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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The "Sound"

I just started as a sort of awakening five-six years back when the tunes touched by soul. So deep, that it enlightened me just by means of strings, no words required. Pathetically, I used to listen his reyas in morning at 6 am. Not to be hypothetical now, he is a 45-50 years old man. And the stairs moved as like in Hogwards, from the floor of westernized music to Indian rooted one.
For now, its hard for me to see, the tabla being exchanged by a drum, the sitar & tanpura by guitars of different styles, harmonium by piano and flute by saxophone. An infamous saying- "One must learn to transform with the world". However the auxiliary standpoint is -"One the contrary, one must even learn to hold the roots".
Duly, I would dig up into 90's songs. {Correction: The 'awesome' 90's songs). It just made me more barmy. Admitted into my board of interest, was Kailash Kher. Being an admirer of his "Teri Deewani" which's video was launched in 2004. The music which turned the wave of music into a very requisite & jeopardized manner. This song is like a drug to me which I cannot do without. And yes, I sleep only once my mind and soul swims into this song, satisfactorily.
More than that, what would thrill me was an instrumental music, filled with chords, even more than any song. The best thesis which I found were on a violin, which a girl in my society agreed to play it for me, daily. Exclusively, Ode to Joy- Beethovan & My blue Shoe- Bishop
And the chords on piano, always awestruck me! I somehow learned to play the stanza of My Immortal- Evanescence & Where'd you go- Fort minor, which am sure even a 5th standard child can play.
Then comes another - A flute. My brother knows to play it, so I would haul him occasionally and get something out of that wooden piece. However, the flute at the background of Teri Deewani catches my ear more often than the lyrics.  My best were many pieces from Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasiya and the omnipresent- Ustaad Bismillah Khan ji. How eagerly I used to ask my father to bring him play at my future wedding.

The blend is here though, The Deewarists- "Musicians led by passion embark on a journey to discover places, inspire change, explore sound, collaborate .. in a search of a song.. Because some things are just worth doing"- The say.
Star World
Must watch! 


  1. Yet intrusting piece of writing Aavika! How i agree on the 'holding to ur roots' thought you ve put.The tabla,sitar ,tanpura,harmonium and many many such instruments can never replace the current electronic substitutes! Never can!!!

  2. @Swati
    Even if the go out of the idiot boxes, they will never run out of our hearts & souls, I bet :)
    Thanks for the comment, Love!

  3. aa...u finally talked about our 1st love-MUSIC ...wonderful observation i must say...i so much miss those ysteryrs. wen music was made for souls to mesmerize & croon over n over again & not crap like today's
    to name a few-lucky ali,jagjit singh,bon jovi,ronan keating & many more,all ther old numbers were worth dying for
    & yup Dewarist,i hv seen al 3 episodes & i cudn't help bt to admire the authentic portrayal of love for music which still exists in the heart of few artists...i liked especially the 2nd ws so mesmerizing & at tyms funny,jus loved it...& i hope u wud hv heard to the song 'kaho kya khayal hai' composed & performed by d end of d 2nd episode....its like an elixir for me nw...goes beyond borders of not only 2 nations but also beyond the borders of Love tht we smtyms inadvertently mk in our hearts :)

    once again...keep it up :)

  4. @Hardik
    Frankly speaking, I long for long comments, which you brought me face-to-face too. Yes, many songs are like eye rolling, 'they' think the generations are transforming, thereby they even change their own style. Unknowingly, we all crave for the natural & authentic styles.. which are now jeopardized. Anyway, the souls that have left this mortal world, are still immortal in our hearts, minds & souls. Their melody still is afloat in us.
    And yes, the Deewarists.. something worth watching! The best things is - they remain what they are.. They don't fake.. even a few being young, they seem quite adult in the knowledge of music.. I loved Maaya.. for sure.. :)
    Even I miss those yesteryears.. when I went to light vocal classes. :) Indeed.. Some ruins are left in me.. :)