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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Fireworks!

Even when I had missed all the fun of Ramleela earlier, I couldn't have missed this one when my dad asked me: 'Dusshehra chalna hai?' I dropped my books and with a big smile a yes! followed. Quickly we left for Dusshehra. After a really long speech by MLA's, dad imitating Ravan's laughter, few mismanagement and heart cracks (cos we couldn't see much where we sat), we left from the ground and stood near the parking area. We knew our major fascination is 'Ravan dehen'. After 20 more minutes of us getting bored, many people started coming towards the parking lot. After 10 more minutes, the part started which I dropped my studies for.
The moment when you forget the origin of studying.
The scenario started with endless fireworks one after the another in the black-blue sky making go people ooo and aaa. They burnt each and every kind of fireworks, many of which were new to us, maybe because we do not burn crackers (left this task 3-4 years back). Rockets of colors had colored the entire sky and with lights so magnificent had brightened up the sky for thousands of us to see with the fact that, it was all happening exactly overhead us. As if, each firework is opening like an huge umbrella over us, which intend to come down and vanish. Never have I seen crackers exactly over head. The heart beat fastened whenever they used to fall down a bit and then vanish. Mum got a step back, she must have thought its gonna fall down. That part never happened though. Experiencing 30 minutes of fireworks exactly over head, ravan dehen followed. Even though, they did a little mistake by burning ravan just after megnath, leaving kumbhkaran for the last, but that's okay! Each one had to be burned after all.

Death of corruption, inflation, poverty- thats how MLA's addressed it! 
Major attraction was kids crying and parents still forcing them to look, and they yelled a little more. Kids, by that I mean under 5 years, have sensitive ears. If they are taken to such events, make sure their ears are closed by cotton because they aren't afraid of the beautiful colors in the sky, but of the noise which hurts them. Do not make them miss a sparkling sky (30 minutes long), that too exactly over head.

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  1. es duniya me hr kam ki suruaat nye sire se hoti h
    rah me kbi khusiyo se to kbi gm se mulakat hoti h
    jb sapne dm todne lge tb jisko jjbat ki smj hoti h
    tb jo salah de ske us avikaji ki aaht prtit hoti h

    plzz suggest.