ignore her. Not even in the most annoying times, while she did this quite often. Eyes close, she apologized. For whatever went over the head. The fight that they had, even though on the two year one month anniversary of their's which pinched her the most.

"Forgiving and Forgetting is one of the secrets of a successful relation.. be it amongst any two people".

"There are only two words in the world which can change one's state of mind & soul: 'Thank you' and 'Sorry'. There's no limit to the usage of these words, but one mustn't ever forget to use them wisely and timely".

Alas! Things are fine. Today, she heard the song he'd dedicated to her for the first time:

I am finding my way back to sanity again
Though I don't really know what am gonna do when I get there
Take a breath and hold on tight
Spin around one more time 
And gracefully fall back to the arms on grace

Cos am hanging on every word you sayin'
even if you don't wanna speak tonight
that's alright, alright with me 
Cos I want nothing more than to
Sit outside heaven's door
And listen to our Breathing
That's where I wanna be...

With a huge smile on her face, she continued living with him.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Yesterday

I remember I was in 7th standard since I loved the Disney Hit series of Lizzie McGuire. Broad casted in India in 2005-2007/8 (I roughly have a glimpse of past).  My dinner was just booked with it. Nobody would dare to touch the remote at 10pm in my hand and I would make everybody watch it too. Yes, my ignition of teenage life started with her. Learned a lot from her, the school life, and what not (even though it barely had any resemblance with Indian schooling, still close to me). Never did I know how would I survive without it. After me reaching 10th standard maybe, it ended (after repeating the full fleshed series for almost ten times). Dare would I miss any episode, no matter how many times I had witnessed it, my eyes would always glue to her, her friends, family, her notorious little brother, and her crushes. Not to forget, her cartoon protagonist which would appear in some or the other scenes. Oh! I was in touch with her even before my first crush (so, its quite an old thing). She just sembled "me".
It happened that evening, me returning from my regular tuitions, my eyes were awestruck when I saw her first ever video from her album. Yes, I had known she was a singer too, but never had I seen any videos from her. Never had I known her as something out of her daily routined Disney show. Man! I love that video as it even inspired me to use a kajal (her eyes simply beautiful to me). She was fat, at that time. Even though aware of this fact, I would still fight with my friends screaming, "she isn't fat! Don't say this ever again". She had a little pale yellow teeth and I would still scream, "Maybe she had jaundice which left her with this" or blabber anything with over the par confidence.

Today, me sitting at North Campus' Nirula's, saw one of her old videos (when maybe she was 16/17) on 40 inch LCD in the eatery joint. "To the beat of my heart". 
Yes, she was fat. I recognized the body again, even though now she is way thinner.
I madly saw the video without a blink. I still remember each word, I sang it moving my legs to and fro under the table, like a kid again.
Yes, I imagined myself. Even shorter than am now. Discussing the previous night's episode with school friends in two cat-like-ponies. Coming back home, I would watch her videos in my then-new pc (we bought it when I was in 8th standard), literally jump on the bed and give similar expressions as she did in her video with something that could pretend to be a mic for me.
I came back home today. Opened this youtube thing, which I barely use. With eagerness I typed, "Hilary Duff- Beat of my heart".
Saw this video first time in like 3-4 years. Happy as a bird am! I felt each pinch of those days.. again.
Followed by the first video I ever saw, "So Yesterday". 

Not to forget, I have seen her each movies like 5-10 times (at least) and each video like don't know how many times (even memorized many of her dialogues which I still speak along while watching her movies).

How weird life is sometimes. How do we even dare to forget the things we promised never to? How did I forget the one person who made my entrance into the teenage years way simpler which wouldn't have been so at her absence.

For a few people on the planet Earth who do not know about Lizzie McGuire, this is a must visit link:
My ever favorite videos:
"Hilary Duff- So yesterday"
"Hilary Duff- Beat of my heart

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A cup of caffeine?

