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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, October 7, 2011

A commemoration

Was it just luck or written- I got holidays when I needed them the most. After all, I have been rubbing my already blocked mind and soul at college like anything, I desperately needed a break! My plans were simple, study a bit, sleep more and take all the heavenly rest I deserve. I imagined my classmates going on a college trip to Himachal, which I avoided for simple reasons- I needed time with myself, with my family (after all it is a festival clock) and sleep a lot of course.So, the holidays kicked off with great zeal and zest in sleeping mode. However, the first and last days of navratreys are affixed for fast, which never-the-less, never leave my hungry. All the 'fast' food is still to eat, the fruit chaat made each hour of green apples (my favorites) and pears could never get my hands off them. The same time, starts Durga Puja, for which Samvita shopped like mads! And I helped her getting more mad. Durga Puja, one of my favorites, even though isn't of my culture, despite that, I despise this event greatly! A great night (till 9 pm) with old friends, with whom I barely get to spend some time, will something be I'll always live up to. The pandal, the stalls, the dance, music, drama stage, the women in bengali sarees, the men in traditional (eye stealing for me), the acquaintances all over (after all, its one of the best in Dwarka, at Samvita's (Bengali) Society), the giant statue studded in gold seeming shimmering avatar was something worth giving all senses.

Finally, navami! Aah! What a day! The essence of essence sticks which I love the most, watering the tulsi plant (which I never do), the red little tika on forehead by mum is something I again love. The day began in setting the puja with my society's over dressed, dazzling in beautiful bellies and clutches, juvenile girls was a fun as always. Teasing them, discussing about from how and where they got their special attires they are wearing is full of oohs and aahs, trust me. The same evening, final day at Durga Puja kicked off at which I went at with my brother & sister. My near to heart, Dhunuchi Puja, somehow got repeated on navami (which is glued for ashthami only) set my mind on fire! What an awesome and must watch competition it is! The lovely expressions, the music of dhol. God! You've missed a lot if you miss that at Durga Puja.

At 9:30pm, dad and mum picks us up in car and continued our journey to Ramlila Ground, sector 11. As a matter of fact, it was the first of theirs, so with so many mistakes and forgetting the lines, turned up more into a comedy, with over 1 lakh people laughing. The best part: Indrajeet setting a sparkling arrow at Lakshman, with full background music and  all spotlights at them, and the arrow just fell like 2 cm away from him. On and on creating a little fire on the stage. That Indrajeet bent over to lower the tiny fire resulting in falling of his crown, which left the crowd laughing. And yes! The feather on the cap was when Hanuman coming down from the crane like Akshay Kumar with one hand like superman and a lighted umbrella in another hand (seeming like a little mountain of Sanjeevani Booti), who got stuck in middle and revolving full 360 degrees at one spot. Oh! Ramlilas are a must watch every year for me. Coming out, I bought a little thing which parents call a firki, a sort of colored windmill on both sides.

Today, on Vijaydashmi, Dussehra, how can I dare to miss the Ravana Dehen. So, me, sister, dad went to the same ramlila ground and watched over a thousand rockets shining in sky one after another and finally the awesome dehen which even left the aside metro running on track slower down its speed and let all its passengers glued to the windows and doors gazing down here.
However, we reached late, so had to view it from outside the ground, the back side actually, still that memorizing moment left all of us awed and aahed with wow! coming out of our mouths at each colorful blast. Many children sitting on their dad's shoulder left me jealous. Agreed, am light weighed, but not that that  my dad would make me sit on his shoulders. I so missed my childhood then.

Home back, my society for the first time, managed to make little ravana, legs of which were made by my brother was a cherry on the cake.
What a week it was! Filled with festival enthusiasm, colors, crackers, puja, everything! How gracefully, I managed not only time for myself, for friends, for family, but also for the greatest existing power on the planet- God, which wasn't even in the plan. Am glad I didn't go anywhere, am glad I stayed at home and saw my home getting converted into God's own graced. The culture all resides here.

Looking forward to Diwali now!


