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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bliss that I find here

That blessing in life called Parivartan
Almost three years at college, coming to an end and it has already started pinching somewhere. Never have I really liked my chemistry department though, where I study. Its something beyond my department and friends that I will miss. 
The amazing work we kept doing
Almost three years at Parivartan, coming to an end and surely it is pinching me. Parivartan- Social Service Society of my college, I have been associated with since my first year, an amateur who surely wanted to learn a lot from senior ones. My boring classes, long labs, furious teachers, have always come at second priority after smiles I wanted to bring at so many faces. The first year I only came to college for society work, ngo visits and receive as much experience as I could and sincerely respected orders given to me by seniors when I started off under teach the kids. Second year was even better- with three amazing people I have met in my college life whom I can never think of living without- Riddhi, Disha and Swati. The knowledge and experience just got better with them and we clearly had spread out our web at larger diameter, working for street children, people with disabilities and many more. Third year was a loss in beginning as my heart missed them a lot. With that came a responsibility of being the head of the society where I, now, have to give orders and see who all are working efficiently. Feels empty sometimes as no one sees if I am working efficiently or not.
Letting you go was the hardest thing I did since  years.
But you made me realize you are around all the time. 
College for me, only means working with Parivartan- running for permissions, scolding kids, slum teaching, associating with double the ngos we worked with last year and spreading as much awareness as we can. I will be missing my college, my society which has given me lot. Three amazing years at Parivartan are coming to an end. Not to forget the amazing and hardworking people I have met all throughout these years. Most of them have graduated, some will graduate with me, some who will do so in coming years. It feels like I have grown a lot- as a human, as a person. Surely I have learned to respect my co-workers. The journey of bringing change in college life as a student is coming to an end. But, as a person, it is not. I still have long way to go and continue my relations, visits to many organizations especially working for people suffering from disabilities. I thank Parivartan with open heart for teaching me all walks of life. Talking of experience, many more are yet to come. And of bonds, surreal ones just grow with time. 
The awesome trio!
That blessing in your life which we all call- Parivartan


  1. @Hardik
    Parivartan people can only understand this. :D and we both are very proud to be a part of it! :)

  2. Aavika :") Opened your blog just just just in right time I guess.So finally the feeling is setting in? Well,well,you have a few more months to go.So,live ON.As much as you CAN.Cause it's an end just for a new beginning.Blessed are those who've experianced PARIVARTAN.'Our' Parivartan :)

    Now since I'm getting my 'bhaashan baaji' vibes yet again rightnow.Just one advice,just remain firm (not stubborn) to your roots.Wherever you go.This is one thing people will try to snatch away but it is YOUR duty not to sway away with crowd and remain grounded.Testing times have passed,many many more to come for which Parivartan has churned you into a DABBANG now.So FACE IT :) and Live with a smile wide :D

    And yes,we'll be they change we wish to see.Now and forever.

  3. Btw.Where DID you find THAT blurred picture of us? hahaha.I'm glad Hardik the photogrpher wasn't around.He would captured us uncensored xD
    Ah,those moments are flashing across my mind :")

  4. @Swati
    Rename of name re. Make it swati, why swateye?
    Well I guess, testing time never fades away for me. and i am here only cos of you. cos of what all i've learned from you. and this picture was there on fb and now it is on the yellow box too (you know what i mean)
    much love!!! always and forever! :*