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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A toast to the wondrous year::2010

31st December 2009: "At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world parties hard, I , Aavika Dhanda, shall be studying for the second pre-board examinations", I said this when an acquaintance asked me my new year plans.

Never so ever, had my imagination went to the point, where am standing now. Watching the most successful, magnificent, flamboyant year of my life pass by. Aghast! this year has come to an end, my mind recapitulates everything. Here's my agglomeration of remembrances.

chaman aka senapati
Remembering the end of schooling times still kills my heart. The unexpected farewell, which we all had expectedly struggled for, was highly touching. Right from shedding the pearls of tears on my bestie Chaman urf senapati's shoulder at the end of the school to the canteen times, fighting over stupid issues, cheering each other at times of frequent failures, the metro talkies, was all painful yet so full of happinesses. I thank him for everything.

End of the school life was like crossing a bridge of my life. The bridge that will never be crossed again. Left me with lacerate, lachrymals. But, that was just the beginning. For I realized, I hadn't lost anything, rather gained everything. Keeping the love, compassion, experiences of all kinds in my sack, I carried on my journey.

The real success stories began later.
Notes I made for future:-
Interest- unknown
Choice- unknown
Institute- unknown
Ambition- known
And this known quantity made me have a face-off with the unknown ones.

lifelong friendship
Making a tough decision for future, not keeping even any other alternate option alive, had my hopes almost murdered. When nobody had been there for me. My bestest best friend (infamous Samvita) stood by me. ... she kept me alive.. my spirits and my soul alive. The times when I cannot breathe, due to sorrow or due to overwhelmingly in happiness, she, I know is here. I need not ask. She seamstresses my life and is my opium. I salute our six long years of friendship, the world knows, its the strongest. (And, i love your new boots)

Finally, all my friends had left the city for higher studies. Having only a few left here.. I defined life in three simple words "Life goes on..."

Getting into the College of dreams: 
Meenakshi: first college friend
Gelling with the people here, wasn't a piece of cake though. New people, new area, new friends, new choices, new similarities, new dissimilarities which kept me at shake. Not until I met Meenakshi, turning out to be my first college friend. A girl very simple and elegant yet complex, thunderous anger and calm heart. Until I could have known her better, we were parted in different sections. Things started becoming unsaturated.

vartika and me. similar shades
I kept myself at bay, noticing people, who should be relevant to be my friend
Finally, His Grace provided me with Vartika, the Lucknow Girl. Persona so powerful that I had known am in love again. As ambitious person, a freelancer of life, a careless bird like me. Straight forward, intelligent, intellectual, trustworthy, what more could I have imagined? I started liking college now. Had fun, did notorious and embarrassing stuffs (for instance :the field one, I shall never forget and neither will let you).

Geeta Di- will miss you! 
Going to their Paying Guests House, still makes me remember someone special. A very belle person inside out, her presence I'll embrace forever. A women who touched my heart deeply leaving with a deep scar in our memories. In such a lesser time, she made me feel like she's my soul sister. The way we laughed, talked, draped was so similar.
We love you Geeta Di!

Saumya: my mentor
With a clinch, I still have another lady to be credited. Whom I'll never let go. The women who inspires me, helps me, stands for me, protects me from troubles incoming every possible angles of life. Her voice spreads magic in my land with love and comfort. What more a startled bird, ready to take off, could have asked for? Saumya Di! Personality just as her name means. Met her by fluke. Seems more like my mentor. The one with power and audacious nature. Love you so much, even the words can't define.

I remember very clearly how in yesteryears I had a will to do something for the world. Unfortunately, with the lack of sources and confidence, the world pushed me back. Now, here, in my new world, have finally done something fruitful this year.
3rd December :World Disability Day
Working with disabled at Karampura was like a dream come true for me.
Sign Language is for all
Celebrating the World Disability Day at India Gate on 3rd December 2010 was something out of this world.
Met many influencing people. I realized that they are none different than us, rather they think ten times better than us.

Doing some worth work
Teaching the labour children of the college was yet another jollification.
pheww!! have finally done something. I am something. My full gratitude to the Social Service Society "PARIVARTAN" of my college.

