Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, September 14, 2012

Its Aavika, with a double 'a'!

"What's you name again?" the teacher would usually ask.
"Aavika", said the little girl.
"Spell it for me?" was the teacher's next question.
"A-a-v-i-k-a", the girl continued.
"With a double 'a'?, teacher kept asking.
"Yes, mam with a double 'a'", the little girl said, now irritated.
"What does it mean?" the teacher just wont stop.
"Mam, it doesnt specifically mean something", The girl said looking around the class who was starring at her.
"Cant be. Why would your parents give you such a name?" the teacher was now too interested.
"Mam, I dont know", she said shrugging. When will she shut up and teach?
That happened with me when I was in 2nd standard, in 3rd, in 4th. Oh! wait, that happened with me in every class. The upper the classes got, more the teachers got fonder of knowing the meaning behind the name.
"Beta, there must be a meaning to it. Ask your parents", the sport teacher said while the class was going to the ground in 7th standard to the girl with two pony tails.
"Sir, there's none. I've asked them, its just a meaningless word", she said agitated.
It happens when someone asks you the same question all throughout your life and you still cant answer it. Even though you love the name.
"But why would they keep a name which has no meaning?" the coordinator asked in 12th standard.
"Mam, the researchers are still trying to find out. When the readings are ready, I will inform you", the girl said in a very serious tone. Followed by a laughter from both the ends.
Not only the teachers, even friends, friends of friends, friends of family also ask the name.
"Oh! the balika vadhu wali avika?" an uncle said once.
"No!!!", she said in a highly overrated itching tone. "No! thats single 'a', am double 'a'." She said.
The most hatred thing in the world is seeing the beautiful unique name wrongly pronounced or written.
I've been well equipped now of poking "its double 'a' " over and over again. Weird part is, someone who's known you since a long time, still doesn't know the spelling.
But, now I've figured it out- the meaning. I did it earlier than the researchers.
even though its tiny, but you can easily see Aavika all over. :)
these people define me.
Aavika- a beautiful acronym used for someone who is very pretty, beauty, short, smart, funny, friendly, interactive and humorous. There! I did it.
Ofcourse, I love the identity given to me by my parents with an extra 'a'. The extra 'a' which has brought some extra stars on me. I've always admired it. No matter how much teachers/friends would blame my parents for keeping a meaningless word (as they say) as my name- I would never mind. I know its very unique, its very beautiful, its very yellow and its very 'me'! 


  1. haha nicely written, aavika, with a double A !! :P :D

  2. it reminds me of jack sparrow...
    i mean CAPTAIN jack sparrow :P :D

    1. hahahaha!!! that one was hilarious!
      so amazing to know someone who admire the same person! :D :D

  3. hahaha indeed.
    arguably the best movie character !! :-)

  4. well i have almost da same story....of a meaningless name.