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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Confessions of a Shopaholic???

It happened last Monday. Me, Samvita and Varuna were on our way to watch Delhi Belly (me for the second time) in English of course, for our loath for dubbing cannot be buried in sand. We were too early for the movie, cos of my obnoxious planning. We decided to take a walk down the Pacific Mall. The awesome mall is a mark of high quality I must say. Having seen like a hundred brands (which weren't new to our eyes), we decided to shop. Not literally shop; window shop is a better term.We, love window shopping as we are most of the times left with such option at heavy brands. (Heavy not by weight, but by price). The lights at the showrooms were shut (it was just 9:15am when we reached), but we were able to see everything! Yes, that's a quality only we possess.
"I wish I could just pause the moment for a long time and steal away everything", Samvita says intaking a heavy breath looking at Da Milano.
And then I remember, how once at Lajpat she grabbed a bag, staring at it, she started shouting, "Aavika am buying this, Aavika am buying this". Her breath almost stopped and she; hafting. Literally, hafting. Her eyes growing bigger, the size I only get to see during shopping. When I gazed at her and said, "Samvita come back to your senses". She drops the bag. "I'll wait outside", she said while she moved out. She becomes claustrophobic. I hauled cos buying that bag for no reason would have disturbed the budget (which anyway, she never sets. She knows it'll be destroyed anyhow).
"I just want fifty thousand bucks, which isn't too much, to just shop here", I say with a glory in my voice. The glory I've been familiar with since ages. The glory of being a  "Shopaholic".
Followed by our high salaries (expected in future) we keep coloring our dreams even more.
Varuna just laughs at our dreams, for she has even the same.
Coming to Varuna, she shops ninety percent with me. She, too, is a typical shopper. She takes five hours and comes with only one single top. With her evil smile, she gets it billed. Yes, I have witnessed that evil smile. As if coming from winning some battle!

Yes, we are girls. Yes, we dream for bags, foot wears, watches, accessories, clothes and everything all over the world. Yes, we all are shopaholics. The girl isn't a girl until she is a shopaholic, I believe.
Finally after the movie, we decided to shop. Yes, the best part of the day. We three are the typical shoppers. We shop with insanity. Lifestyle at Pacific has raised its bar of quality, I must say. Amidst in the clothes and accessories. Good decision of shifting from Lifestyle at Rajouri. We'd spent two hours there, tried like over twenty tops on & on, we didnt buy anything. Yes, we are obsessed with quality (followed by price tags which cannot be ignored). Also, I always face size troubles, which doesn't affects me now.
All I know about my profile, is an important point of being a shopaholic. Highly obsessed. (The sale season gives me more hope).

I can shop anywhere & everywhere. Most of the people take me as a companion with them, in reverse am always bribed with burgers and ice creams. None-the-less, I never say a no. (Sometimes I do, due to tight schedule). I have shopped with and for school friends, college friends, friends of friends, friend's bf, bf's friends, bf's family, bf's friend's gf, my sis' bf, friend's elder sis' marriage (even chosen bridal wear for two), her gonna be family, my family, their friends, even for unknowns. I for myself, can shop alone, but a company always matters for a nice opinion. They just take me along!
The hint that I offer them every time is, look at the cloth, ask yourself, "is this me?'', if yes, buy it. If no, grab something else and repeat the procedure.
Be, it Khan Market, Lajpat Nagar, Hauz Khas, Subhash Nagar, Chandani Chowk and what not! Name it and I've been there. Name it and I've shopped there.
Besides I can shop for bedsheets, crockeries, mum's sarees, dad's formals, and everything. Even the tiles are selected by me for the renovation. And so is the kitchen's slab. My mum, doesn't even buy a cup without my opinion. "You are a smart shopper", says my mum carried with higher pride than mine. When it comes to my sis, she doesn't even buy a top without my assessment.
Even though, it has happened that given over ten tops, I'll only select two. For am a typical shopper. I always have a budget which shall never be shaken.
A few times, I shop to make my mood good, too.
Am proud of this quality of mine!
At the end of the day,  I bought only three tops (sigh), watched movie, ate, on & on in just nine hundred bucks!
Nobody would believe that!
Huhh!! Girl Power!


  1. you just revived the feelings.....this post belongs to us THE SHOpaholics......:)

  2. @Varuna, yes I did. Am so sure you must've liked it! The next target shall be set soon.. :)

  3. ok i'm a little ashmaed now but yes i agree wid u totally.. ur not only a smart shopper but a very good blogger..

  4. @Samvita..
    Awww.. thanks a gallon. That means a lot.. Love you..As always. And no need to be ashamed, its okay to be claustrophobic, at times.

  5. awesome!!! :) n samvita thrs nothing to be ashamed of!! I love u!! :D this one is real cute n gud aavika!! :)

  6. @Anisha
    Everyone's loves her <3
    and thanks a lot! two back-to-back comments, lucky me! :D