Experience unforgettable 
Watching Common Wealth Games for first time at a stadium rather than at idiot boxes was a feeling renowned. Hearing the screams of all, the roar of audiences which integrated up as "one". The nationalism during the national anthem being sung was truly amazing.

One more was visiting one of the most beautiful islands of the planet!
the experience undefined
Have only imagined infinite ocean with the cool breeze at dreams. Only until the dream went true! The ocean wind passing through my hair, refreshing my veins, my clothes which daily get swayed away the wind, but then it was different: It was the breeze.
I thank my parents for completing the dream!

At times, I feel , there is a long list of people I am indispensable of.
Sanchi (met her somewhere in bus, when she was lost and confused. Now she is my good friend)
Varuna, Priyam, Deeksha, Drish.
One of such is Aastha, of my batch. A super intelligent girl who unlike other geeks. I thank her for helping me always, not for being selfish and not to forget, being pure at heart. My life's burden is halved cos of her. Plus, thanks for keeping my secrets under your kitty (sshhhh).. She is the one I can never remunerate.

At the end, filled with more positive aura, vibes, alacrity around me, I realized some credence. I have actually spent an entire year with "one love". The year with no harsh breaks ups, cut offs, world wars....just selfless love. The 2011 resolution list won't be having "meet love of life" now, neither will any year's.
I am filled over the brim with gratitude for year 2010 which has brought a new term "us" fulminating "me" and "you". Feels like "we" are in some renege. As if, every step I took since the moment I could walk was a step toward finding you.
You complete me
The dignity and respect we have for each other, without any formalities is now sealed with a guarantee that we are the "ones" for each other. How does it feels to have met a perfect person, not to die for, but to live for?

"Epitomizing Pure Love", is what strikes my mind. Reached a stage where those three magic words which everyone longs to hear, seems less for us to reflect what we feel.
"Cos its you and me and all other people who've nothing to do, nothing to lose".

My new year resolutions would be just two:

  • gain weight
  • spread happiness
Taking a huge sigh of relief, I amidst the endless rain outside, set a farewell to this colourful year of my life, filled with sunshine all across me and trust me, no remorses. I hope all gems of my life are always studded in my life's jewelery set.
May God kiss us all, the upcoming year and all the years to pass by.

31st December 2010: "At the stroke of midnight hour, when the world parties hard, I , Aavika Dhanda, shall be studying for the first semester examinations", I said this when the same acquaintance asked me my new year plans.

We laughed.


  1. ur the best! dats all i can say... oh and u rock... and wid all the emotions trying to come out of me reading dis blog of urs.. i'll say "I LOVE U"

  2. @baby, baby you know that I love you too!
    Thank you!

  3. Hey Aavika!
    I don't usually forget my promises, but given the level of commitments I have in life, it takes me time to honor my promises. So, here I am, to say a big THANK YOU to you, for having made my New Year so special. There is something about the way you write which is very unique. I can relate it to the person I know, the cute, little, affable, happy-go-lucky girl.

    Keep up the good work, and always keep me posted about all that you write. I would always be an avid reader of your blog.

    And I have to say this yet again- Thank you so much for making me a part of this entry. It touched my heart, and made me very very happy!

  4. @Saumya, I do not have any words for what you wrote for me. Not just your words are magical, but also the feelings we both share takes me out of the world.
    Trust me, I am filled with gratitude, when it comes to you, your name, your work, your love for me.
    Love you :)

  5. aavika,
    so you see its my first comment finally.
    n let me tell you gal.Its a treat to read your blogs.I am blessed to have a friend like you.So keep on writing.
    And yes that field incident makes me laugh at myself everytime I read it.:)
    July 13, 2011 10:47 PM

  6. Dear Vartika,
    Omg! I cannot believe you've posted a comment (that too, accidently a good one). Thank you! Seriously, thank you! And yes, am glad too to have you :)

  7. aavika! u have activated to many emotions here! bestest modus operandi! to attract me atleast! lolz.

  8. @Bhavana
    Its majorly cos we were in same school, so maybe the memories brewed up. The golden times remain eternal forever.
    Thanks for the comment :)