Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting renewed

The mirthful day's picture is honestly abridged without a walk- I believe.
Which I can never compromise with. Listening to music is another habit I avoid. I cannot just happen to miss the pulchritude of milieu which absorb me. That's my assiduity to nature. Eerie start flowing within me when I view the occult "things" around me. Things: two children on one huge bicycle, managing not to fall; dragonflies, walking on the footpath and the cars passing by in blue streak, providing wind into the roots of my hair; background music played by the nature comprising of birds and trees with leaves dancing. A few, dance too much that they fall.
Its astonishing. I look down as I watch fallen yellow lilies all over the footpath, till the end of my sight. Where I still try to prevent stepping on them, while humming some tune of my own creation.
How in Love I have been with the nature lately. Not lately, since I got introduced to it. How magically it captivates the very souls of me. Haven't witnessed any more better thing. The clear orange cum blue sky, windy atmosphere and dew drops somewhere in the heart of the air.
I've escaped from the assiduousness of life.
For a moment I've become as light as a feather, ready to be carried away by the air. For a moment, have become as soft as a pearl, ready to be woven with flowers. For a moment, have become as swift as the leaves, ready to dance with them.
For me, walk is an important hustle of the day. How unfinished the day gets when it lacks.
A ten minutes walk from metro to college in the morning gives me the oomph which I beseech. Another ten minutes walk from metro to home in the evening give me time to introspect about the on going processes.
Never have I gotten tired of walking during these times, mentally. But that's what sets things straight for me.
One good thing, gets followed by another- One of the another things I believe.
I enter home, bowl over, I look with amazement around.
Flowers of the best kind I ever saw all over my place.

Mum got it. (for free she said while sitting and reading newspaper in the balcony).
The gift of Him which I kept praising all over way to home, is at my place. Am blessed by nature, (one more thing) I believe.
I witnessed the Love, a selfless one.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Best Thing I Ever Had

"U bitch! Kal frndship's day hai.", she text me.
"I know. What's bitchy about it?", I replied.
"U didn't even make any plan", she says.
"What plan? Sab usual. You come at evening. We going to daddy's to buy friendship bracelet. We going to kfc. You buying me krushers. Aur kya? ", I say.
":) Okie dokie.. :* ", she replied.
Same routine has been carrying out since ages. I, wearing a top given to me by her. Not gifted, literally, 'given'. (As the top now fits me instead of her).

This one began with some unexpected things. The first thing happened, when my door bell rang and she popped up with six yellow flowered bouquet in her hand. Six flowers signifying the six most platinum years of our life- our friendship bond since six years. I, awed, completely flattered, for at each valentine's & friendship's day, I am supposed to buy her flowers. The tradition, yet the same, the characters, inter changed.
So, we decided to go to daddy's, to still follow the tradition to tie friendship's bracelet. The old school ritual, yet in our hearts and souls. Still wearing the previous year's on our wrists, in order to replace it with new one. Rooted with the special attitude, we kept searching for one in the entire renowned sector-6 market. Found nothing. Finally, went to archies.
"The bag looks classy to me", I said looking at one.
"Looks like some sabji mandi types", she said.
I giggled. Found no such thing called a valuable band, we postponed it to future shopping.
That signifies the uniqueness. how opposite poles of earth we are. How mismatched our likes and dislikes are.  The hoax that friends have alike habits and what not, is proved wrong by us. Well, that is one reason why we always shop together for each other. She selecting her gift, I, paying for it & the other way round.
The day ended at kfc, she eating the non-veg stuff, and me, being a pure vegetarian, only sipping the mochalash (followed by stealing away her french fries). We laughed as we saw couples together at friendship's day.

She & I have grown up together. Known each other since we didn't even know how to use a kajal. Gulped down each other's flaws and still keeping in mind the another one is way too perfect, that's the beauty of our relationship. Our bond since seventh standard has always nurtured. Have moaned together, laughed together, shopped together, cried together, studied together (me doing even her bit for I have completed her assignments and English homework, even after I changed my school, she always bribed me with golgappas) in short, grew up together.
We ensured our every firsts happened together, so that none of us was left out. We ensured we are there for each other even when the other one doesn't say so.

