Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Beginning of an End 2013 #OctPoWriMo day 31

I see the end of this year
Which I have been awaiting for
Things which have gone wrong
Which I will make right next year

Met a lot of new people
I wish they stay forever
Just, this phase irks me
where I have been stuck 

Next year I see me
standing on a mountain top
living my dreams
surviving against the odds

When new leaves will grow
old ones will fall
And the fate I have been accepting
I will write it myself, this time

No, its not that I am complaining
this year has taught me a lot
of pain and of being left behind
For which I thank God

But I want to ride on rainbows too
visit the land of happiness soon
I know the time is coming
I see light at the end of this tunnel

The beginning of an end has started
this era is ending, yes
I will be a star again
I am walking towards the Sun.

This October, probably has been the best time of this year for me, thanks to OctPoWriMo 2013 and Nimue who introduced me to this beautiful concept and stayed with me till this day (I am sure she will stay in times ahead also). OctPoWriMo has not only been an inspiration but an irresistible cobweb of out-of-the-world writers & poets who have immensely appreciated my poems and pushed me till this date. Frankly, without Nimue or any of those beautiful souls who read my poems and took out enough time to comment here, I would have given up long back. True, journeys become easy and fun with amazing people. 
Not to forget the prompts made it all enthusiastic. I admire all the people who gave us those prompts to pen down upon. I have also bookmarked a lot of blogs, I will keep hovering over their writings now.
Learnt a lot here, made new friends too. I will embrace all 31 days of this month for a long time to come.
My heart is filled with gratitude. OctPoWriMo 2013 has been very special to me. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

There she goes & Do you see? #OctPoWriMo day 29 & day 30

Two poems again, day 29 and day 30. 

DAY 29: There she goes

Summer mornings

winter nights
I see you 
standing by
clinging to thoughts
beautiful thoughts
your mind
so clear so pure

Your mood
Blue, yellow or white
Different shades of you
you carry all, once in a while
Now that you have gone
Your memories have stayed behind
Your talks, I see them
standing by the window side
A beautiful spirit that you are now
Your teachings will stay here
every year, by the window side

DAY 30: Do you see?

That girl, do you see? 
The one I am pointing towards? 
was abandoned by her parents
at the age of three

That road, do you see? 
Right next to the huge showroom
a woman living on streets,
gave birth to a boy there; in noon
both died there, soon

That spot, do you see? 
where a mountain of garbage exists
There's a school right besides
with flies and water under benches
how was your school like?

That dump, do you see?
used to be home for many
slums these were
schools and trees these were
for international games
thousands were thrown on streets

That pond, do you see?
was a home for beautiful birds and shrubs
the water now black
used to be blue and white

About "Do you see"- all the verses are true. I have either met these people or read in newspaper. Visited these sites and pointed the same way. Where are we now? What have we done? To our nature? To our own race? Its hard to bring a change in world, because for that we must change ourselves. But, would we?

Monday, October 28, 2013

My Sister & Skin & I am #OctPoWriMo day 26, 27, 28

Posting three poem today compensating the previous days. Of day 26, day 27, day 28 here. Spare me, yet again.

DAY 26: My Sister

For all that she's been
Sister three years elder to me
Fighting the storm
sailing over sees
Selfless she's been 
Does not believe in God
All seasons she blooms
A social worker, a feminist
Bitter she may be
for thats how the truth is
the soldier
the messenger
the north star
For all that she's been 

DAY 27: Skin

Your skin
Soft its been
Sometimes so thin
What all you hide within
War, if, is your skin
I'd let you win
Beyond zinn

Day 28: I am.... an introspector

Life goes as it goes
directionless, at times
But a cousin sister taught me
how to focus on energies within

I ask questions
Where are we in life, right now? 
not to you
To myself, often
Of what I am doing
Of what I wish to do
What is happiness, as I call it
What is bliss, do I know of it?