I poured the Nescafe coffee powder into the grinder with two spoons sugar. Followed by two spoons of water. After grinding, poured 1/4th cup of milk into it. After some labor (by the grinder), I saw the cream made up. Into the milk already boiling, I fully transferred the ingredients of the grinder. Just after a short time interval of five-six minutes, hot cappuccino was ready!
As soon as I gulped down the first sip from the yellow coffee mug with black stripes, I saw the pre-rain whether. 
Three of my little friends of society playing in the park in rain made me smile at them. Laugh as one of them falls down. I, just standing at the entrance of balcony, gulping down my favorite liquor, watch as the rain increases its fury.
The smell of rain, of wet soil mixes with the aroma of caffeine. The voice of rain, so pure, collides with the sound of me gulping down my coffee- The only thing that I can prepare on my own.
My friends playing in the park now rush back home as the eerie of rain takes its spin. I, watch it grow. I watch the trees dance, in the light of moon.
How filled with glory the world is. How beautiful the life is. I've never been so over-the-brim with happiness stored in, than at now. I've never been filled with goodness, than at now. After quite a long time, I am filled with some positive charges.
The coffee is halved now.
I remember how worse the last two months were. Working as a beaver, unwell, people in need forming distances and the heartbreak warfare around. 
Just the right time the song plays at the back of my mind. The song I not only give an ear to, but donate all my senses to, like at least one hundred times a day. How lovely the lyrics are. The best line: "I dont care if we dont sleep at all tonight, lets just fix this whole thing down". A bizarre song Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer.
Followed by Your Body Is A Wonderland.
 It has happened to me, at the end, when no one understands you, these world re-known artists does. As if, each line they are singing is for you. Each word is for your happiness, remorse,  guilt... everything.
Only two more sips left.. I gulped down one. 
Glancing at my life, everything is back on track now. A few remorse, but people have accepted me this way. Forgiven me and made me forget the bad days. One such person ready to give off everything. Just to make my everything back on track. And friends, no matter what, will jump into the deepest of the ocean and drag me back. Some are life supporters, some are life givers, some life donors. The life is yet, more to be explored. More friends to be made. I exhaled a heavy breath -"Its over, the bad time is really over."
The last sip of coffee passed down my throat.
The cup of caffeine is the celebration of friendship & love. The rain is the celebration of life.
Here's the link to both the songs... 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting renewed

The mirthful day's picture is honestly abridged without a walk- I believe.
Which I can never compromise with. Listening to music is another habit I avoid. I cannot just happen to miss the pulchritude of milieu which absorb me. That's my assiduity to nature. Eerie start flowing within me when I view the occult "things" around me. Things: two children on one huge bicycle, managing not to fall; dragonflies, walking on the footpath and the cars passing by in blue streak, providing wind into the roots of my hair; background music played by the nature comprising of birds and trees with leaves dancing. A few, dance too much that they fall.
Its astonishing. I look down as I watch fallen yellow lilies all over the footpath, till the end of my sight. Where I still try to prevent stepping on them, while humming some tune of my own creation.
How in Love I have been with the nature lately. Not lately, since I got introduced to it. How magically it captivates the very souls of me. Haven't witnessed any more better thing. The clear orange cum blue sky, windy atmosphere and dew drops somewhere in the heart of the air.
I've escaped from the assiduousness of life.
For a moment I've become as light as a feather, ready to be carried away by the air. For a moment, have become as soft as a pearl, ready to be woven with flowers. For a moment, have become as swift as the leaves, ready to dance with them.
For me, walk is an important hustle of the day. How unfinished the day gets when it lacks.
A ten minutes walk from metro to college in the morning gives me the oomph which I beseech. Another ten minutes walk from metro to home in the evening give me time to introspect about the on going processes.
Never have I gotten tired of walking during these times, mentally. But that's what sets things straight for me.
One good thing, gets followed by another- One of the another things I believe.
I enter home, bowl over, I look with amazement around.
Flowers of the best kind I ever saw all over my place.

Mum got it. (for free she said while sitting and reading newspaper in the balcony).
The gift of Him which I kept praising all over way to home, is at my place. Am blessed by nature, (one more thing) I believe.
I witnessed the Love, a selfless one.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Best Thing I Ever Had

"U bitch! Kal frndship's day hai.", she text me.
"I know. What's bitchy about it?", I replied.
"U didn't even make any plan", she says.
"What plan? Sab usual. You come at evening. We going to daddy's to buy friendship bracelet. We going to kfc. You buying me krushers. Aur kya? ", I say.
":) Okie dokie.. :* ", she replied.
Same routine has been carrying out since ages. I, wearing a top given to me by her. Not gifted, literally, 'given'. (As the top now fits me instead of her).