"Right partition or left?", she texts me one day at 5 am for she had a date with someone.
I, still eyes shut, replied "left".
Same has happened to me, there have been none of the messages which she hasn't replied to.

"You are the best thing that happened to me... I'd be dead without you and of course some friends are always more important than lovers and equally important as family.. In fact you are a family.. Thanks for coming into my life and let's hope to die as godmothers of each other's children <3 <3".

The best message ever, that too sent by my bestest best friend- Samvita.. on Friendship's Day. 
I, didn't reply, actually, I couldn't reply. Just had a smile on my face with an assurance that, even when nobody's on my side, you are there.. Like you've always been... Like you'll always be.
You are the best thing I ever had.
With all the Love in my heart, soul & luck, I thank you for every second of six years we've spent.
Our friendship will live forever & ever till eternity.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saawan ke jhule pade... tum chale aao..

How busy as a beaver I've been this week. Not just week, the entire month. No time to breath, no time for introspection, no time to sleep properly. The assiduous days flow one after another.
Me, at friend's pg today, the park just a few meters away from my eyes at Satya Niketan. How astonishing the view is when it gets dark. Not literally dark, somewhat in between dark and evening. The bridge in between that time. Being lethargic I only gaze my eyes at the people. At the juveniles mainly. Their life, their moments, I can only live mine. The comparison just comes inside without knocking the door. How insane I've been all my life. Grown so much in past three years. Transited myself into something, that for now, I do not have a reverse gear. I just wanna get lost somewhere. Wanna escape the ongoing activities of life for sometime. On the other hand, life never greets me with breaks. Not even one. Time travelling awaits me. Seems like it was years back. How childish I had been. How insane. How funny. How precious, to me. How much I've always adored myself more than anyone. How well I used to tackle the titsy bitsy cobwebs of life. How I was always stuck into the black hole of happiness.
I laughed out as a girl pushes the another off the swing. I laughed some more when they fight, even when the another swing is empty. It makes me remember some more phases of me. 
How life has just dramatically transformed me. So, are the people around me. I think am more influenced. 
The heavier loads of problems flowing just in one after another. Some still flowing in my veins. I, being a bona fide laziest person, is too comatose to just fit back into the satchel and start fighting those things which are busting forth with me.
Tried to solve many, created many many more. Made friends globally, but left my own. Metamorphosised myself for rest. To such an extent by now, things cannot be solved. Just inhaled it all. Somewhere in the rush of city, I have lost my soul.  Somewhere long back. In oder to run from troubles, I ran away from myself. Maybe cos the storms hit when I was just in a boat, not a huge Titanic. The boat, is devastated by now. But, instead of constructing the boat, am on my way to build Titanic. To some extent, its done. Hoping it will be on its verge of end-construction before the storms would hit again. 
But, wait.. the Titanic did sink at the end.... The only hope to survive dies by now.. again. 
Not so early.. I'll construct more rescue boats. 
Just as the debate goes on in my tiny head, I start singing.. 

Saawan Ke Jhoole Pade, Tum Chale Aao
tum Chale Aao, Tum Chale Aao

aanchal Naa Chhode Meraa, Paagal Huyee Hain Pawan
ab Kyaa Karu Main Jatan Dhadake Jiyaa Jaise Panchhee Ude

dil Ne Pukaaraa Tumhe, Yaadon Ke Parades Se
aatee Hain Jo Desh Sen, Hum Us Dagar Pe Hain Kab Se Khade

jab Hum Mile The Piyaa, Tum Kitane Naadaan The
hum Kitane Anajaan The, Baalee Umareeyaan Mein Nainaa Laden

A melodious track by Lata ji. 
The song, dedicated to my early life. I miss those days. Surrounded by a few friends, few happiness moments which I have lived heavily. Hoping to get back soon! 
Here's the link to the song.. do give it an ear..