Then I met another person
who does the same like me
well, at a better level instead
He asks questions
and finds answers too
He seeks
He discovers

I hope someday I can
Direct all energies 
and transcend to the universe
in a better way
For I introspect
In search of that light

Friday, October 25, 2013

Birthday and more #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 25

I remember the last birthday
when I'd turned twenty
yellow flowers are all I remember
when countless friends surrounded

I remember the last birthday
when I'd turned twenty
four cakes I think I got
one baked at home
of different colors

I remember the last birthday
when I'd turned twenty
Handmade gifts made my day
along with some cards and all

I remember the last birthday
when I'd turned twenty
But my heart believes
age is just a number-play

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Back then #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 24

A girl, tiny girl
climbing trees
playing with rocks

A girl, tiny girl
playing with dolls
building tiny house

A girl, tiny girl
stealing biscuits
running in corridors

A girl, tiny girl
confused with washrooms
using men's for few years

A girl, tiny girl
cycling, hiding
swimming through rains
A girl, tiny girl
dancing, singing
gushing, laughing

A girl, tiny girl
loving her younger brother
not so fond of her elder sister

A girl, tiny girl
who's the princess
of her own world

My mother says there are a few people who, from their childhood directly go to old age. After all old-age is second innings of childhood. In the sense, they never become adults. 
I am one of those. Luckily. 

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Just counting #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 23

The hundred sixteenth night with you
in park, under the moon
The twenty fourth hour with you
in bed, warming in blanket
The fifth week after we met
a date, hot chocolate and nothing else
Fifty eight minutes I waited
you had brought flowers of color I hated
Third of September
we decided we wont talk anymore
Seventeenth November
we ended up in bed, with no future
two hundred thirty fourth morning
you said; lets get married
Eighty five years together
we sleep now in crypt, forever

Photo credits to my favorite photographer till date- Hardik Photography

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I glide #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 22

The black river
or the black nature
or the black soul
are mine
yet, I glance and glide
across those parts; of mine

The black talks
or the black aura
or the black eyes
are mine
yet, I glance and glide
forgetting if I hurt 

The black sky
then collides in me
The black soil
then uproots me
The black noises which I make
are never heard 
But I do not forget
to glance and glide
and travel on the 
black side; of mine
For one day
The black side; just might
meet the white

Monday, October 21, 2013

Soil to Plant & Sky #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 20 and day 21

Once again I am submitting a post comprising of two poems for day 20 and day 21 for OctPoWriMo. Spare me, yet again!

DAY 20- Soil to Plant

so yesterday was great
cos it rained
i hope you got
the purest water I'd sent

and later it was sunny
when you were busy cooking
yes I know the food was good
You'd sent some down here

This is just a thank you letter
for I am what I am
because of your efforts
i hope you remain blessed

cos you are god's own angel

DAY 21- The Sky

 so infinite
sometimes blue
sometimes white
sometimes yellow 
sometimes black
all colors it has
still for rainbow it awaits
why can't it be happy

with what it has?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

See you soon #OctPoWriMo day 19

Your brown eyes 
and wide smile
Is what I think of
from dusk till dawn

Light that you are to me
Thats the only think I see
Let me seek you in
let you penetrate within

One sunset more
next sunsrise you will be here
let me dream of you
yes, I will see you soon

Friday, October 18, 2013

Hide and Lame #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 17 & day 18

I missed yesterday, everyday writing a poem isnt a cake walk for me. But! Today am banging OctPoWriMo with two poems, one for yesterday, one for today. And got this idea from Nimue (our favorite blogger)- miss it yet dont miss it.

Hide- Day 17

Swinging on the swing
the wind would hit thy face
Cycling day and night
the wind would hit thy face
face of a kid, I remember

Making castles of the sand
falling and renewing again
never give up, this no one taught
just a shallow voice from inside
voice of child's pure soul, I remember

Playing hide and seek
or something with a ball
making our own games
and mastering them all
innocence of a child, I remember

Cooking some invisible food
making house under the table
sweating, shivering or just nothing
games of childhood
only a child remembers

Lame- Day 18

Electric wind of the fan
something silly on my mind
its nothing but a day
a boring day, above of all

Some weird faces I make
when am at house and with me
brother would look from behind and wonder
what the hell keeps happening to her

I just want to sleep some more
no specific time for it
lets get over with this poem
and head to bed

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Letters #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 16

