Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, March 8, 2013

You Form An Inseparable Part Of My Life

                                                       -An Irreplaceable Love of Father & his daughter

I see his wrinkles appearing as my cheek bones do
I see his skin getting dull as mine starts getting new
His shoulder gets weak as he carries his bag to work
His feet gets swollen sometimes red
His eyesight is diminishing with every passing seasons of nature
He is my father & I am his daughter

I remember the days he carried me on his shoulder
The long walks in middle of huge forests
Him running besides my bicycle rides
When I look back, I see his face admiring mine
What fury of nature is this
Which I fail to understand?

We see the seasons transiting over time
Old leaves fall and new arrive
The nature but; fails to destroy our bonds
Love; astounding love that exists in our souls
One day will arrive
When he may not be around
When he might be a part of nature only
But sadly, not of me
What will I do then; I ask myself
For I keep shut for a while
And put the thoughts aside

His wrinkled hands may not be on my head
His awaited morning hugs may not be any more cherished
Indeed, life will go on forever
With his teaching that I will always remember
"Believe in yourself", as he'd always say
"Don't look back and to yourself; never betray"

He holds my hand through time of worry
I behold my head up high and fly
The black sky turns beautiful blue at once
As I keep my head on his shoulders
For time may come and time may go
He is my father & I am proudly his daughter


  1. Well deseved victory
    & a well written piece of heart :)

    Proud of u my lovely child :)

    1. @Hardik
      yiippieee! I won! I am happy for sure! and I was sobbing while writing :P
      thank you sooo much! :D

  2. I'm just...speechless :') I was almost sobbing while reading.

    1. @Disha
      Am sure it touched your heart then! :')
      Thanks for making a comment :)

  3. Lovely this is Aavika! I would have missed something had I not read it. Keep up the good work!

  4. @Saumya di
    yeahi! thanks! and this all strike my head sitting in your college! :D

  5. Its a lovely capture! It exudes so much love and longing. He is lucky to have a daughter who values him and the bond so much.

    I think such a daughter every man would dream to have :)

    Impressive post indeed!

    1. @Nave
      third comment today, yes am counting.
      Yeah, this poem is different than what I usually write- yet no different than 'love' domain which am always sinking in.

      Your comment made me cherish the bond that my father & I have and also that only reading this poem you said- 'a daughter every man would dream to have'. Its a superb form of appreciation, really. Thank you sooo much for this! :)