Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Too much PACH!?

Yesterday was a bad day. Bad as in.. really bad day. Bad like tiring, head-eating, weird, disheartening,  'I give up'- kind of day.
I revise my day at night. The pictures of day spent passes my head by. I like doing it. Its important to remember, to embrace, to cherish, to improvise... to endure.
Yesterday's picture .... sucked. Literally. Its just hard to sleep with a sad face. Its one things that advances the very next brimming morning. I switched my head. No, not off. I switched it to a happy place. To a place called PACH.
I cant summarize Pach as Poetry and Cheap Humor group. It'll be an insult to keep it framed in four terms when half of your present world's happiness is subsiding in it. Actually, more than half. Sometimes, its the only happiness if life right now existing in real world. Pach took so much from my being. A little hesitant in the beginning, but I saw Pach just asking me to let go. I finally did. It gave me back a thousand times fold than what I gave.
Of course, I grabbed it all.
Its the rainbow- right after a heavy storm.
Its a tree- spreads & grows.
Its the north star- always sticks in blue-black blanket on head; to guide.
Its the family- supports & respects.
Its the friend- just doesn't judge.
Its a child- knows no bounds.
Its a flower- blooms all seasons.
Its a coffee mug- it understands.
Its Sun- looks breathtaking both coming & going.

Pach has taught me epiphany, to utter sense; it just doesn't interpret- only acknowledges.

Last night, I slept with a smile on my face. Thanks Pach! 

It listens; calmly, patiently.
It gives wings to fly.
It stays; time immemorial, it just does.
Its sticks, it embraces, it gives Love.

My special thanks to Saumya di and Anup bhaiya, for giving me the best gift of life- till date.

Photo Credits- Hardik Photography


  1. i'm always amazed how much happiness we are capable of providing to each other.
    Reading this, PACH definitely seems like more than just Poetry and Cheap Humor.

  2. @Anup bhaiya
    Even I didn't know world can be such a happy happy place! And am so certain it will remain that way! With you, of course.
    So! Long live pach! :)

  3. Main aa gayi!

    Kitni late, but here. I had the nicest time reading it again, just after giving finishing touches to my musings on PACH. You girl, you stun us, you mesmerise us, and then you make us proud.

    Thank you for even mentioning me here. It means so much to see all this happiness and love take the shape of words.

    You know I love you, and this entire thing we have started together.

  4. @Saumya di

    Am glad we are on this amazing journey; all of us; together. Just walking briskly and bathing in happiness.
    Its something beyond words. Am glad am a tiny part of it.
    Thanks for appreciating, always. I guess thats what PACH is all about. :)
    Thanks for making a lovely comment too! <3

  5. @Impulse
    pach just spreads smiles.