Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

adhoori baatein...

suno, kuch baatein adhoori rehne do
mann bhara rehta hai
takalluf se sochne do
baarish ki boondo ko ginne do
harr boond mein samai tumhare yaado ko
sulagne do
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

aayine mein khud ko tumhare liye
niharne do
bikhre mann ko aur bikharne do
dil hi dil mein muskuraane do
bechaini mein tadapne do
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

shabdo ko piroh nahi rahi
aashao ko bataur nahi rahi
sambhalna nahi chahti
girne do.. fisalne do
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

intzaar mein kiske
khidki par baithi hu kal se
kiske pasandeeda rang se 
khud ko sanwara hai
kyu kisi ke liye 
gam bhi cheeni sa chakh liya
taareekhein aakhir kiske liye gin rahi hu
ye sab chodo
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

This is a special, very special dedication to PACH. Mainly cos we all keep waiting for the next session and the waiting is always worth. Yes, I have said it many times but I dont mind saying it again- PACH is the best gift I have ever received. 

Picture Courtesy- Hardik Photography

Thursday, August 22, 2013

(Let's) Fall into Love

" 'Why don't you just call me Viv? Everyone calls me that'
'Your name so beautiful, I don't want to cut even a single syllable of it'
'I don't know whats about you. I mean, you are ugly, that weird face structure makes me laugh on you'
'If my face makes you laugh, am glad am ugly'
'See? Again? Anyway, you haven't called since long. I am seeing you after almost half a decade'
'You pushed me aside Vivian. I couldn't do much. I felt I should drift apart, to keep you happy'
'Who talks like that? Really? In this selfish world, how can you be... like this?'
'You want to dance?'
'If you insist, then sure'

'Fall into Love' by Jake Monaco plays in background of a near-empty country bar.

'You dance well Ray'
'A lot has changed in last years Vivian'
'So how is your wife doing?'
'We... separated'
'Oh! sorry for asking that. I hope things will be okay Ray'
'Things were never okay since you left Vivian' (in a monotonous tone)
'You said something?'
'Oh no! I should be leaving now. Its getting too late. I hope I will not have to wait another couple of years to see you?'
'I told you my address. You can drop by anytime. I will be looking forward to seeing you now'
'That sounds great. Stay cool Vivian.'
'And you stay ugly Ray'
'For you, I don't mind. Goodnight' 

They kiss each other goodbyes.
Vivian Smiles looking at him while he leaves.
(To herself) 'I haven't seen something so beautiful like him' ".

Its just like the summers you see in the films.. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Too much PACH!?

Yesterday was a bad day. Bad as in.. really bad day. Bad like tiring, head-eating, weird, disheartening,  'I give up'- kind of day.
I revise my day at night. The pictures of day spent passes my head by. I like doing it. Its important to remember, to embrace, to cherish, to improvise... to endure.
Yesterday's picture .... sucked. Literally. Its just hard to sleep with a sad face. Its one things that advances the very next brimming morning. I switched my head. No, not off. I switched it to a happy place. To a place called PACH.
I cant summarize Pach as Poetry and Cheap Humor group. It'll be an insult to keep it framed in four terms when half of your present world's happiness is subsiding in it. Actually, more than half. Sometimes, its the only happiness if life right now existing in real world. Pach took so much from my being. A little hesitant in the beginning, but I saw Pach just asking me to let go. I finally did. It gave me back a thousand times fold than what I gave.
Of course, I grabbed it all.
Its the rainbow- right after a heavy storm.
Its a tree- spreads & grows.
Its the north star- always sticks in blue-black blanket on head; to guide.
Its the family- supports & respects.
Its the friend- just doesn't judge.
Its a child- knows no bounds.
Its a flower- blooms all seasons.
Its a coffee mug- it understands.
Its Sun- looks breathtaking both coming & going.

Pach has taught me epiphany, to utter sense; it just doesn't interpret- only acknowledges.

Last night, I slept with a smile on my face. Thanks Pach! 

It listens; calmly, patiently.
It gives wings to fly.
It stays; time immemorial, it just does.
Its sticks, it embraces, it gives Love.

My special thanks to Saumya di and Anup bhaiya, for giving me the best gift of life- till date.

Photo Credits- Hardik Photography

Sunday, August 11, 2013

aaj mat jao kaam pe...

raat ka saaya gaya nahi abhi tak
tumhari baaton se mann bhara nahi abhi tak
thandi siskiyan jo tum lete ho
majboor kar rahi hain mujhe kehne par
... aaj mat jao kaam pe

baarish ki sulkhiyo mein bheege
garm haath tumhare... yaad toh hain
mehakte huye khushbuo mein
doobte huye gaano mein
shabdo ko batora hai maine
... ki aaj mat jao kaam pe

dhoop kitni hai baahar
thak gaye hoge tum is bhagdaud se
thoda waqt nikal bhi lo
apne liye, mere liye.. hamare liye
aur kya kahu tumhe? 
... bas, aaj mat jao kaam pe

Picture Courtesy- Hardik Photography

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

kaho kya khayal hai...

Chalo baant le hum zindagi
zara aaj yu karle
kaho kya khayal hai.. 

wouldn't you accept it with open arms? 

My balcony is as spacious as I'd always wanted it to be. The plants fill up the void perfectly. And right in front I have a view of more plants who dance amazingly in rain. What a picture! 
What to do when something's off since last night? What to do when nobody's home? What to do when you've got none to talk to? What to do if its raining and all your plants are cancelled? 
Sitting on the jute chair near the entrance of balcony, looking at the rain, I ask myself this. The rain drops falling in a sequence, everywhere, on everything, for everyone just seems to have all answers. Humming beautiful songs, imagining nothing but rain, smiling for no reason, all lead to something grand- maybe utter state of happiness - a temporary happiness, a temporary madness, a temporary feeling, a temporary void, a temporary love, a temporary dream, a temporary desire, a temporary living, yet a permanent 'oneself'. Singing to oneself or maybe dedicating it to someone, who surely doesn't know am thinking of them in some corner of the world. Isnt it beautiful? Desiring with no desires? What feeling is it? Is it love? or just lust? 
But its not always a time to seek answers to all questions. Often its about finding solace within...

This beautiful song made me do it. 
sharing this link -

Hope it touches the string of your hearts, same as it did mine. 

Picture Credits- Epitome