Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Bond That Matters

Bhaiyadooj- not just another day for me cos the day emphasis on building the bond as strong as iron. Am not being too familial though, but a few bonds happen only twice a year: one at Rakshabandhan and another at Bhaiyadooj. Although I have a younger brother (who is taller than me) still leaves me craving to meet two more close brothers to me, who hypothetically meet me barely a few times a year.
Vaguely, the day starts at meeting of all: masi, mami, all the didis and the bhaiyas and the little sons & daughters of one of them. And then, starts the moment we all await for since a year. The women talk, the girlish snobbish, the marriage talks of the elder bhaiya and didis and the love stories of younger ones, the romantic talks of the ones already married, the shopping & movie buzzes and the school talks of little ones filled with laughter that goes on & on for hours at a stretch. We discuss it all. Sitting on the couch that stays at my ancestors home at Gurgaon since my mum was in 5th standard surrounded by captured glimpses of the then brothers and sisters with nana and nani ji; usually blurred cos of the decrepit photography technology. Filled with vivaciousness exchanges of sarees, suits & bed sheets for elder ones, and toys for little terrorists rushing the entire house on head. Isn't that great? I say to myself. We come to this place only twice a year and still, pretend as if we spend each moment together, bartering the moments of life.
When the time arrives for allowance, I mend my hair peeping into the versed mirror in which my mum once used to make two plates before leaving for college. After a long long time, we had to traverse through the local train for home, cos of the nonadjustable planing for car. A two rupee per head ticket was now in my jeans pocket. Mum, me, and bhai boarded the train as didi and bhaiya wave us an adios! Still hoping we would take more time form daily routines and plan to laugh again. Laugh so much which I hadn't since all past six months combined, taking out all the dullness of life.
I always thought, metro has given people a parallel view of local trains. I now descry I was so erroneous. The voice of moving trains is so diverging from the silent features of metro. The Ragini playing in someone's phone in train is so discrepant from the English hit songs in metro. The ascending horn of trains engine is so individual from the signal of metro. Like day like night. The twelve minutes ride of local train was so flushed with energy and made me stay grounded to Indianism.
After having many irons in the fire, I perilously longed for this October Month. I can sum it up as: The blood relations, the gifts, the beauty of India, the patent enjoyment, the decor and soul jinxed with culture.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lights.. Camera.. Action!!!

The halcyon excuse just knocked the door. A day which made my lethargically filled soul run away.. as a matter of fact, just for a day. The deluxe home, the ambrosial ambiance, the  appetizing appetizers and all the things I cannot list out, made my Deepawali. It abnormally started with nothing and abnormally ending into so many jolly good times which I will write down in my page of history for sure.
Everything was hand made. The rangoli, the painting of diyas, the decor. Everything was love-made. The puja, the servings, the door garnishing. Alas! My favorite festival touched my heart. The festival I can sum up as: Shopping, flounces, feeding the tummy with all the sweet things on the planet, opening the gifts. In short, I feel its my second birthday! The same excitement, the same joy, the same divinity.
Kudos to the day, I got more Deepawali wishes than I receive on my birthday! All the unexpected people calling me up, and collecting texts in my bag only widened my pupils.
Ergo, its a day when we all forget our sorrows, our fights, our egos, not just for a day, rather it exhibits cruelity from our minds and give birth to toothsome relations. The adds of Coca Cola are truly amazing, "Toh is Diwali aap kise khush karenge?", is the one which is on my top charts. Many of it leaves my throat paining and administers me to think whom would I surprise this Diwali. The one more add which was launched on the idiot box was "Chalo is Diwali do diye hum bhi jalaye". What a short and crispy add it was. I believe all adds should be like one of these. Unfortunately, these will vanish our TV screens until next year.
Anyhow, another best part was, my third cracker free Diwali! Yesterday, lighting over fifty diyas & candles, it made me sink into the depths of thinking (nothing new). How many trees have I killed? How many animals have I harmed? How much have I contributed into the widening of the ozone hole?
On the counter-part, I didn't find any answers. As a matter of fact, I do have a positive side. 

"Its better late than never", as I always ensure, keeps me give away a huge sigh of relief. To boot, I now enjoy more with lights, decor & sweets than with crackers & pollution.
Minimal, I did it on my part and so made sure my family does the same. And yes, every year the burning of crackers has tremendously decreased, which entrusts me a beautiful dream of a first-class future. 
Me, sipping cold coffee, and writing this post, eagerly waits for another year, another second birthday, another Diwali, another heart full greetings, another step towards cracking the use of crackers. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love this Diwali!

