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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

kaho kya khayal hai...

Chalo baant le hum zindagi
zara aaj yu karle
kaho kya khayal hai.. 

wouldn't you accept it with open arms? 

My balcony is as spacious as I'd always wanted it to be. The plants fill up the void perfectly. And right in front I have a view of more plants who dance amazingly in rain. What a picture! 
What to do when something's off since last night? What to do when nobody's home? What to do when you've got none to talk to? What to do if its raining and all your plants are cancelled? 
Sitting on the jute chair near the entrance of balcony, looking at the rain, I ask myself this. The rain drops falling in a sequence, everywhere, on everything, for everyone just seems to have all answers. Humming beautiful songs, imagining nothing but rain, smiling for no reason, all lead to something grand- maybe utter state of happiness - a temporary happiness, a temporary madness, a temporary feeling, a temporary void, a temporary love, a temporary dream, a temporary desire, a temporary living, yet a permanent 'oneself'. Singing to oneself or maybe dedicating it to someone, who surely doesn't know am thinking of them in some corner of the world. Isnt it beautiful? Desiring with no desires? What feeling is it? Is it love? or just lust? 
But its not always a time to seek answers to all questions. Often its about finding solace within...

This beautiful song made me do it. 
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Hope it touches the string of your hearts, same as it did mine. 

Picture Credits- Epitome 


  1. This is a beautiful rendition! Bahut khoob!!

    Bahar baarish ho rahi thi aur maine ye parha, fir main likhta chala gaya. uss kavita ki chaar panktiyan aapko supurd kiye jaa raha hoon, kyunki uss par is kriti ka pura haq hai! :)


    jab boondon ne
    khidki par dastak di
    khabar mili
    tum aaye ho
    manwanchhit prahsnon ke
    sang piro ke laaye ho

    1. @Nave
      Such a beautiful comment you've made! it means so much! aapko pata hi hoga main aapki fan hu!
      your words just beautified this post so much!
      bahut bahut bahut shukriya! :)

  2. short, simple and wonderfully written !!
    the song just added up to the beauty of the write up.

    ps- +1 to the comment made by Nave !

    1. @Jagpreet
      the song itself inspired this post, really. Music can do so much!
      And definitely, :D nave's comment is out of world. :)
      Thank you soo much for your words here. Despite half of the total blog's comments are yours, I just dont get tired reading them, expecting them :)

    2. hahaha, i'll take it as a compliment !! :-D ;-)

    3. @Jagpreet
      Definitely, it is meant to be a compliment :P :D

  3. Seriously
    There are so many emotions which this beautiful rain brings out from oneself...& It surely brought out a colorful plethora of emotions from urs :)
    Another great read :)

    1. @Hardik
      Rain does some magic, doesnt it? It'll just magnify all the emotions to the best possible. It did the same to me too :D
      Thanks for reading this one, too, Hardik. Your comment just completes the post, every time! :)