Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Monday, April 23, 2012

Part - II The soul of desperation

A sheer week passed of my eyes staring at the window of despondence. An unknown land awaits for me. A desolate sky calls me. The hidden animals crouch under my imaginative mind. Imaginative yet shallow. Strengthened yet feeble. Every clock I enter the room, the window adheres me. It wants me to open it. Or do I want to open it? I quietly bottom my eyes. What if there are soul sucking monsters? or talent altering winds? What if instead of hoping for more, I lose what I have already? I cannot just gamble. But the window called me. I looked at it. Plain simple window, as long as I do not know what world it shows me. Either a world of happiness, or that of sorrow.
I took one step towards it. What if it shows me new opportunities?
I took another step. What if it has new hopes and glimpses of a prosperous future?
I took another step. But what if it tears my every part?
I hauled there. Maybe I should just continue my life as it is. "Just go with the flow", they say. If I open the window, I wont be able to get back to my present life. It will alter mine. My only life that I persuade. Everyone just follow the normal life, of what our parents did, of what are siblings are doing. Just the normal one. If I open the window, I might get disbanded from my people? I shrugged away and took 2 steps back.
Its not in my pocket to take such a risk.
"But what if grass is greener on the other side"?
What if I take the risk and make my parents proud? Prouder?
The window had done magic to me.
I started taking hasty steps towards it. "I want to see, what lies there, I want to risk my only life". With the gleam in my eyes, I touched the window's panes. The moment it was about to open, I heard a voice.
"Stop! Dont open it", my mother screamed at my back. I quietly came back and sat on my bed. She ensured the window is closed.
"The world there, will eat you alive", she said in the most horrifying manner. "We are not supposed to open it. Not supposed to take risks. Let the lives go as they are". She left.
Maybe she is right. "Let the life go as it is", I murmured  to myself, as I looked at the window.

Stay glued till the last part comes soon. :)


  1. @Bhumika
    yeahhii!! thanks for this comment! :)))))

  2. you are turning out to be a fire waitin to spread all over the world my dear JK Rowlings ;)
    such an insightful description of human anxieties & fears that too described with a topic so ordinary which you catapulted to become extra-ordinary with the style of your quaint writing & your imagination galore....Proud of you :)
    waitin for part 3 now

  3. @Hardik
    I cannot put the words into strings to describe how I feel reading this comment of yours!
    Its a simple topic I picked, but thats how people will understand the real picture behind the mirage of world. :) thanks a lot.