Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

adhoori baatein...

suno, kuch baatein adhoori rehne do
mann bhara rehta hai
takalluf se sochne do
baarish ki boondo ko ginne do
harr boond mein samai tumhare yaado ko
sulagne do
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

aayine mein khud ko tumhare liye
niharne do
bikhre mann ko aur bikharne do
dil hi dil mein muskuraane do
bechaini mein tadapne do
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

shabdo ko piroh nahi rahi
aashao ko bataur nahi rahi
sambhalna nahi chahti
girne do.. fisalne do
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

intzaar mein kiske
khidki par baithi hu kal se
kiske pasandeeda rang se 
khud ko sanwara hai
kyu kisi ke liye 
gam bhi cheeni sa chakh liya
taareekhein aakhir kiske liye gin rahi hu
ye sab chodo
kuch baatein adhoori rehne do

This is a special, very special dedication to PACH. Mainly cos we all keep waiting for the next session and the waiting is always worth. Yes, I have said it many times but I dont mind saying it again- PACH is the best gift I have ever received. 

Picture Courtesy- Hardik Photography


  1. You're a little shot who keep shooting :) - amazing Aavika! Love, hugs and blessings.

  2. Aavika I read it like 10 tims.. loved it.. every bit of it. Tum amazing ho. SACH!

  3. As always, perfect & just getting better & better :D
    So proud of u re, so proud of u :)

  4. @Sonalika di
    oh my! thank you for saying this! :) really! and for appreciating too.
    and for making a comment too :D
    <3 love !

  5. @Neha di
    you read it 10 times? :O now thats an achievement for me.
    amazing toh aap bhi ho di! :) SACHI!
    thank you for making a comment !

  6. @Hardik
    When I see your comment, I feel my motive of writing is accomplished! You know how much your comments mean to me?!
    And am sooo glad I make you proud! sooo glad! :)
    Thank you sooooo much Hardik! :)

  7. Aavika ji, aap itna achcha likhti hain! :O :D

    If you were to write lines like these for guy, he'd so fall for you! That's what I thought it was, before I smilingly-laughingly read that this was for PACH. :)

    My favourite lines?
    'Aayine mein khud ko tumhare liye niharne do'. Wow. Please keep writing this frequently! :)

  8. @Shruti

    I have stopped writing for guys :P such waste of time, no?
    Now its all 'pach-magic' on all of us. And thanks for the motivational words darling. :)
    I will keep writing, that I can assure you.
    Thanks for the comment, Love!

  9. Kabhi kabhi chahti hun, kuch aisaa hojae
    Jo sapne dekhunn, wo sach hojaein
    Jise bhi dil se chahe, wo apna ban jae
    Jab wo ho to din ho, wo na ho to wo din hi chupjae
    Chatt par hum saath ho to baarish hojae,
    baarish mein bheeg kar hum zorr se Gaye
    Wo saath ho to shaamm na aye din bas dopaher tak rukjae
    Khaabo khayaalo mein bhi Jitna kisine socha na ho utna usee pyaar depaaein..
    Jab jab ye ankhein use dhunde, to wo samne khadaa muskurae
    Kabhi kabhi chahti hun, kuch aisaa hojae
    Jo sapnein dekhun wo sach hojaein

  10. Beautiful ! Bahut Khoob.. Har baar stun kar deti ho yaar.

    1. thank you thank you! aap jitni baar bhi comment karte ho, meri excitement double ho jati hai! :)