Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lights.. Camera.. Action!!!

The halcyon excuse just knocked the door. A day which made my lethargically filled soul run away.. as a matter of fact, just for a day. The deluxe home, the ambrosial ambiance, the  appetizing appetizers and all the things I cannot list out, made my Deepawali. It abnormally started with nothing and abnormally ending into so many jolly good times which I will write down in my page of history for sure.
Everything was hand made. The rangoli, the painting of diyas, the decor. Everything was love-made. The puja, the servings, the door garnishing. Alas! My favorite festival touched my heart. The festival I can sum up as: Shopping, flounces, feeding the tummy with all the sweet things on the planet, opening the gifts. In short, I feel its my second birthday! The same excitement, the same joy, the same divinity.
Kudos to the day, I got more Deepawali wishes than I receive on my birthday! All the unexpected people calling me up, and collecting texts in my bag only widened my pupils.
Ergo, its a day when we all forget our sorrows, our fights, our egos, not just for a day, rather it exhibits cruelity from our minds and give birth to toothsome relations. The adds of Coca Cola are truly amazing, "Toh is Diwali aap kise khush karenge?", is the one which is on my top charts. Many of it leaves my throat paining and administers me to think whom would I surprise this Diwali. The one more add which was launched on the idiot box was "Chalo is Diwali do diye hum bhi jalaye". What a short and crispy add it was. I believe all adds should be like one of these. Unfortunately, these will vanish our TV screens until next year.
Anyhow, another best part was, my third cracker free Diwali! Yesterday, lighting over fifty diyas & candles, it made me sink into the depths of thinking (nothing new). How many trees have I killed? How many animals have I harmed? How much have I contributed into the widening of the ozone hole?
On the counter-part, I didn't find any answers. As a matter of fact, I do have a positive side. 

"Its better late than never", as I always ensure, keeps me give away a huge sigh of relief. To boot, I now enjoy more with lights, decor & sweets than with crackers & pollution.
Minimal, I did it on my part and so made sure my family does the same. And yes, every year the burning of crackers has tremendously decreased, which entrusts me a beautiful dream of a first-class future. 
Me, sipping cold coffee, and writing this post, eagerly waits for another year, another second birthday, another Diwali, another heart full greetings, another step towards cracking the use of crackers. 


  1. love the way you describe the festivals...& i bet your description always keep ostracizing inside your head during the celebrations before penning it down,which actually doubles your enjoyment & augments that sweet festive mood in your heart which flows to the readers thnx to your blog :)

  2. @Hardik
    So, you finally got my trick. True, things start memorizing in my head in the form of sentences and how will they emerge in the post. They just flow and I let them do so. Your comments are ecstatic, trust me.
    P.S- Looking forward to your Diwali pics. Am gonna steal them for my blog.

  3. i loved the description.......but its just an information that women don't have Adam's apple.......good day....

  4. @Aditya
    Thanks.. I just edited.. thanks a tonne. :)))