Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Its Been A Long Time

Its been a long time
Since clock has struck some happy hours
Since I have made you smile
Or I have made you feel mine
But I still Love you
Like the wind loves the chimes

Its been a long time
Since you made that gesture to come closer
And I accepted it like a treasure
Feels like the world is parting into halves
But I still Love you
Like the sky loves the shooting stars

Its been a long time
You left me with many scars
Yet I treasure those
Because scars are the only things I have from you
I still Love you
Helpless, devoid, destroyed, yet with no irks

Life is a musical series. We have so many singers, composer and sometimes some instruments playing at the back of our minds.
I heard one song few days back and got lost in my dreams. The music provides us with an escaping portal whenever required. The song only had piano playing with no words. None words were required I thought. I imagined myself walking on a candy-flossed cloud with barefoot and eyes closed. My soul gets dispersed in all directions possible. As the note pitched a little higher, I fell down form the cloud towards the ground as slowly as possible. As if pearls falling from heavens. The dispersed soul comes back into its original form all of a sudden, hitting my very being from inside. The song ended throwing me back into reality of a struggled life. For a second I had reached the stage where I used to play the keyboard, long back. I miss the keyboard. I miss the happiness of life which came with it. I miss the black & white keys which made my world yellow. Now I feel deprived. I guess I gave up too early. When people constantly force you for something, there comes a time when you want to let them take over you and end the fight. The escaping portal has long gone now.
Here's a song which I bet anyone would love to get lost into. Let it reach the depth of your very being.


  1. nice :)
    bcz some moments can't be put up in words they just meant to be felt

    listen to this one as wel,u might like it-

    1. hey hardik!
      yes.. sometimes we dont need words to express. and is this song the thousand years? i soo love this song! :) i love all twilight songs (not the movie though) :P

  2. yup this is a thousand yrs.,beautifully sung & of course beautiful instrument piano cover this 1 :)