Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, October 9, 2010

GOD: HIS Exsitence

"There is an indefinable mysterious power that pervades everything. I feel it though I do not see it." - M.K. Gandhi.
Printed in TOI Crest (probably the only newspaper i read).
Then, I ask myself, "He exists?" Obviously not, i haven't witnessed Him as yet.

Then my mind starts flickering, which indeed is not something new to me. As soon as that, I start jotting down points in my mind for both the sides. People call these notes, I call these pros and cons [this is also the reason why I make delays in decision making which everybody is fed up of]. My mind notices the flamboyant sounds of birds, blue and white clouds seeming more like candy floss, various camellia and tress standing right in front of my balcony which makes me remember 'I love nature more than humans'. I am almost out of my topic which i was thinking about and trying to make the judgments to follow.

Soon enters more beautiful thoughts which are very close to me. Cavorting in downpour, sunlight entering inside my house from a particular angle making extraordinary shades, winter fog, earthworms crawling with which I love to play pick & throw using sticks, getting feared from squirrels especially after visualizing them in detail thanks to Kit-Kat advertisement and all sorts of joys which can never be complete without contribution of nature.

Has God created them all? Has He created us? Has he designed each body part and given us all our dignified duties to perform? Are all the serials being telecast-ed on our idiot boxes provide truth about Him? Is He the real autocrat?
Maybe yes, we have been manufactured by Him. The first ray of sun, the wind, the rain, the soil, the moon, the stars, the thunderstorm, everything has been created by Him.
But being a science student, I intend to co-relate it with my profession, Isn't it? When science enters, there's no room for Him.
Fulminating the pros, here begins my cons:

  • Life started with a living cell (who's name I do not think is important to remember), not by God.
  • All life forms are created due to the environmental changes, not by GOD.
  • Living organisms evolve and perform duties which would help them survive the transition, not by God. And which cannot, eradicate.
Humans' imagination has created God as merely an old man with long beard showering His blessings (rays rather) through the palm of His hand and halo around Him. Is this our God? Who knows? Perhaps, who can answer this with a strong point supporting his pervasiveness?
My perception terminates from where it had begun. Feels like my boat is stuck somewhere in the mid ocean. None-the-less, my determination seeking for a sustainable answer pushes me to go ahead on the same road.
This brought me to a realization that my perception has got nothing to do with my pros and cons.

The person with no negative energy or thoughts, who has won over the 7 sins and predominates the doppelgänger within himself is God. But, not to forget, he starts his journey towards moksha as a "person".

I do believe in God as He is a part of me. The more i believe in myself, the more i believe in God and vice-verse; with a sign of proportionality (effect of science).

Yes, there is and undefinable mysterious power that pervades everything. I feel it though I do not see it. [Agreeing with M.K.Gandhi].

My perception can be a preconception to others and same the opposite way round.
Indeed as a human, I pray to God, He kisses us all and blesses us abundantly.

Going for a catnap now,
But do provide me with your auxiliary thoughts so that i can become more dilate to the readers.


  1. Well nothing much to say... in this Cuz people have their own opinions in this... and u'v written correctly though .. but my opinion is maybe bloggers should let people to judge for themselves.. sometimes at least .. not talking bout...u in person..! :) anyways nice blog... good going..!!

  2. Dear Ankush,
    You must re-read my last line again.
    And I am always open to your views.
    Thank You.

  3. awe how sweet of u.. and please dnt consider me diplomatic in any sense..!!

  4. on an auxiliary note ..."start writing a novel"
    u cn do that now.

  5. @Bhavana
    Hahaha.. Thanks for such a high level appreciation, but frankly speaking, I know I need to learn a lot!
    But, when my first copy of novel appears, I will gift it to you!