Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rainy Love

She texts him, "Its raining".
He texts back, "Yes, it is :)".
She replies, "Love you".
He replies back, "Love you too :)".
She imagined him smiling with each of his smilies he'd send her. The smile that could kill all. The smile that reaches his eyes. The smile that calms her soul.
Her imagination takes another leap forward. Feeling his warmth around was her desire.. always.
She goes outside. Feels the rain with her eyes. Takes another step. The drops fall on her skin penetrating into the bottom of her being. Filling her with vivacity. He sees her standing just ten steps away from him. Waiting to grasp her in rain. She takes nine steps, stops at tenth. He, waiting for the tenth step of her's. She analysed him in rain. For, it was their first rain together. They've been together since the end of winters, but brewing up in rains was their first chance ever. Something that they both have been waiting for a long time by now. She watched his hair wet. His hands wet. All freshened up by nature. His eyes seeming glittery. She couldn't resist longer. They both held hands. She felt his hands, still warm in rain.
She drowned into his eyes. "Take me away", she said in a monotonous tone. A tone only he could hear. He smiled. His everlasting smile. They walked out of the people's eyes. Both holding hands, walked in rain. A long walk. All her desires were coming true one by one. He took her to some abandoned place. They entered the park- her favorite venue with him. Nobody around in this heavy rain. They sat on the bench under the tree. Still holding hands tightly. She staring at his hands, touching his fingers, tickling him- her favorite play. He kept looking at her, her presence soothes his eyes, playing around with her flicks- his favorite play. Another dream of her's, now a reality. Rain drenched them heavily. She leaned her head over his shoulder. The only most peaceful place for her.
No word was uttered. None. Their presence speaks it all. The smile pronounces their feelings.
"Look into my eyes", he said. She glanced at him. Took her eyes away withing a few seconds or so for she couldn't deluge much into his eyes. His beautiful eyes would always make her blush. His mystical eyes would always stare at her without a single blink. The already existing romance adorns up more. The moment comes when they had their first kiss in the rain. Eyes shut. The feelings unperturbed. The Love indispensable. Her final dream came true. He smiled again. She blushed again. His still warm hands touched her pink lips.
"I Love you", he said.

She just nodded for she had no words to express what she felt for him. He understood and smiled. The smile that makes her alive, makes her life beautiful. They sat there till the rain ended. But it was another phase of Love that started.
The rain filled them with vivacity.


  1. wow...really transcends 1 to a beautiful rainy day :) it ws like i wsn't reading bt feeling it happening in front of my eyes...nycccc :)

  2. Dear Hardik,
    Your each comment is an honor for me. Thank you again. Glad I could link up to you :).

  3. Very interesting how uve woven their eavh step.Too dramatic actually.

  4. u make me miss the moments yaar!!! each n evry emotion speaks for itself!

  5. Closing my eyes, I see beyond the skin you’re in
    Something more beautiful.
    Not a different side, but an inner side
    I am in love with this even more. :)

  6. indeed!Rain brought all your feelings,emotions out..that's not only good 4 you,but 4 us all who are reading your this piece..i lived a moment through your eyes(u)...i feel love..

  7. m glad if my comments inspires u to write more :)
    remember m still waiting for a masterpiece from you & i can sense it isn't vry far frm nw

  8. @Swat-eye: Welcome to my dreamy world. Thanks for the first comment.. alas!

  9. @Monally
    You loath rains sweetheart?
    Still, glad I could somehow link up to you..

  10. @Anjali
    Awwww.. that's so pretty and beautiful lines you've said for me. Love ..

  11. @Varuna
    Not mine yet.. Its in my imagination, not a reality till now (sob). Thanks for another comment. Each one is a gem in my jewelery set.

  12. @Hardik,
    yes, you inspire me. Always. Yes, I have something in store, which you call a "masterpiece". Its in the pipe line.

  13. (LOVE)ly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D

  14. awsm.......words vividly wov
    en togeder to xperience an awsm moment..:)

  15. @Sarang
    Good to see your first comment here. Am blissful to see your words here. Gratitude flows from my side.

  16. @Sarang
    Stop pushing me at cloud seven each time. But still, thanks for (over) appreciating. :)

  17. nd i do need to specify u are intellectual genius ....nd wrds follow "all hail aavika"....:)

  18. I so pray THIScomment gets posted!!! im here im here!!!!!!!!!!!!following uuuuu!!