Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Elixir of Life

This is our world (urban and 'civilized')- Amazing ads have blown our television sets. Ads about this, ads about that. Ads about everything. Every ad fail to bother me much; yet from Hema Malini to Shilpa Shetty- I get confused which R.O purifier is the best for us. Which would save maximum energy and waste minimum water during purification. Their dresses always matches the color of R.O's against which they stand. The words they use- Flourine, Arsenic, et cetera and of course their 'challenges with price money' make people go alert. We have given up boiling water and also matka pani. It all has to be scientifically pure and  potent. After all, its the one of the paanch tatvas which our body is made out of.

In a parallel world; somewhat in a different dimension exists another world which is rural and 'uncivilized'- There's no Shilpa Shetty or Hema Malini to save them from dirty water. The water with which they have bath is the same water they drink. The water they use in washrooms is the water they use for cooking. All with same formula- H2O and with same toxic elements. Gives a disgusting look on our faces, right? I imagine a kid, about to turn 5 years in coming weeks or so, lying on bed. No, no, not sleeping. He's probably suffering from the disease which almost all boys and girls suffer from nowadays in his village. Such are remote villages in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Same goes for Africa. Why can't Miss Shetty or Miss Malini fly in here and save the people? Because it doesn't work this way. It is far off (not distance-wise) from our imagination and care.
Follow these pictures:

While you are reading this, five more kids are on bed due to water borne diseases. And then in our world- this is us, follow up:

Such is life. Water is a natural resource. Above that, we 'need' it for survival. And dont we all deserve clean water to drink? That goes out to people living in parallel dimension as well.
Donate money, if possible at- Water project or Clean Water or even better, join this cause your self.
If not possible, at least don't waste water. 
Protect it. Respect it. Save it. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

PART I- Dream Lover

-Pieces of a diary
Pg 449

He often admits that I am his 'spirit of the west'. I never could understand the real meaning of it. Never was I bothered to ask. When I am reading a novel on the jute chair in balcony, he sips his tea and stares at me for long. Long enough that I start ignoring. His never ending staring gives me palpitations.
We have a routine of star-gazing every Saturday evening when we try to count the stars on night ink blue sky. He barely looks at the infinite blanket. His eyes affixed upon me. He says am the star that he wants to count on forever. I wonder from where he brings his words that send me a jolt. Things to which I cannot think of replying.
I remember the first time we had gone for lunch when he was so afraid to hold my hand. A fragile look all across his face. Not fragile of hurt manliness. But that of a fragile love which could be broken with any miss-happening or wrong interpretation. That phase has passed though.
I dont know how much time we have spent together. I have stopped keeping track of time. He never lets me. 'We keep track of something which is about to expire', he'd say frequently. I dont argue much with him on this topic. I can only pass a smile.
He makes me feel like am the only woman he knows. Like he is fond of me like the gem keeper. Who even though is surrounded by many gems yet his favorite can only be one. One, which he keeps polishing such that it never loses its shine. His eyes full of admiration. Hair on my hands stands when I hear him say things like these. When he compares me with a nightingale, or something even beyond the definition of beauty, I lack words. Now I have stopped finding words for such allegory. 
He only wants a smile in return.
I have never seen love like this before. Is is for real?

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Thousand times...

A thousand times I have seen you
Spell bounded; breathtaking
Begetting beautiful thoughts in my mind
I see paradise

A thousand times I have felt you
Indeed; you are a nature's fancy
Mystery you remain to most of us
Capture me under your tyranny

A thousand times you have held me
Your warmth is all I see
Penetrating deep down my skin
Usher me in the heavens of all kind

A thousand times you have come to me
Crossing miles and miles
I yearn for you more;
stay with me all night

A thousand times I have tried
To tell the world what you mean to me
But words fail to describe
That... "You complete me"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Picturesque of Original Beings

Agatti is a small island in Lakshwadeep which we visited in last year's summer vacations. Spreading its magic through 6 kms in length and 1km in width it manages to possess an airport too. A place that cannot be inhibited by Non-Indians or without a permit (as of 2012) clearly had let me imagine as if something has been hidden there.
Agatti- an air view
After arriving at the Airport via a small aircraft with 20 seating capacity or so, the temperature so high had surely hit our senses. The humidity extracted the remaining pleasure. 5 maruti vans were already waiting for all families, as if a compulsion to occupy. A few minutes passed and I had only managed to put my hat on, we had already reached our hotel. Beyond doubt, it was a walk-able distance from airport. It didn't take us any time to realize the island doesn't have any high buildings or skyscrapers, hospitals, petrol pumps or mega marts. Petrol arrives via shipments from time to time at jetty. The only solid-seeming buildings were those of one hotel, one resort, one boys school, one girls school. Residents manage to live in delicate huts, leaving tourists accept they were some aliens who needed great ambiance to reside; even for some time.
A little walk around the place was filled with serenity. We felt like a part of a beautiful painting. Tall coconut trees, beach surrounding all area of Agatti, authentic air without a hint of pollution of any sort, water so pure- blue & bottle green. The place gave only two tourist attractions- scuba diving and mirror boats to feed eyes
with occult corals. Yes! I did scuba diving. The water so calm with tiny waves and possesses huge undisturbed ecosystem at the bottom of ocean. Fishes trapped in pedicure saloons of South Ex, Delhi at high costs, did mine for free as soon as a touched the near bottom bed. Corals as huge as rooms have been there since centuries, and not broken for any insane ideas as trading or selling (unlike many islands do). Everything is there- surviving in harmony.
Back from scuba diving!
People have evolved from their ancestral tribal culture. Yet, they rely on old Ayurveda healing instead of medicines. Air so pure refreshes your lungs otherwise daily filled with decay. The beaches are so clean with soothing sand and various crabs. Walking all time bare foot is something we didn't regret. The sand managed to make us feel as if we belonged to it. Tribal dancing is something, am yet deprived of. In comparison to
urban culture, residents to us, still seemed like tribal.
The sand accepts your every part of being
They are what humans should really be- A part of & with nature. Giving nature only love and accepting it in all hues. Its a site which surely acts as an escaping portals for people like us trapped in fake ailments.
A few days back, a news hit me hard- Agatti is again banned from tourists' visits. Soon, it will be again lost in maps and from minds of people. Only they will remember who have been there and witnessed the solitude of pure magic, even for once in a lifetime.

Hoping that the reason for closure shall be resolved soon and this place will be opened for all to experience the alchemy of nature.

Area- approx 6kms in length, 1 km in width
Population- about 5,000
Languages- English, Malayalam
Religion- South Indian Muslims