I stand there
I have known you since
every ounce of you
which grows of you, within
I know about your dark sides
even they have brought me light
have I ever told you?
No, I just wrote it in the letter
letter that lay
in the book you gave

I stand there
down your hallway
which smells like you all across the stairs
I left you something at the door
you couldnt find it?
not your fault, i held it firm and returned
its a letter that lay
in the book you gave

I stand there
when you walked down the aisle
not with me, but with love of your life
I wish it was me, with you
Your hands in mine
But all I have
Are the letters held close
some more letters lay
in the book you gave

I stand there
Watching your kids grow & play
You wave a hand at me
our eyes coincide
but never meet
another decade will pass
our memories grow fade
but come at my home someday
you will find a lot of letters
which lay in the book you gave

I stand there
You look terrible and thin
I never knew how old you've been
To me, you are still the same
They say these are your last days
Fine! Tomorrow I will come
clinching letters tight
bring them out of the book
which you gave to me

I stand there
These are the letters dear
I have been writing since forever
It talks of the love I have felt
With each passing year
Yes, these are some hundreds
will take you some while
But I dont need anything in return
So I am leaving them here
Take your time

I stand here
Silently Kept those letters near him
He didnt make a sound
Along with those letters
I also returned him the book

That day
I moved forth his grave
the wind flew those letters away maybe
I never looked back

I wrote this poem long back but never shared it on blog or with anyone, for reasons I myself don't know. But am glad this has come out, thanks to OctPoWriMo.
Maybe I never did, but I wish to thank Nimue for this, for introducing me to OctPoWriMo basically. After each prompt I learn something new from co-bloggers, reading their's is a bliss and appreciation which am receiving is enormous. The best part is, Nimue hasn't just introduced me to this and left me wandering in this huge world. Rather she is with me, in form of comments on each and every single poem I have written. I don't think I ever had a person like her in my life, until recently. Its as if, not just putting seeds in the soil but also seeing the plant grow, daily. Thank you for being there. For being here! Am blessed to have you. This poem, a little dedication to Nimue. For a beautiful soul she is. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Humans must die! #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 15

The river was all dried up
Sky had never been this black
with dust and pollution
No one could breath
in this weather

Waste waste all around!
roads covered and houses filled
only with what was of no use
and so they started throwing waste
into the outer space

Birds were flying to south
you know then its a bad sign
animals were running
into a place they had secured
for they knew, this day would come

And finally nature grew out of patience
did something no one would think of
she swooshed her earthely wand
disappeared the human race;
she was once so fond of

Humans vanished like they never existed
got the punishment for the sins they made
this was all in the newspaper, the very next day
printed now by 'Dolphins limited'
Nobody knew, but they could read and write
better than us, in many ways

- and so nature belonged
back to animals and birds
and mountains and sky
and space and rivers
like it was supposed to be
the penguin happily read the news
in its igloo
saying- "thank Nature!
Finally the humans have died!"

I see what all newspaper is filled with, mainly to make us believe what devils we have become. Not just we hurt our own race but also the Nature. Various acts and laws have come in different countries for humans only, but who would do so for nature?
As I always say, Earth would easily survive without humans, rather she will be better off. But not without trees and beautiful creatures who live here. Beautiful creatures, except Humans.
We, sadly, do not deserve to live here anymore.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Shhhh.. #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 14

Another hour of silence
with your hands in mine
eyes seeing you
mind thinking nothing
Just, this silence is so comforting
with you

Sitting in your balcony
observing trees and nothing
Beautiful nature
And beautiful you
Just, the silence is so comforting 
with you

Long walks on the road
hand in hand
I talk about everything
and you listen to it all, not really saying much
Just, your silence is so comforting
to me

The aurora lights I dream of
I see them in your eyes already
You are a gift, I say
Like heaven or even more
Just, your silence is so comforting
A part of life, now it looks

Those Lights #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 13

Light that glow
Lights that lit
Lights that lay on road
Lights that are low
Lightswhich is life-support
Light that life-holds
Light usually lifts
Lights in limelight
Light of ladylove
Light so luminous
Light always lingers

Picture Courtesy Hardik Photography

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Don't touch my things! #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 12