It just happened yesterday, when my observing power brought me some adorable sites. I was on my way back home, from college, celebrating Deepwali with our teach the kids gang of Parivartan. My eyes saw many students with strollers and bags waiting for the buses, probably going back to their families- I smiled.
The lovely celebration at Parivartan with our kids. 
Just 10 minutes walk from dwarka metro station to home has always been fun, and the fun was more this time. All the markets- be it the Jewell shop, sweet shop, even the book shops were glittering with lights. The people all  over the place with at least carrying 2-3 gifts in their hands left me wondering what we might get this time. The cars stuck in traffic, a chaos created even in the parking lot, front of the shops was fun to witness. I saw every car's back seat were crowded with packed gifts. I took a left, on the footpath I saw a lady sitting with 4 packs of dry fruits, 6 packs of tropicana fruit juices and some more squares packed in golden gift rap, probably waiting for someone to come pick her up. And so, I saw my society- the gates decorated beautifully with blue lights and even the trees with colorful lights. "Who would tell these people, these lights harm the trees. The radiation does actually"- says my mum.

I reached home finally, with a smile ofcourse but tired too. Just when I witnessed my sister and mum in out-going clothes. "Are we supposed to wear good clothes today?", I asked her.
They planned to go to the market, to buy diyas and candles for the auspicious occasion. Tired, still, I managed to go with them. I didn't want to miss any glimpse of the festival- Simple.
Infamous sector 6 market, each corner seeming so glittery, had my eyes sparkling. None-the-less, it was Dhanteras- A festival pre-choti diwali, which leaves people buy some utensil.
We came back home with diyas, some utensils, pillow covers and ofcourse- The rangoli colors!!!
Today, at choti diwali, the home (which always seems clean and beautiful- my mum ensures that) seemed like heaven to me. The sofa & cushions had fresh and new covers, the beds had Gujarati and Handcrafted bed sheets on each. New flowers filled freshness to my place. And yes, the biggest showcase was my duty to re-decorate and re-clean (which I enthusiastically did). The day went with practicing rangoli making for the grand event! Also, exchange of gifts goes on and on in the background. The pooja is just done and the diyas are set, which were painted by me (makes my feel rejoiced to do that). At 8 pm, my dad reaches home with almost 20 gifts. The best thing, they are all packed. The fun activity to open them leaves my heart bowled over.
Some more bone chinas, some more dry fruits, some more mithais, some more crockery, etc etc.
But but!! the best gift, is a money maker wheel. Yeah! it lies in my room, as the wheel promotes progress! Will show it to all who come home, its beautiful!
For now, am going to get the mehendi on hands ( I always find ways to do it over and over again). The different thing though is, am doing it myself! (For the first time).
Wish me luck!
Have fun guys with family & friends.
No crackers! Just diyas. I bet it will make diwali more prosperous and peaceful. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Day Has Come

A New Day. Filling rays of hope in the eyes. 

It just happened. I woke up today, in the morning and forgot what, why, and how I was upset yesterday. A fact: You reckon not to forget things which went in your mind the previous night, in case left incomplete. How did I forget it then? The new day, the new morning, the new ray of hope, the window besides my bed which appears newer each morning, refreshes me up. Am sure it does spreads its magic on everyone. Each night, when I remember what I did in the day, which I make sure I do (after all a summary is needed), whether its good or not,  it follows the next morning too. Most of the nights, am left agitated, that I didn't complete the tasks I was supposed to do, as a matter of fact the things are postponed to the next day.
In that case, I look up to the next day. Not just the clock to struck 12. I make sure I sleep soon. Instead of discussing the things with people, I make sure I sleep. Cos the new day brings new hopes. I know I've got new chances to make the things move in the right direction.
The new glistening morning is only to try once more, in some different manner, to start afresh. No matter how bad, guilty, remorse, embarrassed, or what so ever I feel, I must try again. Give an ear to an enthusiastic song,  I am sure everyone has their own, (for each event) and aim for the bullseye again. Life gives you opportunities, till you keep faith."Faith"- a word more bigger in size and shape than Trust  & Hope. I make sure, I have faith in me the most. I make sure I want to try again. Having being fallen like a thousand times, I make sure I stand up again.

