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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Te amo

A glint of hope in the field of poetry. My first ever poem (that too in Hindi). Came out in just flat fifteen minutes in yester night. Trust me, the mind works at triple pace at nights. That too when you miss someone's presence, no wonder if its some being in your life or its you who feel buried deep down within in the depths of mystical feelings. Its a remarkable production of my illusionary mind. Ergo, when you lose yourself, in my case, some artistry arises, in the shape of writings or paintings. For the first time its molded in the form of a poem. Here I go.

Kuch ho na ho
par tum zaroor pass ho
Ek ajeeb sa ehsaas
Ehsaas jo sirf tumse hi ata hai
Tumhara ek baar chu jana pyaar se
Wo muskurana pyaar se
Wo hath pakadna aur bas keh dena 'sab theek ho jayega'
Wo ghanto tak takti mujhe nigahein tumhari
Wo halaki si nami un aankho mein
Wo khamoshi si tumhari baaton mein
Wo justju tumhari, wo masumiyat tumhari
Wo saamne saamne has dena tumhara
Aur mere jate hi kone mein wo ro dena tumhara
Wo barsaat ki kuch yaadein
Wo kuch ladaiyan
Aur harr ladai ke baad gale lagana tumhara
Tumhara wo hath pakadkar khali sadak pe sath dena
Tumhara chup chap mere liye sab sehte jana
Wo tumara mere liye duniya se ladd jana
Shayad hai ye bachpana hi tumhara
Par sach ye hai tumhare bachpane ne hi seencha hai mujhe
Shayad tum sagar ho muhobbat ka
Par sach ye hai doobne main mujhe bhi aaram milega
Shayad tum samjhoge nahi mera pyaar
Par sach ye hai main bhi nahi samajh paungi tumhari chahat ko
Shayad sath hamara zindagi bhar nahi rahega
Par sach hai tumhara aasra zaruur rahega

Shayad ye sab tumhe hi aata hai
Par sach hai sab sirf aur sirf tumhara hi hai

Shayad tum ro doge khushi ke aansu ye padhkar
Par sach ye hai sab sirf tumhari wo halaki si muskaan pane ke liye kiya
Yaad hai jab maine tumse kaha tha
'Kaash hum rahein sath hamesha'
Aur tumne mujhpe nigahein gadate huye kaha tha
'Ye kaash hi toh hai jo harr waqt tarsaata hai mujhe, 
Kaash ye kaash na hota toh aaj main thoda jee liya hota'....

Darr dono ko hi hai bahut
par parvaah mujhe nahi
Kyunki ye baat ab dil-o-dimaag mein utar chuki hai
Kuch aur ho na ho
par tum zaroor pass ho
Kuch aur ho na ho
par tum zaroor sath ho.....


  1. woooowwww.....itz just touching.....while reading ur poem ...i went to ma imaginery world.....just loved....very meaningful n touching..:):)

  2. Dear Kriti,
    Am glad I took you to a dreamy land. Welcome to my world!

  3. nw i know yr an all-rounder...english top class...hindi bhi hai itni jhakaas...mast yaar...

    truly loved it :)

  4. Dear Hardik,
    Do not confuse me with a poet, seriously. Am a writer, painter, decorator, sketcher, but not a poet. And yes, when it comes to Hindi, its better than my English. I completely agree to that fact.
    Plus, hope you like the overall outlook, both the pictures are stolen by me from you.

  5. waaaaaaooooooowww..aavika...i loved it.!!!!

  6. Dear Anjali,
    Am overwhelmed to see you here. It's your first comment on my blog and that too filled with appreciation! yeah! Now that gives me an oomph!

  7. its looking fabulous...feeling proud of my pics...they hv augmented the blog background so well :)
    & you are fab at poetry mam & cnsidering thts 1 of yr initial attempts thn...MAM HATS OFF TO YOU!!!!

  8. I concur with all your admirer above. I loved it. Won't comment much. Would rather dream with those lines. Wonderful Aavika. So proud!

  9. @Saumya Di,
    Am delighted I made you proud! Thank you!

  10. no words...js two tears....rolling dwn ma cheeks..:)

  11. awesome!!!!:D:D:D:D app ke kalam mei jadu hai:D

  12. liked it.....touchin.......nd fr ur writin me wl b alws fan of urs...:)