This one began with some unexpected things. The first thing happened, when my door bell rang and she popped up with six yellow flowered bouquet in her hand. Six flowers signifying the six most platinum years of our life- our friendship bond since six years. I, awed, completely flattered, for at each valentine's & friendship's day, I am supposed to buy her flowers. The tradition, yet the same, the characters, inter changed.
So, we decided to go to daddy's, to still follow the tradition to tie friendship's bracelet. The old school ritual, yet in our hearts and souls. Still wearing the previous year's on our wrists, in order to replace it with new one. Rooted with the special attitude, we kept searching for one in the entire renowned sector-6 market. Found nothing. Finally, went to archies.
"The bag looks classy to me", I said looking at one.
"Looks like some sabji mandi types", she said.
I giggled. Found no such thing called a valuable band, we postponed it to future shopping.
That signifies the uniqueness. how opposite poles of earth we are. How mismatched our likes and dislikes are.  The hoax that friends have alike habits and what not, is proved wrong by us. Well, that is one reason why we always shop together for each other. She selecting her gift, I, paying for it & the other way round.
The day ended at kfc, she eating the non-veg stuff, and me, being a pure vegetarian, only sipping the mochalash (followed by stealing away her french fries). We laughed as we saw couples together at friendship's day.

She & I have grown up together. Known each other since we didn't even know how to use a kajal. Gulped down each other's flaws and still keeping in mind the another one is way too perfect, that's the beauty of our relationship. Our bond since seventh standard has always nurtured. Have moaned together, laughed together, shopped together, cried together, studied together (me doing even her bit for I have completed her assignments and English homework, even after I changed my school, she always bribed me with golgappas) in short, grew up together.
We ensured our every firsts happened together, so that none of us was left out. We ensured we are there for each other even when the other one doesn't say so.

"Right partition or left?", she texts me one day at 5 am for she had a date with someone.
I, still eyes shut, replied "left".
Same has happened to me, there have been none of the messages which she hasn't replied to.

"You are the best thing that happened to me... I'd be dead without you and of course some friends are always more important than lovers and equally important as family.. In fact you are a family.. Thanks for coming into my life and let's hope to die as godmothers of each other's children <3 <3".

The best message ever, that too sent by my bestest best friend- Samvita.. on Friendship's Day. 
I, didn't reply, actually, I couldn't reply. Just had a smile on my face with an assurance that, even when nobody's on my side, you are there.. Like you've always been... Like you'll always be.
You are the best thing I ever had.
With all the Love in my heart, soul & luck, I thank you for every second of six years we've spent.
Our friendship will live forever & ever till eternity.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saawan ke jhule pade... tum chale aao..

How busy as a beaver I've been this week. Not just week, the entire month. No time to breath, no time for introspection, no time to sleep properly. The assiduous days flow one after another.
Me, at friend's pg today, the park just a few meters away from my eyes at Satya Niketan. How astonishing the view is when it gets dark. Not literally dark, somewhat in between dark and evening. The bridge in between that time. Being lethargic I only gaze my eyes at the people. At the juveniles mainly. Their life, their moments, I can only live mine. The comparison just comes inside without knocking the door. How insane I've been all my life. Grown so much in past three years. Transited myself into something, that for now, I do not have a reverse gear. I just wanna get lost somewhere. Wanna escape the ongoing activities of life for sometime. On the other hand, life never greets me with breaks. Not even one. Time travelling awaits me. Seems like it was years back. How childish I had been. How insane. How funny. How precious, to me. How much I've always adored myself more than anyone. How well I used to tackle the titsy bitsy cobwebs of life. How I was always stuck into the black hole of happiness.
I laughed out as a girl pushes the another off the swing. I laughed some more when they fight, even when the another swing is empty. It makes me remember some more phases of me. 
How life has just dramatically transformed me. So, are the people around me. I think am more influenced. 
The heavier loads of problems flowing just in one after another. Some still flowing in my veins. I, being a bona fide laziest person, is too comatose to just fit back into the satchel and start fighting those things which are busting forth with me.
Tried to solve many, created many many more. Made friends globally, but left my own. Metamorphosised myself for rest. To such an extent by now, things cannot be solved. Just inhaled it all. Somewhere in the rush of city, I have lost my soul.  Somewhere long back. In oder to run from troubles, I ran away from myself. Maybe cos the storms hit when I was just in a boat, not a huge Titanic. The boat, is devastated by now. But, instead of constructing the boat, am on my way to build Titanic. To some extent, its done. Hoping it will be on its verge of end-construction before the storms would hit again. 
But, wait.. the Titanic did sink at the end.... The only hope to survive dies by now.. again. 
Not so early.. I'll construct more rescue boats. 
Just as the debate goes on in my tiny head, I start singing.. 

