Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, October 23, 2011

A New Day Has Come

A New Day. Filling rays of hope in the eyes. 

It just happened. I woke up today, in the morning and forgot what, why, and how I was upset yesterday. A fact: You reckon not to forget things which went in your mind the previous night, in case left incomplete. How did I forget it then? The new day, the new morning, the new ray of hope, the window besides my bed which appears newer each morning, refreshes me up. Am sure it does spreads its magic on everyone. Each night, when I remember what I did in the day, which I make sure I do (after all a summary is needed), whether its good or not,  it follows the next morning too. Most of the nights, am left agitated, that I didn't complete the tasks I was supposed to do, as a matter of fact the things are postponed to the next day.
In that case, I look up to the next day. Not just the clock to struck 12. I make sure I sleep soon. Instead of discussing the things with people, I make sure I sleep. Cos the new day brings new hopes. I know I've got new chances to make the things move in the right direction.
The new glistening morning is only to try once more, in some different manner, to start afresh. No matter how bad, guilty, remorse, embarrassed, or what so ever I feel, I must try again. Give an ear to an enthusiastic song,  I am sure everyone has their own, (for each event) and aim for the bullseye again. Life gives you opportunities, till you keep faith."Faith"- a word more bigger in size and shape than Trust  & Hope. I make sure, I have faith in me the most. I make sure I want to try again. Having being fallen like a thousand times, I make sure I stand up again.

So, for now, the girl who left music 3 years back, is gonna hold it again. Cos if she doesn't try it, she'll regret it one day in life. She knows, "Its better late then never".
Its okay, people have rejected you, your belief system has been broken down and other people are better than you. At that time, I always remember what what my dad taught me, "There is no lock without a key, as there is no problem with a solution, just that only 'you' can find its solution, others can only guide you, but the path 'you' take will make all that matters. You can make a good future, or better, make a good history to share".
So which path to take? That's completely up to you. But, not to worry until you have faith. After all. you are the Michelangelo of your life. You can paint it in any way you want to.
At the end, "Life isn't about buying a second car or a second house. Its about second chances and second comings".
So start afresh!
Here is my song: