Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, December 25, 2011

And I... will always Love You

They could hear the footsteps arriving closer.
"Everything's with you?", he asked her.
"Yeah!", she said haphazardly. More in agility, checking her pockets that her phone and wallet resides in place.
"And me?", he asked.
She looked at him. Those eyes of recklessness. Those eyes of fondness of her. Those eyes brimmed with emotions for her. Those eyes of prolong, abide dreams of clenching her in everlasting bonds of intimacy. Those eyes of what they call- LOVE.
She looked up, hands still in pockets, hair just falling hastily on her eyes and ran into him.
Every time she would hug him, she knew her heart was never filled.
The footsteps were close. He had to let go. But she couldn't. Yet, the Love had to be sustainable, to be left for future.  They glanced at each other, with eyes desperate to fall into each other.. again .. and again.
"I Love you", she said brashly.
"I Love you more than you do", he said softly.
She turned & smiled innocently, "that's true".
She ran from fear. Fear of having caught by eyes other than his'. Fear of the world to know what they mean to each other. Fear of not being accepted by the world.
She knew he was watching her. Indeed with no time to take a flash of his beautiful eyes, she absconded, for she knew the time will give her more.
For him, it was more piercing. For he, waits for the right time to arrive and secure her keeping the world at stake. The time when they would fear eyes of none. The time when they would fear the footsteps of none. The time... shall come, he promises.
And yet, she only breathes on that promise.

If I should stay, 
I would only be in your way. 
So I'll go, but I know 
I'll think of you ev'ry step of the way. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 
You, my darling you. Hmm. 

Bittersweet memories 
that is all I'm taking with me. 
So, goodbye. Please, don't cry. 
We both know I'm not what you, you need. 

And I will always love you. 
I will always love you. 


  1. nice :)
    reminds me paulo coelho's 'by river piedra,i sat down & wept'...its b'tful,you must read it,its so much familiar to wat u hv written

  2. nice..:)
    special praise for the poem part.

  3. Beautifully written :) Compels me to let you know I loved it!

  4. @Hardik
    I am not a Coelho's fan anymore.. :( anyhow, if you say so, being compared to such a being, is itself one of the best review ever! Thanks a lot for that! :)

  5. @monaaly
    awww baby, hope it wasn't a negative one.. am glad you finally started reading my blogs again.... I know you are busy climbing the mountains of success nowerdays.. but still, do call whenever you are free! my eras are thirsty to hear you :(

  6. @Saumya
    Am just soooo honored you commented! Soo deeeply honored, that no words can describe it..
    Thanks for the words.. even if you would have left me with a 'dot', I would have been touched equally. Thanks di, and yes, you 'still' mean a lotttt to me :)
    (You know that)

  7. @Swati
    am astonished for :
    1st.. you left just a word as a comment, and not a story this time.
    2nd.. you liked a love post! Omg!
    I lovee you Swati!
    Thanks for another comment :)

  8. @Jagpreet Singh Arora
    Am just honored that you gave me another comment, after the previous one. Thanks for being an avid reader..
    Besides, the poem isn't mine.. either, its not even a poem...
    Its a song by Whitney Housten "I will always love you" :) Do give it an ear!

  9. OyeHello! I liked how u expressed itactually :))) another gush of emotions....Aavika madamji going alll lovveyyyy doveyy!! Bhagwan :P But beautifully put :*

  10. haha sure...all coz of ur well written and well expressed things (mentioned by swati as well)
    hope to read more in the new year.
    happy new year :-)

  11. @Swati
    Here you go, :D Awesome you are!
    And thank you!! :)

  12. @Jagpreet
    Oh! so you are the 'secret friend' Swati exhales! And yes, Happy newww yeaaarr to you too!!
    Filled with Gratitude I am for the comment.. yet again! :)

  13. Abey Aavika aunty:@ JAggy is NOT my secret friend :P khekhekhu! It's PRANJAL kaaaakkkku :***
    Jaggy :D:D:D How are?;)) :P Aavika expresses beautifully :)) Though she's yet to express her love for me :P and Im NOT awesome Aavka re!!!!

  14. haha "swati's secret friend" :O :P
    @ swati- u never told me that :P

  15. OYE JAAGGY !!! Why SHOULD I TELL YOU my secret friend ;))and PRANJAL is Aavika pyaaari behenaaa :"))) Very swweeet! unlike Aavika :P :))
    and Aavika madam..Jaggy is my friedn ever since u were not even born :P Oops..born in college i mean :P You know ;) SVC Baby :P

  16. @Swati
    Oh!!! Am I yet to express my love for you? well, Love cannot be expressed in words..:P And am more swwwweeetttteer than my behena! :)

  17. khekhekhe! I know how much :P "Stop it Swati...ur spoiling the entire scene" :P
    ROFL !ahahaahahahahah

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