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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The best moment yet :: 30kms. 4th gear.

Today, at 6:30 pm, I convince my dad to take me driving in his car for I've learnt driving from two different agencies (yes, twice). He agreed. I changed into jeans and top from shorts and a pink Tee. He opened the almirah of his room, got hold of an old cushion for I need to increase the level of viewing on the seat (until he gets the foam seat, I've to make use of it).
He handed me over the keys with a huge smile on his face, "start the car". I grabbed the keys so tightly for I had adrenaline rush building all inside. "This is the best moment yet of my life!", I said inside. I inserted the keys.
Sitting on the pillow. I adjusted the mirrors. With my three-sized-spark sandals, I adjusted my foot on the gear. The first gear was put. The car starts & stops, stars & stops and the same procedure continued for five times. But, finally, I start the car! Gosh! Its moving.Yes, its moving. In first gear though. My dad only asks me to put the second gear when I start sweating. Still, I managed. My heart beat almost at 300 beats per minute.
For the next two and a half kilometers, it only ran on second gear. No acceleration. Until, my dad asks me to. I came on the main road. The speed increased. Followed by the third gear.
I noticed the differences between our car and the agencies' car. Ours is pretty lose. The accelerator, the break, the staring wheel, the clutch, everything so smooth. Plus, since am sitting on the cushion, I could (for the first time) witness the entire view. Clear. (Don't ask me how I've learned. All by a rough idea, with only half of the scenery available in the agencies' car).
We went in the (in)famous ramleela ground, where all the new learners drive. I only drove there for five minutes. My dad asks me to take it back on the main road. "Does that mean am driving good?" I asked myself.
I drove it at a stretch in almost all sectors of dwarka, the market place, the crossings with and without red lights. The main phase comes, when I drove all way till IP university (Dwarka), my dad asks me to put the fourth gear. What? I haven't even ever learned how to put it, yet. They didn't teach me. "Just take it backwards from third, its easy", he said. Yes. Right. Is it?
I put the fourth gear. Open road. Air blowing my flakes (hair tied). Both the front windows open. Now, I know why guys love driving!
For my dad, his heart sinks when someone else sits on the driving seat of his car. He loves his car. (The same reason we all think he didn't let my elder sis and my mum drive the car, even though they too have licenses). He didn't show any signs of heart sinking. For, in my case; he loves me more. Correction, most. Am a daddy's girl. Not even my elder sis. I always blackmail him truly well, getting all my wishes come true (for instance, the car).
Even though, I agree I did a few titsy-bitsy mistakes. But, he said, its fine.
We came home in an hour. I drove thirty kilometers (and it was just the day one) and learned to put fourth gear too!
We returned home, I parked the car back as it was before starting it. "The car's home as it as, no scratches, no dent. Safe", I said to dad with a huge smile which I haven't had since ages.
I gave back the keys to the owner (dad).
That day isn't far when I'll take (my) dad's car to my college, driving all the way on Dhaula Kuan Highway.
The experience was AWESOME!!!


  1. yeh!!!!!!!!! u have learn how to drive(SAFELY ):D:D this might sound lame but i want to go for a long drive :P:P

  2. @Suchita
    No, it just doesn't sound lame. You'll be the first one to go for a long drive with me. :)