Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Illuminating Lights

May every bit of us awakes by diwali diyas
I woke up late today, being a little occupied with cough and cold. The work was already started until I opened my eyes to the day of Diwali. Mum was already painting huge trays in which the candles were supposed to float by evening after puja. Lights are all set in balcony. Only left with preparations by now. Being girls, my mother expects a lot from me and my sister that we might help her with many things. Of course we do try, but before we start, she finishes up things. Even though today I can say quite easily to everything - I am ill, but I wont. I'll feel detached from the festival.
Anyway, puja will began in evening and by then we have loads of work to be done. Decorating not just the house inside, but outside as well. Have to go a little far to buy floating candles because the Delhi Police have strangled all the carts which are outside the market- terror! Next, have to go to friends' and give them gifts which I got for them a week ago (I have this habit of getting gifts a week and sometimes a month ago for any celebration day). Next preparations for puja which takes at least an hour (when everyone is doing some bits of work). Not to forget, the rangoli- which this time we are thinking of very simple one as the ones who make it every year (me and sister) have exams from next week and rangoli takes atleast 2-3 hours at a stretch. Have to get the cells for digicam as well (they went off lately).And then after a long puja, have to start lightening the diyas. Diays all around the house, especially in corners, to ensure every corner is set ablaze. Diyas outside the house too, to ensure God feels welcomed to our house. Diyas which takes away all the darkness not only from outside, but from within the very souls.

The mind, the body, the soul is lightened this day. Make most of it.
Alright then, have to leave for the decoration work, don't want my mum to do it all (cos I wanna be a part of it too). Have fun all of you! Enjoy the festival with more of sweets, flowers, rangoli, decorations, diyas, candles and less of crackers (I guess we all have done our most part at Dussehra too with the fireworks).
Happy Diwali!!!


  1. Happy Diwali to a lovely thoughtful lady that you are my Miss Rowlings :)
    God bless u buddy

  2. @Hardik
    Thanks and hope you enjoyed it too. Well, saw you mesmerizing pictures :D
    Guess, you had funn! :)