Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Morning brimmed with Love

The room was already a mess. The empty bottles of wine were around the place. So were their wedding dresses, since last night. The curtains were flying with the wind. Suddenly the first ray of morning sunlight enters the room. She was already awake, in his shirt, came out of the bed. Quickly prepared tea for him and coffee for herself. She'd promised for the bed-tea for the entire life. Reached back to the bed and had set the pillow. With her back on it, she was waiting for the picture she'd be dreaming of  desperately; yet. The clock was ticking away. The birds were awake too, chirping. Clearly, it was morning. Their first morning together. The room was white-painted. The alarm didn't ring, she didn't set it. Sweetly, she didn't want alarm clock to wake him up. The sunlight slowly takes one step forward and reaches the floor. Another step, reaches the bed.
Her breathes getting faster. 
Another step, reaches his face.
She gasped slowly. 
"Here it is", she mesmerized.
The cup of love
The sunlight patiently touched her lover's face. First the hair, then the forehead, then the eyes, then the nose, then the lips. Her breaths had almost stopped. All these years she'd been await for this. Was it an Illusion? Or is it true? The jeopardized time had come. 
He getting irked a bit as the sunlight getting heavier on his eyes and takes a twirl getting into her lap with lines on his forehead. She hid him form the heavy sunlight. She watched him, immensely. Lingered her hands through his hair. "I Love you", she whispered.
The lines on his forehead quickly disappearing. Surely, this soothes him. Not the three magical words, but her voice. Her graceful voice calms his soul. 
He opens his eyes. The angelic being has reached the heavenly earth.
"Hi baby", she said, still lingering her hands through his hair. 
"Hi!", he said, holding her another hand to his chest, looking up to her face.
The room, before white, colorless, dull came to life with his voice. Shimmered with their Love. Colorful with hopes.
"Tea?" she said passing on the cup to him.
The talks continued again. 
Times comes and passes. What stays are the feelings and the
Surely, conversations are the best part of any relationship. People grow old, but the talks stay. 
And so, this still continues in their journey. The morning tea and the coffee. She waking up every morning earlier than him. After all, this was her dream. Waking up to her lover each morning. 


  1. it's very descriptive. you often write in a meticulous-chronological form which i like because the vague images in your head then become clearer, although the faces will still be vague. also conversations, yes,an imperative for life and a simple event made beautiful without any cheesy quips.

  2. Really it..!!:)
    *clap clap* :D

  3. @Himanshu
    I was so looking forward to someone calling my writing "descriptive". A huge compliment I must say, thanks a lot, seriously, for that. And yes, the faces will always remain "vague", its still in my imagination.
    Surely, colloquy makes every relation deprived of nothing. :)

  4. @Anjali
    I feel like am sitting on 7th heaven right now. Thank youuuu!

  5. @Hardik
    :) With your comments, its even more beautiful :D thanks!