So it was quite some while back
pretty things which I cant share. 
"No one dare touch my things"
Thats all I said
Stay away from the bags & shoes
of my barbie dolls
I love it so much 
If you will play with it
Ouch! it will hurt

Going forth on timeline
Little kids who visit our home
always want a toy of two
the stuff dolls
or Doreamon
My mother sees the look on my face
Sigh! Its so hard to give them away
Loving them with all my heart
and now seeing them in their hands
"Dont touch my things" 
Deep down inside, I say

Now that I have grown age-vise
the mind still remains in that time
the toys sit still on my table
the barbie dolls have been
sleeping inside the wardrobe
Still, sharing things which I love
have been, oh! so difficult
For I get attached to things so much
they have been with me all the way
the first friendship band from second standard
fallen beads of broken necklace
earrings that someone gifted
or just the chocolate wrappers
They are all on the form of some memoirs

The shadows dont leave me
Not of mine, but of things I love
But I want them to stay
Stay for the sake of happy times
or sad ones instead

Picture Courtesy- Hardik Photography

Friday, October 11, 2013

Sound of Silence #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 11

I hear the drums beating
"heading toward nothing", I said, you agreed.
Or the piano playing
a singer singing something
in language I forgot already
Midst all that
I hear a heart crashing
a soul twisting
some noises so abrupt
of abuses maybe
Is it yours? Is it mine?
I don't know

The headphones shrunk my head
Ears pain badly now
listening to voices of people
I have never met
I want yours here
I know it wont come anymore
I hear footsteps leaving
back that wont turn ever
Monotonous tone of someone
Is it yours? Is it mine?
I don't know

Humming your favorite song
isn't helping either
all I hear is silence
underneath the words
we never said
Of phone ringing
of messages sent
never replied
Your silence has made it even worse
I shall leave you
with your favorite song

Silence is all I hear
Is it yours? Is it mine?
Maybe its ours
longing to meet
but never really will 

aaj toh sunday hai na..

kya hua agar 
pyaar thoda zyada kar liya
kya hua agar
zarurat se tumhe kuch zyada chu lia
aaj toh sunday hai na
dhoodh ki jagah pyaar pilayenge
wo bhi ubaal ubaal kar tumhe chadhayenge

kya hua agar
narazagi  mein shikhayatein ghol di
kya hua agar
yuhi do chaar baatein thodi teekhi boldi
aaj toh sunday hai na
baaton ko mirchi banake jalayenge
fir upar se maafi ki mithas chakhayenge

kya hua agar
sach ke saath thoda jhooth bhi bol dia
kya hua agar
besabar hoke thoda gussa bhi kar dia
aaj toh sunday hai na
sachi jhoothi baatein dono saath parosenge
farak pehechanne ki poori chhot tumhe denge

kya hua agar
aaj khud ko thoda zyada sanwaar lia
kya hua agar
baalo ko do baar dho lia
aaj toh sunday hai na
itminaan se sajke tumhse duur rahenge
bas tumhari aankho mein khatkenge

kya hua agar
tumhare dost ko darwaze se hi bhaga dia
kya hua agar
agli baar khatkhatane par darwaza hi nahi khola
aaj toh sunday hai na
darwaze ko andar se taala lagake
tumhe apne aabroo mein band karenge

kya hua agar
bahut paas tumhare baith liye
kya hua agar
ghoor ghoor ke mann bharte chale gaye
aaj toh sunday hai na
nazro se khoob khel khelenge
ankahi adhoori baatein sabki guftagoo karenge

kya hua agar
mann ke chilmann ne bhagwaan tumhe maan lia
kya hua agar
tumhari chaukhat ko maathe se laga lia
aaj toh sunday hai na
ek din toh mitti ki murat ko bhulane do
mandir ke bhagwan ko chutti dekar aai hu

kya hua agar
nakhre aaj thode zyada kar liya
kya hua agar
tumhara haath thaamke raat ko paidal thoda zyada chal liye
aaj toh sunday tha na
agle sunday tak tumhe bechain karke jayenge
kuch samaan nahi
bas yaadein idhar udhar rakhke jayenge
bataurte rehna
ab agle sunday ka intzaar karte rehna

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Engraved, not buried #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 10


Suddenly reminded of you a lot
And suddenly, I catch myself thinking
It's buried too deep now. 

