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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, October 28, 2011

The Bond That Matters

Bhaiyadooj- not just another day for me cos the day emphasis on building the bond as strong as iron. Am not being too familial though, but a few bonds happen only twice a year: one at Rakshabandhan and another at Bhaiyadooj. Although I have a younger brother (who is taller than me) still leaves me craving to meet two more close brothers to me, who hypothetically meet me barely a few times a year.
Vaguely, the day starts at meeting of all: masi, mami, all the didis and the bhaiyas and the little sons & daughters of one of them. And then, starts the moment we all await for since a year. The women talk, the girlish snobbish, the marriage talks of the elder bhaiya and didis and the love stories of younger ones, the romantic talks of the ones already married, the shopping & movie buzzes and the school talks of little ones filled with laughter that goes on & on for hours at a stretch. We discuss it all. Sitting on the couch that stays at my ancestors home at Gurgaon since my mum was in 5th standard surrounded by captured glimpses of the then brothers and sisters with nana and nani ji; usually blurred cos of the decrepit photography technology. Filled with vivaciousness exchanges of sarees, suits & bed sheets for elder ones, and toys for little terrorists rushing the entire house on head. Isn't that great? I say to myself. We come to this place only twice a year and still, pretend as if we spend each moment together, bartering the moments of life.
When the time arrives for allowance, I mend my hair peeping into the versed mirror in which my mum once used to make two plates before leaving for college. After a long long time, we had to traverse through the local train for home, cos of the nonadjustable planing for car. A two rupee per head ticket was now in my jeans pocket. Mum, me, and bhai boarded the train as didi and bhaiya wave us an adios! Still hoping we would take more time form daily routines and plan to laugh again. Laugh so much which I hadn't since all past six months combined, taking out all the dullness of life.
I always thought, metro has given people a parallel view of local trains. I now descry I was so erroneous. The voice of moving trains is so diverging from the silent features of metro. The Ragini playing in someone's phone in train is so discrepant from the English hit songs in metro. The ascending horn of trains engine is so individual from the signal of metro. Like day like night. The twelve minutes ride of local train was so flushed with energy and made me stay grounded to Indianism.
After having many irons in the fire, I perilously longed for this October Month. I can sum it up as: The blood relations, the gifts, the beauty of India, the patent enjoyment, the decor and soul jinxed with culture.


  1. @Aditya
    Yes it was.. to me too.. :)

  2. Beautifully penned down mam,yet again,how true it is the real joy lies in the family bonding & these Indian festivals are such a good reason to meet them frequently.West may be progressing in ther economy & modernity but never do they give heed to the family values which is indeed a high point of our Indian culture,no matter how do they see us Indians as someone small in stature,but the true fact is we have risen above them all...keep reiterating this message to all with through your wonderful writing :)

  3. @Varuna
    Finally, its good to see you back here.. :) Thanks for the words..

  4. @Hardik
    So true. You always reflect my real meaning more beautifully in your comments. Your comments are the most crucial part of my posts.
    Indeed yes, a person cannot rise until he has the family support. The bonds are meant to be cherished, no matter what you age is. And we will always stay on top of the world for that. The culture resides here, it initiates from here. We are the ones who have given world the real image of relations.
    Proud to be an Indian, always was, always will be. :)

  5. luvd yur article aavi :)........ i olso feel lyk my house comes alive during dese festiv sesn ...;]

  6. @Anupam
    Am so honored!!! and so eternally blissful that you commented here. Its your first comment.. am like.. eeee.. thankss..
    and yes, its just the magic of festivals that fills in each wall & window & doors and people.. :)