Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Eat. Pray. Love this Diwali!

It just happened yesterday, when my observing power brought me some adorable sites. I was on my way back home, from college, celebrating Deepwali with our teach the kids gang of Parivartan. My eyes saw many students with strollers and bags waiting for the buses, probably going back to their families- I smiled.
The lovely celebration at Parivartan with our kids. 
Just 10 minutes walk from dwarka metro station to home has always been fun, and the fun was more this time. All the markets- be it the Jewell shop, sweet shop, even the book shops were glittering with lights. The people all  over the place with at least carrying 2-3 gifts in their hands left me wondering what we might get this time. The cars stuck in traffic, a chaos created even in the parking lot, front of the shops was fun to witness. I saw every car's back seat were crowded with packed gifts. I took a left, on the footpath I saw a lady sitting with 4 packs of dry fruits, 6 packs of tropicana fruit juices and some more squares packed in golden gift rap, probably waiting for someone to come pick her up. And so, I saw my society- the gates decorated beautifully with blue lights and even the trees with colorful lights. "Who would tell these people, these lights harm the trees. The radiation does actually"- says my mum.

I reached home finally, with a smile ofcourse but tired too. Just when I witnessed my sister and mum in out-going clothes. "Are we supposed to wear good clothes today?", I asked her.
They planned to go to the market, to buy diyas and candles for the auspicious occasion. Tired, still, I managed to go with them. I didn't want to miss any glimpse of the festival- Simple.
Infamous sector 6 market, each corner seeming so glittery, had my eyes sparkling. None-the-less, it was Dhanteras- A festival pre-choti diwali, which leaves people buy some utensil.
We came back home with diyas, some utensils, pillow covers and ofcourse- The rangoli colors!!!
Today, at choti diwali, the home (which always seems clean and beautiful- my mum ensures that) seemed like heaven to me. The sofa & cushions had fresh and new covers, the beds had Gujarati and Handcrafted bed sheets on each. New flowers filled freshness to my place. And yes, the biggest showcase was my duty to re-decorate and re-clean (which I enthusiastically did). The day went with practicing rangoli making for the grand event! Also, exchange of gifts goes on and on in the background. The pooja is just done and the diyas are set, which were painted by me (makes my feel rejoiced to do that). At 8 pm, my dad reaches home with almost 20 gifts. The best thing, they are all packed. The fun activity to open them leaves my heart bowled over.
Some more bone chinas, some more dry fruits, some more mithais, some more crockery, etc etc.
But but!! the best gift, is a money maker wheel. Yeah! it lies in my room, as the wheel promotes progress! Will show it to all who come home, its beautiful!
For now, am going to get the mehendi on hands ( I always find ways to do it over and over again). The different thing though is, am doing it myself! (For the first time).
Wish me luck!
Have fun guys with family & friends.
No crackers! Just diyas. I bet it will make diwali more prosperous and peaceful.