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


{The creation above is a pure instance of nurturing talent, in every sense. Courtesy- Our member Hardik Gaurav (now a passout), but still our hearted member }
5th August 2011
2:15 pm.
"Grew up in a small town
And when the rain would fall down
I'd just stare out my window
Dreaming of what could be
And if I'd end up happy
I would pray

The song gets played on Riddhi's laptop as we wait for the Orientation Ceremony to kick off, filling us with more enthusiasm, fervor in our nerves, rapture in our souls and adrenaline rush flowing in. Our first ever Orientation ceremony, that too stellated by us. We sat with our attires for the moment as the army of students gather. The entire flock of around one fifty to two hundred people enter the hall with my eyes gazing at them. I talking in monotonous tones regarding the crowd to my mates. Even I see my batch mates entering in. The slide show runs at the back, with amazing snaps showcasing how amazingly we work. The snaps even start running in my tiny head, refreshing the memories how we have touched don't-know-how-many lives. I felt proud, for the first time in my life, of myself. Therein, Swati takes the heads out of the hall and we generated a circle and holding our shoulders, the feeling of Indian Cricket team flows in.
"Guys this is our first effort together, it will go nicely. This is our time. Give in your full efforts".
Revived with new energy, we enter the hall back again. 
The time arrived. That's when Swati begins her unprepared lecture. Totally blabbering whatever comes in her mind. Omitting the zipping of her mouth even a second. We starred at her through the stairs, just as more people flow in. Even the stairs aren't reserved for us now. The adrenaline rush flew with about three hundred meters per second. 
Just as her golden words came to an end, we asked people to register them in sorts for our simplicity.
It became a circus actually, still, out heart flying with giant wings ensuring us "this year will be a platinum one, with so many expedients in our heads and so many members to help us lock stock and barrel our dreams".
The hush rush & assiduous day came to an end. Thats when Swati says, "Guys the real work begins now". We all know she wont let us breath lest the work is discoursed.
The Core Team is cemented by the most lively people I've ever come across. (It includes me too, which I couldn't digest for the next 24 hours of announcement)
We live, work and breath with higher zeal than ever. This year will surely pass out with flying rainbow colors! 
Wishing Good Luck to one and all!!! 

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday. I, returning back home after an assiduous day at college. On my way back through the metro, I started singing, all of a sudden. "Who says I cant get stoned, turn off the lights and the telephone. Me in my house alone, who says I cant get stoned?". 
I almost forgot the last time I'd sung this song. So cozy to me, it lends me a huge amount of peace, when am with me. Yes, when am with me. I do not consider myself alone, when am not with anyone else. I still have the best companion: me. Then happens the another song, "hey there delilah, what's there like in New York city, am a thousand miles away but tonight you look so pretty, yes you do. Times Square cant shine as bright as you, I swear that's true". Thats a complete deja vu. I remember the last time I'd sung this was at same situation, in a rikshaw, with just me, at around 7 pm. Half night, half day. Seems like am having a Semblance with my old self.  The mirage continued followed by few drops of rain. Alas, it rains again. It reminds me more of the past now. There are always songs that are miss matched with any others. I continue singing, that leads the rikshaw wala entertained actually. Singing " am going home", is my favorite hobby. No matter how irritated the people around me are getting. No matter how many times I have sung it, I'll still carry out my job. I switched to hindi now. "Thade rahiyo, o pake-yaar re.. thade rahiyo". For having learnt semi classical a long time back, I never get bored of singing it over and over again. Followed by, "piya tose naina lagi re.. naina lage re.. jane kya ho ab aage re.. naina laage re". I imagined the gracefullest Waheeda Rehman dancing.
The rikshaw ride comes to an end with my destination just across the road. I walked in those dew drops.
There are still a million songs, which I'll never ever get irked of. Will keep listening to them. Still agitating the people around me. Being covetous. No matter how many times am poked.
The list also consists of:
Banna Banni (a famous traditional Rajasthani Song)
Chalte Chalte yuhi koi mil gaya tha
Pal pal dil ke paas
Bade acche lagte hain (indeed, it got its recognition back with the arrival of the tv serial, which I love)
The hardest part :Coldplay
Talk: Coldplay
Someone like you: Adele
Mehfuz hu: Euphoria
These are the songs which have been dedicated to me. Either by people, or by myself to me.

It rained again today, and the same cassette of songs plays at the back of my mind as I danced my feet off.