Suddenly I can't stop feeling it
But I'm not feeling it as much
It's buried too deep now. 

And suddenly I catch my face contorting
My eyes leaking
My veins visible
Suddenly I'm not such a grown up anymore

Suddenly I'm back in college

The above is originally written by Anup Bishnoi on his blog Grass on Fire named "Engraved, not buried". I picked it up for inspiration. Here is my reply, or better called - an extension to his words.


The walls are calling me more
The windows long shut, are open again
It's uncovering like lost treasure.

Bleak voices of fun
or the tiny rays of sun
It's all uncovering like lost treasure. 

I can feel those days again
But they are passing me by
I know; not here to stay
I still hold them in tight fists of mine

Leaving here a piece of me
which will wander even when I am gone
Until I say someday; yet again 
Suddenly I'm back in college

This prompt of "A reply poetry" submitted by a very close friend Nimue created a void and filled it itself with brighter colors in form of words. Trying to reply to a poem which is an inspiration, is more or less frightening with the first thought of "justifying" it with proper words, which, yes seems next to impossible. 
But once done, it leaves with a realization of how much Anup Bishnoi inspires me (which is deeper than I thought before writing this). 
I am yet frightened if I have done justice to his words and his feeling of attachment to his college days. Again it gave me some more bliss, cos I do not have fond memories from college but thanks to him I lived a little from his side. And yes, this is a tiny (insignificant actually) piece of dedication to him.
So thank you Anup Bishnoi for the impact you have left on me. More of less, for the amazing person you are. Keep doing it, please.
And it doesn't stop without thanking Nimue, for its because of her I went through a lot of feelings while writing this. I discovered a new part of me.

P.S- Apologies, I know it does not match your level of writing, at all. 

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beauty #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 9

The eyes would tell a different story
of her shyness and of her glory
The smile would get a little curve there
where sun would set and disappear
The heart so red and sometimes black
would make you happy or make you sad
Hand gestures that move back and forth
not giving you idea of what she meant
Silly is her mind and her thoughts
she barely says, she barely shares
Her hair is like windy strong
make you go round and round
Her nature is like flowing water
you'll flow with it and reach no end
Thats the beauty of a woman
describing her is so unfair

I should have written this before the lyrical poem starts but anyways- I had so much fun writing it! and singing it in some kindergarten-poem form.
Thanks to OctPoWriMo! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Love is.. You #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 8

The gleaming glow on your face

Hands trembling or shivering
You remind me of the summer morning
when we first met
Love is.. You
Like the Yellow Sun

Drops penetrating your skin
deep down soothing your being
I look at you
and the rain
Love is.. You
Drops of comfort hit my face

The leaves fall and grow again
A few parts go, a few stay
You teach me often
of letting go
Love is.. You
teaching me more and more

The winter mornings
arrive late and leave early
your warmth is all I believe in
Hidden with you in the blanket
Love is.. You
Melting often; the chilling snow

This poem is not for a lover rather for the feeling of 'Love'. Not being of 'loved' either, but only 'Love'. For me, 'Love' is 'Love' and when things fall apart, I only say- I Love 'Love'. It doesn't really make things right but it keeps my faith firm on 'Love'.

I talk #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 7

Me being strong
me being patient
me being happy
me being perfect
often the positives
make my life so bright
when I know that things
will be on my side
Fate then pushes me
to go forth and forth
filled with success
walking on the path, I see
I am a northern star
Showing everyone the path
People can rely on me
for I will never misguide

Me being weak
me being dull
me being impatient
me being crooked
then comes these thoughts
when positives dont flow
for mind can never be empty
often negativity comes in too
then I stay
like some water at one place
I see none
The star is lost in black sky
who will guide me then?
who will show me the way? 
these are my two halves
which fight sometimes
all along the way

But I put the thoughts aside
for people are still looking 
at the stronger part
for people are still looking 
at the norther star

