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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I performed the sacrament that evening. Making a red Swastika at two corners of it. While remembering Him, we ignited it. We just performed the holy rituals of being Indian. On the contrary, here it stands for the Sunflame Mirror Relfecto Gas with three gas stoves which replaced our previous one which stood at the same spot for 22 years or so. "May it serve with us with food and never withhold us with hunger", would say my dad, for he is a believer of God in true terms. Isn't it wonderful to be born in this land of God?Its not just about the Stove of course! We all do it even on buying an AC, or a LCD, a car, a bike, a scooty, computer (the Swastika is still here at one of the edge of my computer), laptop and what not. All the things that make our lives simpler are worshiped here. No matter which God we all worship, but we ensure we do, in happiness, in struggle, in vein, in regret. How often we remember Him, is not a matter, rather how often we thank him is the matter.
"India is the only country which has over 300 crore Gods for which we are in Guinness Book of World Records", would say my dad with proud, transferring his proud in me. "Yes, we worship everything for plants to rivers to trees to stones to soil to animals to everything", he continued. I would keep it as 'superstition' in my mind long back. But, not now. I have grown seeing His presence in many things & people. For those who haven't witnessed Him, I wish they would do it soon, so that they know the real meaning of life.
I remember lighting up a diya in front of our scooty and car each year at Diwali. Never had I asked why we do it. Earlier I did it just cos dad had asked me to. Now, I know why I do it. At festivals however, even those who do not worship daily are filled with His vicinity completely in & out.
This happens only here. Here in the land of God. His ubiety in almost all the living as well as non-living things. We all worship the birth of Him, the return of Him, the marriage of Him, the victory of Him. Who knows when and where did this all betide. It was manifested long back. We all grow up and forget and move over the things from childhood to adulthood. But, dare we forget one thing- His emanation.
So, I ensure, I "Thank God for everything in life" daily. Whether at College (for we belong to & study at God's own residence) or at evening at home-temple (as I would say). For everything that was, is, and will be, is a gift and celebration of Him.
Yes, we belong to the land of vivacity, to the country of unity between thousands and crores of worshipers. And so, His fraction of soul resides among us all.
A woman prays on Chhat pujan



  1. @Aditya
    :) Couldn't have asked for more. Thanks! :D

  2. How true and important your expressions are Aavika! It's of primary importnce to THANK for whatveer we have.Just to add,God of course but also be thankful to our PARENTS without who we wouldn't have acquired our identity,who we r today,who brought us up with the bestest possible comfort and love :) Our family<3

  3. And as a matter of fact,the myriad hues our country's deities have is mindboggling! i mean WOW.'Bhagwan ek magar roop anek' I personally have a reverance for the Sun God.Not a day passes by when i forget thanking him for all the life he has given to our planet.No discrimination :))
    When it comes to Pujas also,i dont miss a chance to participate in whatever NEWEST coming across me.New temples,religions,beliefs and rituals-ALL set me profoundly awestruck!!!! It is soooo beautiful to experiance the presence of HIM ,to see HIS people offer prayers in their very own way:)) Every step raises infinite questions,the fun lies in somehow trting to unveiling the mysteries-be it asking Naniji about them ;D or waiting to find the answers ,yourslef,

  4. @Swati
    Yesss!!! So so true! Nothing above the parents, for sure. We must respect parents even before respecting God, cod after all , they are an image of God itself! I loooveeee themmmmmm!!!! (No words can define them)
    and the other comment,oooo!! I love the pujas and the visits to temples and mosques and church (not allowed in mosques you know). Even though, every person has different ways of remembering Him, but yes, at the end its about remembrances, not about 'how?'
    Maximum answers, of hows and whys and whats, we get by worshiping Him truly by heart and soul!
    Thanks for the wordss!! <3

  5. You know whenever somebody writes/talks/argues about God, it tickles me. i get all excited and uptight about the content. Though i dont personally visit temples, still a part of me believes in the monotheistic nature of God. recently, when my dad inaugurated his new office, we had the havan ceremony etc. and i got into thinking that when i will start something, i would pray for a while to Him with my family and do something relatively better with the remaining money. retorting, my mother told me that its just 250 rs. but when you see the official statistics, 250 bucks assumes different proportions. often even i get occupied with such thoughts in my mind about the motive of our existence and all this crap and in addition to it, why am I blessed with such an extraordinary family and its moorings when over 85% of the india is not. here you might think that what im stating is not within the range of your write-up. still i believe that if God doesn't runs the world, and if he isnt the regulator then there must be someone who is facilitating life. what you write, aavika, i actually connect with it. in some cases i felt like that you wrote things which i can only think about vaguely. but also i would like to mention that when i think about why am i the recipient of this benediction, earlier i used to get sad over the plight of others but now i thank God and my family without them it would have been impossible for me even to comment on this. :)

    1. @Himanshu
      Now, see you caught my point. This post isnt just about His existence or ethical values our parents forward to us. But more about how we are brought up with. Ofcourse! You wont get to see all this outside our country. Belief, disbelief or whatever one calls these, its a part of us. Its a part of our country. Even if one doesn't believe in Him, we all know there is a major power helping us all somewhere. We know, that that power won't ever let things go wrong. Its just about the time and realization, but someday & somewhere we must understand this. :) And yes, thanks a lot for the words you provided me with.
      Moreover, one must always be happy in everything s/he has. After all, everything happens for good. God has surely blessed our souls with great families. Many people do not even have them.

  6. Yes, totally. But I would also like to mention that when we thank God that we are blessed with such things in our life, We should utilize it to our advantage, in a way that we should not squander this opportunity to make something of ourselves. Implying, we have been given a golden opportunity to be successful without the need of much drudgery.

  7. @Himanshu
    But that comes to quite a few people. People should be happy that at least they have something rather than nothing. And surely, one must make use of whatever he has. The use comes with first of all, being filled with gratitude of everything one possess. And when we have the happiness, we have everything! :)
    (I hope am catching your point and vice-verse)