So, for now, the girl who left music 3 years back, is gonna hold it again. Cos if she doesn't try it, she'll regret it one day in life. She knows, "Its better late then never".
Its okay, people have rejected you, your belief system has been broken down and other people are better than you. At that time, I always remember what what my dad taught me, "There is no lock without a key, as there is no problem with a solution, just that only 'you' can find its solution, others can only guide you, but the path 'you' take will make all that matters. You can make a good future, or better, make a good history to share".
So which path to take? That's completely up to you. But, not to worry until you have faith. After all. you are the Michelangelo of your life. You can paint it in any way you want to.
At the end, "Life isn't about buying a second car or a second house. Its about second chances and second comings".
So start afresh!
Here is my song:

Friday, October 7, 2011

A commemoration

Was it just luck or written- I got holidays when I needed them the most. After all, I have been rubbing my already blocked mind and soul at college like anything, I desperately needed a break! My plans were simple, study a bit, sleep more and take all the heavenly rest I deserve. I imagined my classmates going on a college trip to Himachal, which I avoided for simple reasons- I needed time with myself, with my family (after all it is a festival clock) and sleep a lot of course.So, the holidays kicked off with great zeal and zest in sleeping mode. However, the first and last days of navratreys are affixed for fast, which never-the-less, never leave my hungry. All the 'fast' food is still to eat, the fruit chaat made each hour of green apples (my favorites) and pears could never get my hands off them. The same time, starts Durga Puja, for which Samvita shopped like mads! And I helped her getting more mad. Durga Puja, one of my favorites, even though isn't of my culture, despite that, I despise this event greatly! A great night (till 9 pm) with old friends, with whom I barely get to spend some time, will something be I'll always live up to. The pandal, the stalls, the dance, music, drama stage, the women in bengali sarees, the men in traditional (eye stealing for me), the acquaintances all over (after all, its one of the best in Dwarka, at Samvita's (Bengali) Society), the giant statue studded in gold seeming shimmering avatar was something worth giving all senses.

Finally, navami! Aah! What a day! The essence of essence sticks which I love the most, watering the tulsi plant (which I never do), the red little tika on forehead by mum is something I again love. The day began in setting the puja with my society's over dressed, dazzling in beautiful bellies and clutches, juvenile girls was a fun as always. Teasing them, discussing about from how and where they got their special attires they are wearing is full of oohs and aahs, trust me. The same evening, final day at Durga Puja kicked off at which I went at with my brother & sister. My near to heart, Dhunuchi Puja, somehow got repeated on navami (which is glued for ashthami only) set my mind on fire! What an awesome and must watch competition it is! The lovely expressions, the music of dhol. God! You've missed a lot if you miss that at Durga Puja.

At 9:30pm, dad and mum picks us up in car and continued our journey to Ramlila Ground, sector 11. As a matter of fact, it was the first of theirs, so with so many mistakes and forgetting the lines, turned up more into a comedy, with over 1 lakh people laughing. The best part: Indrajeet setting a sparkling arrow at Lakshman, with full background music and  all spotlights at them, and the arrow just fell like 2 cm away from him. On and on creating a little fire on the stage. That Indrajeet bent over to lower the tiny fire resulting in falling of his crown, which left the crowd laughing. And yes! The feather on the cap was when Hanuman coming down from the crane like Akshay Kumar with one hand like superman and a lighted umbrella in another hand (seeming like a little mountain of Sanjeevani Booti), who got stuck in middle and revolving full 360 degrees at one spot. Oh! Ramlilas are a must watch every year for me. Coming out, I bought a little thing which parents call a firki, a sort of colored windmill on both sides.

Today, on Vijaydashmi, Dussehra, how can I dare to miss the Ravana Dehen. So, me, sister, dad went to the same ramlila ground and watched over a thousand rockets shining in sky one after another and finally the awesome dehen which even left the aside metro running on track slower down its speed and let all its passengers glued to the windows and doors gazing down here.
However, we reached late, so had to view it from outside the ground, the back side actually, still that memorizing moment left all of us awed and aahed with wow! coming out of our mouths at each colorful blast. Many children sitting on their dad's shoulder left me jealous. Agreed, am light weighed, but not that that  my dad would make me sit on his shoulders. I so missed my childhood then.

Home back, my society for the first time, managed to make little ravana, legs of which were made by my brother was a cherry on the cake.
What a week it was! Filled with festival enthusiasm, colors, crackers, puja, everything! How gracefully, I managed not only time for myself, for friends, for family, but also for the greatest existing power on the planet- God, which wasn't even in the plan. Am glad I didn't go anywhere, am glad I stayed at home and saw my home getting converted into God's own graced. The culture all resides here.

Looking forward to Diwali now!