Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Monday, June 27, 2011

And it rains..

Am so glad, finally the bestest of the best season has started : The Monsoon. "The Delhi Monsoon". As lovely as it can be. Today, at around 3:30 pm, I witnessed the God's best creation again. One creation that I never stop enjoying, that never makes me get bored out of it, that never stops stealing my senses & heart. Yes, the rains.
Having missed three last rains cos of my sleeping modes all time (it's holidays and one shall never find me doing anything other than sleeping, trust me), I just had to catch this one.
And the weather takes a twirl. The best thing about rain is it gets followed by winds, strong winds sometimes.
The same wind blows my hair. The leaves starts dancing, the flowers starts singing and the swings (in the front park) starts swinging without any help (actually with wind's help). Its the best picture I have ever witnessed. God's himself an artist, I must say. I look up towards the beautiful blue-cum-orange sky as it smiles at me. I pass a smile back. And so, its first drop kiss my forehead. The second fell on my nose, it tickles. The third one kiss my lips. It reminds me of my first kiss I had in the childhood. Indeed yes, a kiss by nature to me.
Alas! It starts. Followed by a roar of the candy floss shaped clouds. The roar, more stronger than the lion. I start catching as many drops dripping over me as I can with my arms open, hands ready to aggregate them all. It grew stronger and I had a thought of going back inside. Until, the wind blows stronger into my ear. Seems like the wind talks to me, "don't go", it speaks. "Spend some more time here, like you did during your childhood", it continued. I smiled back and stood there. Stood there as a little girl ready to dance off her feet. Stood there as a little girl ready to sing in melody with the cloud's roar. Stood there as a little girl with all remembrances of childhood. Stood there as a little girl with no worries and sorrows. 
Some people remember their past lives or good times in rain. Some people like to cry in rain, as the tears become invisible. Some people imagine themselves with their lovers, holding hands and walking in the rain. I do not do any of these. I just get affixed to me, to my childlikeness, to my beautiful infant dreams, to the most innocent little girl I ever met - "me".
I can dance alone in the rains, I need no companion. The rain is my partner in each form of dance. I have driven bicycles with rain, fallen in mud (draped all over with that), jumped into frog's ponds, caught many earthworms, destroyed ant's houses (yes, I did that), bathed even wearing my party dress and just made hairstyle, for the occasion in next five minutes (I had to find an alternative to the dress resulting in my delay at my own family function), made paper boats, kept all the buckets and containers in order to do rain water harvesting (was taught in fifth standard), literally tried to kiss the rain, sat on the inverted umbrella and drifted on the water logged in the society during heavy rains (I got childed for breaking mum's favorite lily-flowery umbrella). I have done that all. All in childhood. I wonder why I don't do any of it now. Why am I so lost in my daily routines, situations, with people, sometimes even lost myself. Why am I so doomed? 
None-the-less, I look around. Well, my mother enjoys rain in her own style. She starts keeping the chappals in the rain, the plastic container, inverts the buckets, and a plastic pipe (dripped in mud of plant pots), so that her burden of washing them away could be lessened. She looks at me, and I couldn't resist my laugh at her. "What? The rain is doing it for me", she says. I laugh more. And she even laughs with me, while she pushes the plant pots (usually kept inside the home or under the shed of the balcony) into the open side, so that the rain directly falls onto them. Smart women! 
The rains has stopped now. Even though, I am not enjoying the rains as I used to do during my infantile days. 
Over and above, the rain still holds an alike slot as it did during yesteryears.
 My companion since babyhood. My first love with whom I had my first kiss. My inspiration.
Have you ever thought what designation rains play in your lives?


  1. Wow! Very long, but beautifully descriptive. I enjoyed journeying through this post of yours. Refreshing!

  2. @Saumya Di,
    The rain brought be the inspiration for this. Completely.

  3. Honestly very nice, it was like a movie for me n I saw baby girl, swing, clouds, umbrella, mother ah everything. I must say that I really enjoyed reading it :)

  4. Dear Aditya,
    Its your first comment on my blog. Am feeling grateful, welcoming you here. Again, the rain was my inspiration that lead me here.
    Hoping to see more comments from your side.
    Keep reading!

  5. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:!!!!!!:D

  6. hmm....jus enjoyed m journey through ur wrds to m past i had little earlier dis morning......dis writing of urs jus leaves me amazed lyk hw cud one b so wndrful ...and fcrse appreciate d way u described and made us remeber dat rain is wat we hd njoyed alot and every moment spend wid it is memorable part of our lyf

  7. @Sarang
    Aww.. this comment has touched me immensely. You've hit the bulls eye by knowing the reality behind the mirage of words. Seriously, gratitude again flows from my side. Yes, when it comes to rains, we both are on the same boat of thoughts: it is about how we enjoy, not with whom we enjoy. :)
    Keep reading, I need your views.

  8. its u whu shwd us " d reallity behind d mirage of ur words " ....nd infact dis writing of ur leave the readers moved thinkin of dere past...have they really njoyed mst of d unforgettable moments (infact and actually ) in rain..........................

  9. @Sarang
    Seriously man! Am blessed to have your comments here. Even the elders are indispensable to me. Yes, the rain, is the best moment of my life. It flows with the joys, sways with peacefulness and carried me like a pearl on the string. I wonder is the rain partial to other by doing this all to me?