Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Conversations

Mr. and Mrs. Singh are a happy-go-lucky couple who have been together since decades. Their children are off-set and married and they live together. "Alone"? I asked. "We aren't alone beta, we are together", Mr. Singh says while looking at Mrs. Singh. And smiled at each other.
Mr. Singh used to jog, but not anymore, Doctor has advised him not to run much; jittery he's a heart patient. I see them usually walking together in the morning.  Mr. & Mrs. Singh are not like any random aged couple, who remain shush all the time- Irritated and make others irritate. They are more of a chit-chat who laugh a lot, remain and make people happy.
Mr. & Mrs. Singh were "arranged" to fall in love. The way they look at each other, smile, laugh is a real calm moment. They do gardening together at their little balcony where they can also be seen mostly seen sipping tea. I guess Mr. Singh sips more tea than Mrs. Singh, along with some home-made biscuits his wife prepares.
They have a son and a daughter, both married and happy. I guess the son lives outside India.
"Don't you miss your children", I asked with a pity face.
"Of course we do, but we are still happy. They have settled, they do visit quite often. Believe me or not, I like it now as I get to spend more time with my wife", he said teasingly as Mrs. Singh pours water in bird bowl, smirking. A funny couple they are. They manage to go for combined tours with other long-time-gone-old couple friends of theirs and send pictures to their children via internet. Mrs. Singh is learning computers currently from a young female girl dropping by on alternative days for an hour daily. Some guy used to come earlier to teach but Mr. Singh refused.
"You see she's still so beautiful. I don't want some man to come and flirt around", he said angrily.
"And the man was even younger than our own son Singh Sahab", she said pointing.
"Huh!", he grinned.
Terrace breakfast is a common site while friends coming for dinner is a rare one. Mr. Singh lately adopted a dog, which he wanted since ages; his daughter was allergic so he compromised.
"Its a nice time", he said looking at his dog.
"Seems like we've gone back to childhood. I don't have to think anymore what people will think, what our children will. I no longer have to satisfy and fulfill our children's need. The pension is enough to live a few more years until we can", he said. And Mrs. Singh slapped his head from back.
I don't think they get intimate. They are quite old for that. They just converse. Conversations last forever. Each relation is based on what you talk and how you talk. Even if intimacy would bring people together, it'll remain permanent. Talks about anything & everything with equal share from both bring people close, bonding them in a bond that lasts till the end of the world. Surely, it takes one lifetime to know a person. One must utilize as much time as possible to remain adhered.
Don't we all want to end up like Mr. & Mrs. Singh?
And they lived Happily ever after...


  1. those little things called life !!! :-)
    nicely written :-)

    1. @Jagpreet
      tiny things define what we call -life. Thanks :D