Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, October 3, 2013

That poem. This day. #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 3

I was lost
in some corners of world
where dark secrets lay
and everything is forbidden

I was lost
trying to find a path
what belonged to others? 
and what was mine? 

I was lost
which direction to go
back or move forth
undecided I moved

But look what I found! 
words to express
words to cherish
words to befriend

And so I let my fear go
driving into the blended poems
Travelling what lies beyond eyes
Into the mist of dreams abound

That was my first poem I remember
written with heart
-The Path

A special dedication to Saumya di for its because of her I started writing. 


  1. and look what you gave us ,,, such an amazing poet and a sweet lil friend :)

  2. @Nimue
    yeahi! Cheers to saumya di! :*

  3. wow what a piece :)
    You are indeed one great find :)

  4. This is a fitting tribute. Lovely. X

  5. I was waiting to read your poem as much as I was waiting read Pratibha's. I never read your poems before until the last three poems and am glad that OctPoWriMo 2013 introduced your poems to me. You write with such ease with such simple words. Happy writing..hope to see more of you.

  6. You really got me with that first image! I love the idea of being lost where dark secrets lay and everything is forbidden. Beautiful!

  7. A poetry is beautifully written when it brings a smile on your face and a tear to your eye. Reading this has brought out the same in me. Somewhere in my heart I hated the way you were feeling before writing anything and then loved the reason which made you write your first poetry.

  8. You did? I had no idea! And the poem is beautiful :)

    PS- My blog misses your comments.

  9. This was so sweet Aavi ... My blogger buddy .. I like your scheme of verses ... I like how you place them .. gives a perfect feel ! Thanks for sharing Aavi :*

  10. Amaazing...loved reading cery bit of it anf the look of your blog is awe- inspiring...

  11. Great poem. (and much easier to read now!)

  12. I love this heartfelt, touching poem!

  13. @Lady whispers
    Great find! that sounds astonishing :O
    Thanks di! :*

  14. @Shah Wharton
    Thanks for saying that, really.
    And also thanks for dropping by so often!

    Ohhhhhh!!! :O really! Am on seventh heaven. Yippee! I have another blogger friend. I am glad I started this OctPoWriMo 2013 (thanks to pratibha di). Am honored that you wait for my poems. :)
    But I still cant make a comment on your blog :(

  16. @seekingmeme
    That actually happened, but I thank my stars I found the way to even brighter place.
    Thanks for commenting ^_^

  17. @ankitsharma88
    Oh! so the poem hit you somewhere same as it did to me.
    Poetry is healing.
    All your comments are amazing and heart touching! :)

  18. @Saumya di
    Man! commenting on your blog.. its so difficult to find words. But am coming!

  19. @snlkc
    Yippeee! we the blogger buddies! and you a beautiful soul!
    I love it when you like what I write, really. fills the empty spaces!
    Thanks :*

  20. @ Enchantress
    Thank you! and am gad you liked the blog. :)
    Thanks for making a comment too!

  21. @Rhi Williams
    haha! I took a lesson out of your previous comment :) So its better cos of you.
    Thanks! ^_^

  22. @Christine
    The journey into poetic world is enchanting in itself!
    Thanks for making a comment! :)

  23. This may be your first 'written' poem but It clearly shows your deep and meaningful thought-process. And I am sure there are many more waiting since long and eager to emerge. Please inked them to paper.

    1. sir, welcome to my blog first of all. and thank you for this beautiful comment. yes, there are more.. I hope someday they manage to come here, on my blog.
      Thank you again!

  24. Replies
    1. hahah! Am just soo happy seeing so many comments from you!