Saawan Ke Jhoole Pade, Tum Chale Aao
tum Chale Aao, Tum Chale Aao

aanchal Naa Chhode Meraa, Paagal Huyee Hain Pawan
ab Kyaa Karu Main Jatan Dhadake Jiyaa Jaise Panchhee Ude

dil Ne Pukaaraa Tumhe, Yaadon Ke Parades Se
aatee Hain Jo Desh Sen, Hum Us Dagar Pe Hain Kab Se Khade

jab Hum Mile The Piyaa, Tum Kitane Naadaan The
hum Kitane Anajaan The, Baalee Umareeyaan Mein Nainaa Laden

A melodious track by Lata ji. 
The song, dedicated to my early life. I miss those days. Surrounded by a few friends, few happiness moments which I have lived heavily. Hoping to get back soon! 
Here's the link to the song.. do give it an ear..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


{The creation above is a pure instance of nurturing talent, in every sense. Courtesy- Our member Hardik Gaurav (now a passout), but still our hearted member }
5th August 2011
2:15 pm.
"Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall down
I'd just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I'd end up happy
I would pray

The song gets played on Riddhi's laptop as we wait for the Orientation Ceremony to kick off, filling us with more enthusiasm, fervor in our nerves, rapture in our souls and adrenaline rush flowing in. Our first ever Orientation ceremony, that too stellated by us. We sat with our attires for the moment as the army of students gather. The entire flock of around one fifty to two hundred people enter the hall with my eyes gazing at them. I talking in monotonous tones regarding the crowd to my mates. Even I see my batch mates entering in. The slide show runs at the back, with amazing snaps showcasing how amazingly we work. The snaps even start running in my tiny head, refreshing the memories how we have touched don't-know-how-many lives. I felt proud, for the first time in my life, of myself. Therein, Swati takes the heads out of the hall and we generated a circle and holding our shoulders, the feeling of Indian Cricket team flows in.
"Guys this is our first effort together, it will go nicely. This is our time. Give in your full efforts".
Revived with new energy, we enter the hall back again. 
The time arrived. That's when Swati begins her unprepared lecture. Totally blabbering whatever comes in her mind. Omitting the zipping of her mouth even a second. We starred at her through the stairs, just as more people flow in. Even the stairs aren't reserved for us now. The adrenaline rush flew with about three hundred meters per second. 
Just as her golden words came to an end, we asked people to register them in sorts for our simplicity.
It became a circus actually, still, out heart flying with giant wings ensuring us "this year will be a platinum one, with so many expedients in our heads and so many members to help us lock stock and barrel our dreams".
The hush rush & assiduous day came to an end. Thats when Swati says, "Guys the real work begins now". We all know she wont let us breath lest the work is discoursed.
The Core Team is cemented by the most lively people I've ever come across. (It includes me too, which I couldn't digest for the next 24 hours of announcement)
We live, work and breath with higher zeal than ever. This year will surely pass out with flying rainbow colors! 
Wishing Good Luck to one and all!!! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday. I, returning back home after an assiduous day at college. On my way back through the metro, I started singing, all of a sudden. "Who says I cant get stoned, turn off the lights and the telephone. Me in my house alone, who says I cant get stoned?". 
I almost forgot the last time I'd sung this song. So cozy to me, it lends me a huge amount of peace, when am with me. Yes, when am with me. I do not consider myself alone, when am not with anyone else. I still have the best companion: me. Then happens the another song, "hey there delilah, what's there like in New York city, am a thousand miles away but tonight you look so pretty, yes you do. Times Square cant shine as bright as you, I swear that's true". Thats a complete deja vu. I remember the last time I'd sung this was at same situation, in a rikshaw, with just me, at around 7 pm. Half night, half day. Seems like am having a Semblance with my old self.  The mirage continued followed by few drops of rain. Alas, it rains again. It reminds me more of the past now. There are always songs that are miss matched with any others. I continue singing, that leads the rikshaw wala entertained actually. Singing " am going home", is my favorite hobby. No matter how irritated the people around me are getting. No matter how many times I have sung it, I'll still carry out my job. I switched to hindi now. "Thade rahiyo, o pake-yaar re.. thade rahiyo". For having learnt semi classical a long time back, I never get bored of singing it over and over again. Followed by, "piya tose naina lagi re.. naina lage re.. jane kya ho ab aage re.. naina laage re". I imagined the gracefullest Waheeda Rehman dancing.
The rikshaw ride comes to an end with my destination just across the road. I walked in those dew drops.
There are still a million songs, which I'll never ever get irked of. Will keep listening to them. Still agitating the people around me. Being covetous. No matter how many times am poked.
The list also consists of:
Banna Banni (a famous traditional Rajasthani Song)
Chalte Chalte yuhi koi mil gaya tha
Pal pal dil ke paas
Bade acche lagte hain (indeed, it got its recognition back with the arrival of the tv serial, which I love)
The hardest part :Coldplay
Talk: Coldplay
Someone like you: Adele
Mehfuz hu: Euphoria
These are the songs which have been dedicated to me. Either by people, or by myself to me.

It rained again today, and the same cassette of songs plays at the back of my mind as I danced my feet off.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Every cloud has a silver lining

29th July 2011
We were all called there. All the members of Parivartan, Social Service Society of Sri Venkateswara College. Even the non-members could come along. Its Mr. Dinesh's birthday today. The chairman of Friends' Organization (ngo) at Karampura that works for the rights for differently-abled people. That's the first thing I learned there: Replacing "dis-abled" with "differently-abled". The not-so-wonderful auto ride didn't give us a boost to start with though, still the hopes of having a great day kept us alive. We were called at Haus Khas, Aadi (Action for Ability Development and Inclusion), one of the biggest ngo of Delhi. I ask Swati why are we called here? "That's because Mr. Dinesh has done his schooling from this place", she said. "Maybe the school is organizing it for him or maybe he asked them to organize it here, either way round", she completed. We brought along a beautiful bouquet of flowers made at satya niketan. Then, entered (after our obnoxious auto ride) into the aadi foundation. "Okay, I didn't expect this", I said looking at Kritika. "Neither did I", she said.
The school, was next to beautiful with red bricks, in the shape of an oval building covered with greenery, spacious classrooms filled with neatness and large corridors- seeming more of some hill station school from the first floor as we enter the F1 hall, offered by the person sitting at the reception, he too, differently-abled. Enters Dinesh Sir on his wheelchair. Greeting us with a huge smile. We could make out how happy he was to see us all- we a bunch of around 10-12 members. Dinesh Sir suffers from cerebral palsy, a disease in which the brain works but the body doesn't. We greet him with the bouquet we brought for him, which adds up his happiness factor. He starts talking, when we sat. Even though, its troublesome to understand his words and sentences at the first meet, but now we understand him to a large extent. We sat, talked to him for a while. Enters a man, nearly fifty years of age. Followed by two more teachers of aadi foundation. Then, comes the IIT  "dudes", as Swati calls them. They sat at one chair distance from Kritika, our new president (we have two Kritikas), we giggled. When the IIT "dude" sat near the chair of Dinesh Sir, and started speaking, the fifty year old man prompts and says, "be a bit louder". He increased his pitch, for that's the only option for him. Then, comes the special guest- a major chief and mentor-cum-guru of Dinesh Sir. We all stood and greeted him. He starts speaking, as Sir said I've spoken a lot. "Speak a bit louder", says that fifty year old man again. He too, increased his pitch, for no other option left. He starts, " I know Dinesh since he was a student of this school and how he used to come with bruised chin all over". That's what has given him so many marks at the chin- the stitches, something that I kept wondering since I met him over a year ago. The major continues, "Thats because the people at the bus used to call him mad, make fun of him and hurt him badly, push him while getting down the bus. But, thats the best thing about Dinesh- his enthusiasm and guts to go ahead in life. Most of you would not know but this is the man who introduced the idea of low floor buses which you all get to see all throughout the city. Yes, it was a long case, which he finally won. Where, I supported... a bit. The idea of low floor buses helps the differently-abled people easier to commute". He keeps his hand over Dinesh Sir's shoulder and continues, "Dinesh belongs from a well groomed family. Yet he used to travel through buses not cars, all because he is down to earth. The best things about him is, if he gets stick to things he will complete it some or the other way, but he won't leave it". He praises him a lot. When, Sir introduces his father. The fifty year old man is his father. That came as a bit shock, though. I know now how he is down to earth, so is his father. At the end we were supposed to jot down something we felt during the session, in just five to six lines. It was just not possible to describe Dinesh Sir, the day in five or six lines. Somehow we did it.
The program went on, when me and Swati had to leave (her dance class and mine, home far away). We apologized for going this early. Followed by an enjoying auto ride with Swati. The giggles even irritating the auto wala. The day ended with even more respect in my heart for him.
Such personalities always enhances the positivity around.
(L-R) Me, Swati, his father, a teacher at Aadi, his mentor. 
You may also visit the Friends' Organization, he always needs help in drafting letters and other paper works.

