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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Its better late then never...

Finally, feels like its been ages since I've gotten down to blogging. The exams ate my mind & time up. Having so many fishes to fry, I couldn't think of anything. Though, the cake didn't bake very nicely with many complicated issues to be followed. After giving the final exam, trust me, I didn't feel like they are over. Neither was I filled with over the brim excitement and relief. Relief is just a term that arrives if your exams went good. Mine, just the beginning two were good. Rest. Just flowed like a landslide. Not just I had to give my one compartment exam (which again didn't go so good), I had to give another one of the crankiest exam the very next day (which gave me a severe depression) which lead to more of the blahs. Then, I lost my wallet somewhere, which not only had enough money which I was saving, but also my college ID card and driving license. Anyhow, this blog isn't about again feeling the ennui.
So, yesterday I told my parents what my influenza was. They gave all their ears to my issues. Ears which I got from none. It felt good, relieved to let them know. Yes, my issues were something which many people have. Obviously, I understand 90% of what is being fed in the class. But, somewhere when it comes to exams, I do not perform that well. These were the points I figured out:
* Gazing at the question paper, I realize I have read all this & that. So it should go good. But, while crossing half the bridge, I can't carry the rest. Its because I study only during exams, which mixes the things. Then, I don't know which way to go. Rather, its important to do some daily studying. 'Some' is also 'enough'. After all, each drop of water makes the ocean.

*The positive aura is also important. Which only comes with love and peacefulness. If one has these, the concentration becomes stronger.

*Another thing which made my wine fell over the glass was my sleep. I crucified it badly. Waking up till 3, 4, 5 in the morning only gave me less time. 'Less time' for my brain to take rest and store the data. Thanks Aditya for that future tip. Also, if one wants to do that, he shall do it daily. 'Daily' studying till this hour of the morning so that the brain becomes addict for this level- Dad said. Which, does not happens to be my bite of apple.

*Even friends matter for support. The college which I belong to, happens to be one where people will look at you with lowered eyes if you do not score 65-70%. Thats what I said to mum, that people don't talk to me nicely when it comes to studies. She just said this "You are what you think you are. If people think you are not good in some field and even you think the same, then you are not. But if you think you are good, then let people blabber".

Isn't this amazing how parents advice you so nicely. Even if you are a failure or a topper or some average person, you are a star for them. My parents are my last shot of grasping hope, and they never have, never will fail me for that. Just that you need to share things with them. If they do not ask you about your studies, its because you never tell them anything. But if you want to some day open that door for them, you'll see them standing there waiting for you to let them in. Not just one of the parents, you'll find them both. It gives a break actually. But just tell them before they start expecting, thats the trick. Its like, you come home giving the worse exam and they smilingly ask you how was it. And you are blank. So, just tell the, before they ask you. Not just about exams, about everything.
Friends, spouse, people, only happen to give you one or two or three chances, but they give you million. Thats because they trust you, since birth.
"Its okay! Its just a third semester, you still have three more. You are just half way. Now you know where you need to work, you will do better." Mum said.
Last but not the least, Thanks Nitti. You were a huge pillar of support during exams. Not just one or two exams, but every.
So, I happened to share with parents, and they let me breathe again. They let my doomed ship fly again. Am letting go off what happened this semester, with many new tips occurring in my head, I'll pay off confidently in the next one.
Finally, a nice cherry is on the roasted cake. "A good ending, makes everything good".
Solace. Succor. Sustenance.


  1. @Aditya
    Thanks... especially for that 'sleeping tip'. :)

  2. simply fabulous to say the least...the angst of every teenager these days,only if we involve our parents on every single step we take in our life,then we are sure to never be goin wrong. Must say u are quite lucky to hv such understanding parents... :)

    & the new outlook & font is super sweet B)

  3. @Hardik
    Yeah! Indeed your point is right, cos at the end its parents who will always stand beside you without asking. And yes, all people are lucky cos all parents are awesome! Its about the right tuning and trust.
    I am soo glad you liked the new-ness of the blog :) Must say, I missed my blog during the exams!!! Thanks for the comment!! :DDD

  4. just stumbled upon here.
    nicely written :-)

  5. Truelly an EPITOME of strength and inspiration.

  6. @Jagpreet
    Its your first comment here, I welcome you with open heart!
    Thanks a tonne.. :)
    Hoping to get more from you !

  7. @Anjali
    Its about the strength we grasp from friends and family than the strength that exists inside!
    Thanks for the comment:))

  8. Firstly i love the kid on the screen:D Her saaree reminds me how my mamu used to get bacho ka saare for me and my sister from Kol O:) And this font of yours.Not making the words clear.Temme what is this last word in this sentence 'Anyhow, this blog isn't about again feeling the ennui."
    ennui :O oh! Is what waise?
    and BLEH exams dont judge ur knowledge NEVER EVER.And Aditya's wise enough to advice u with that O:) Sound sleep dear! (Aditya's chhota bhaiya no?:P)I mean it's OK if u havent completed your course.Dont shove in stuff.It cant take it :@ AND AND "understanding 90% of thin in class" SameSame! Only problem we dont come back home and give one reading to it.Which DOES help ahead! Umm...we should from now..better late than never :P And yes you have half more set of sems :) Lucky girl! See us ! only ONE more to improve :@ Geez! Anyhow!
    Parents now :) Your ONLY bestest friends.You realise it only when things work out with them during the right time.Right moment.Besides they always wish wish and suggest u correct.Yah i mean it DOES happen at times when u feel they arent really correct.But eventually when ur silly brain develops you understand :P hmmhmm..experiance never fails..grandparents too :) Are a blessing !
    Then...Positive aura during papers honey is soo soo essential.I relaised it this time itslelf.I had a friend over during these pprs who knew zilch about the subjects.She mostly relied on whatever i could teach her coz earlier she was busy with actuary papers and stuff.So then in her brother's words 'I was some economics prfessor':P hehehu! So yes we studied as much as we could -as in late nights :O Looking at each other.Yes during odd hours(like 3 in the morning) made us go BESERk and it was when we started giggling at each other with no rhyme or reason :@ Ok lemme NOt get into the details as i wont end then :P So yah this time i dunno what happended i was so calm and composed :O even when i was left with so many chapters at 11pm when my exam was next day i dint do the rush rush business asi did ealrier.When things dint enter into my brian i just stopped.Listened to music,started coloring or random walking around the house :P Thta's where my friend said 'Tujhe dekhke bada relaxing lagta hai'
    WHICH perlexed me and was actually humour to me :P She practically would come and sit beside me and smiling :P when i spoke nonchalantly :P hehehehu:P So yah maybe it's ever since i engraved 'It's NOT the end of the world' mantra in my mind! This is waht one of our school teachers said.ANd maybe im realsieing n absorbing it's meaning MORe now. :)
    Life goes on.Just to see,look back once whenu were super hyper or worried baout something.See it now.You might just laugh.Things could have worked out easily then also.It's pretty tough though at times when we r in a situation where patience is the key.But we must must try and relax at the moment and work :) In any thing for that matter :) Ok now i shall stop delibrately :P You keep writing..and i got the feeling how one read's someone's diary entry :)) I sense that in this post :) and last but not the least - ILUNESS :** :P