Monday, October 7, 2013

With You #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 6

The sudden moment which will come
when I shall see you before me
behold you, embrace you
My feet goes cold

The anxiety that comes with you
each time just doubles
I see stars in daytime
My heart makes a sound

The moment of impatience
to touch you or to feel
I halt, yes indeed
There's a crater in my soul
fear resides in it

The stomach churns when you talk
Lips shut tight
Are these butterflies? I dont know
But I know, I am a little nervous when you are around
If I might hurt you
That shall be a sin, in my words

Saturday, October 5, 2013

I am a lover #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 5

I am a lover
who dreams day and night
to sit by your side

I am a lover
who wishes to count the stars
stuck on the blue black sky
and on some star-less nights
I shall look in your eyes instead

I am a lover
who prays of a morning maybe
when you are the first thing I see

I am a lover
who grows from inside 
but sometimes is all childlike

I am a lover
who count days when you are gone
The desperation kills me 
But the calender makes me wait
until I see you next
for patience is the key to your fortress

I am a lover
who sees and observes
the falling leaves or the rains
the windy days or cold nights
In them, I see your reminisces 

I am a lover
who talks of you all the time
not with others but with myself
For I dont mind
You left a part of you, in me, to reside

But more than a lover
I can be a friend
A companion when you need
Or a listener in longing

But more than a lover
I wish to be a person
who doesnt demand your love in return
But the one who
beholds your faith and trust

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Gentle Love. A Gentle Self. #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 4

Down the hallwaythere's a woman crying
cursing and praying
at the same time
I wonder what occurred to her
as I take each step towards her
one by one
Only with one motive
I will be gentle
with her pain 
with her sayings
I will understand all her sufferings.

Yes there is a boy
living next door
with a crooked smile
and a broken soul
He whispers often some words
but whimpers more and more
I shall knock his door
Ask him his pain
that dwells in him
I will be gentle
with his shouts
with his cryings
I will understand even if he yells. 

The girl who lost someone close
last year
still has red eyes
and her soul has gone black
She stays mum while walking down the road
dropped her dreams of floating aloof
I shall walk with her someday
talk of whom she lost
and why she blames herself
I will be gentle
with her curses
with her wounds
I will understand even if she doesn't say a word.

For I have found myself
in others' happiness
trying to be gentle with their dreams
has become my gift
And so discovered a piece of me
which lives for others
yes, indeed
Being gentle with them
has made me be gentle with me.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

That poem. This day. #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 3

I was lost
in some corners of world
where dark secrets lay
and everything is forbidden

I was lost
trying to find a path
what belonged to others? 
and what was mine? 

I was lost
which direction to go
back or move forth
undecided I moved

But look what I found! 
words to express
words to cherish
words to befriend

And so I let my fear go
driving into the blended poems
Travelling what lies beyond eyes
Into the mist of dreams abound

That was my first poem I remember
written with heart
-The Path

A special dedication to Saumya di for its because of her I started writing. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hidden in your eyes #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 2

I imagine your eyes
Often in black & white
sometimes with a hint of sepia
or beautiful touch of brown

For its foolish of me
to draw them in my mind
I wonder what all they hide
I see beauty blended with colors
Painful past or mystical future

I have dreams with you
For you
But I hide
Blur them at the corner of my eyes
Sometime I shall bring them in
Present them at your feet

Till then let me imagine your eyes
This time in more colors
I wonder what all you hide in them
Just like I do in mine

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Leaves #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 1

Just another day. Just another October? No! wait! This is OctPoWriMo! Its an incredible disease which makes you write poems daily! Oh no! Am sick with high OctPoWriMo fever! Whats the cure? someone tell me! 

             I found the cure: 

Leaves go from pale to green 
A few new

A few old
all hanging from one tree
singing in one tone
some weak some strong
It grows while it fades
simultaneously, it awaits
for another season
another transition
Its rise and fall
go hand in hand
It sings together the song of
life and death.

So its kind of a fun disease who a few amazing people wants to spread. All you have to do is make a poem out of anything and post it in comments or on your blog. FOR THE NEXT 31 DAYS! Its gonna be fun! Get all geared up! :)
check this out!