Major with Mister Dinesh

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rainy Love

She texts him, "Its raining".
He texts back, "Yes, it is :)".
She replies, "Love you".
He replies back, "Love you too :)".
She imagined him smiling with each of his smilies he'd send her. The smile that could kill all. The smile that reaches his eyes. The smile that calms her soul.
Her imagination takes another leap forward. Feeling his warmth around was her desire.. always.
She goes outside. Feels the rain with her eyes. Takes another step. The drops fall on her skin penetrating into the bottom of her being. Filling her with vivacity. He sees her standing just ten steps away from him. Waiting to grasp her in rain. She takes nine steps, stops at tenth. He, waiting for the tenth step of her's. She analysed him in rain. For, it was their first rain together. They've been together since the end of winters, but brewing up in rains was their first chance ever. Something that they both have been waiting for a long time by now. She watched his hair wet. His hands wet. All freshened up by nature. His eyes seeming glittery. She couldn't resist longer. They both held hands. She felt his hands, still warm in rain.
She drowned into his eyes. "Take me away", she said in a monotonous tone. A tone only he could hear. He smiled. His everlasting smile. They walked out of the people's eyes. Both holding hands, walked in rain. A long walk. All her desires were coming true one by one. He took her to some abandoned place. They entered the park- her favorite venue with him. Nobody around in this heavy rain. They sat on the bench under the tree. Still holding hands tightly. She staring at his hands, touching his fingers, tickling him- her favorite play. He kept looking at her, her presence soothes his eyes, playing around with her flicks- his favorite play. Another dream of her's, now a reality. Rain drenched them heavily. She leaned her head over his shoulder. The only most peaceful place for her.
No word was uttered. None. Their presence speaks it all. The smile pronounces their feelings.
"Look into my eyes", he said. She glanced at him. Took her eyes away withing a few seconds or so for she couldn't deluge much into his eyes. His beautiful eyes would always make her blush. His mystical eyes would always stare at her without a single blink. The already existing romance adorns up more. The moment comes when they had their first kiss in the rain. Eyes shut. The feelings unperturbed. The Love indispensable. Her final dream came true. He smiled again. She blushed again. His still warm hands touched her pink lips.
"I Love you", he said.

She just nodded for she had no words to express what she felt for him. He understood and smiled. The smile that makes her alive, makes her life beautiful. They sat there till the rain ended. But it was another phase of Love that started.
The rain filled them with vivacity.