  1. just 1 word- WONDERFUL :)
    you got me laughing too on yr description of the crazy Ramlila :D & the writing was sparkling with festive colors all the way through...i can easily say,i had very nice read today,thanks to you :)

  2. @Hardik
    Yeah! am glad you commented. Trust me, my blog remains incomplete if it doesn't have your words scribbled. And yes, Ramlila was real fun! Its just the season that has filled me with vivacity of sparkling spices! Thank you again! :)

  3. Woman! This is one damn post which i LIKE THE MOS TMOST AND YES THE MOSSST! How all the zest is reflective in ur writing is inexplicable!
    and to INFACT luckily even i enjoyed the festivities as ever before with my first ever RAMLILA visit adding to the glory ! haha! where do i strat from? Jut yesterday i went to nani's.They're getting the house whitewashed so all the furniture is 'displayed' outside;D that's when i mom mama mami nana nani had an awesome chatting session.They all narrated their favourite RAMLILA dialogues nad it's AMAZIING how deep-set they are within!ahahaahahah! best was when mamu enacted
    "JAI Sankar Ki"..the ramlila at laxmi bai nagar(some bloack i dont remmbr)..where the Garwaai Samity performed.How those charcters were HEROS like Bollywood starts today! Geez! Mom's like if at all they spotted RAM on a bicycle(who was apparently a newspaper seller:D).their DAY WAS MADE! Mami's 'Bharat Milaap' scene...Mom's "Sita maiya in Ashok Vatika" narration.A little away from the topic..nanaji told how mythological movie were a CRAZE around! One of the blockbusters 'Jai Tulsi Maiya' if i can get the name correct.How everyone in the cinema hall started throwing coins on the screen when the diety was to appear :O Tickets costing from 'one ana' to 'paanch ana'...crowd believing closer they r to the screen,better it would be...for them just to cross the BENCHES duting intervals to get a backseat"Bhiasaab thoda khisak jaaiye..jagah deejiye" and they were thru :DD aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I love nana naniii<333 Gosh! haahaahh! Then how this neighbr of their's..a 5 yr old boy "Adi"...teased by my mom :P
    Mom(When discussing about hte beautiful Ravana the society kiddos had made): Adi tum Ram ho ya Ravan?
    Adi(with all his might): NAHI main LAKSHMAN hoon
    *laughs like a retard seal*:Me
    ahahhhahahhaahahah!!!! Tht's when he actually acted like one! Taking out his bow and arrow :P:P:P:P
    Then came West Enclave ka Ravan Dehen.Mama Mami I and mom..All excited about it! My favourite the orange dhinchaak Meghnaath ;)) This is when i for the first time saw the RAMLILA acts onstage! As hilarious as ever.Dialogues were played and they just had to act:P Ramji toh thakk ke kamar pe haath khadey hue the :P:P:P
    Doode Aavika! then the incessant fireworks! illumintaing the sky! Jesus! Ravan ko maarne ke baad turned up the Asli Ravana :P The MLA of the locality :/:P
    It was 8 30 till we waited and NO Ravan was burnt! How politically determined is it in today's world! Gosh!
    OK BREAK NOW !I ha become too excited: P:P:P

  4. and yaah the dhoonuchi dance! Lucky iwas to get a glimpse of it during nobomi! the young boys and girls rejoicing every bit of it! Just how i controlled and saw them! my eyes glueddd at this lad performing at the dhaak:OO It just gets u grooving! The essence of Bengal u get at CR Park ladki!!!! Cannot becompared! It's mini kolkata ! Mutton Biryani...mutton kausa:D lalalalalaaaa! All my fruit juices kept staring at me :P
    The impeccable dance performncs by profeesional troupes! Boys and girls aged 9-12years! Wow~ How i wish i was a part of all this.Then my favouritttte performnce! this singer from Kolkata named 'Proson' ..i think..bhul gayi :P HE HAD A VOICE :O how muma nd i wentttt mad! Dad too :P Bangla songs with hindi blend! now i and mum actually love the song 'naa jaaane koi...kaisee hai yeee zindagannnniiii.humaaai adhoori kahaaaniiii'' and we sing it on top of our voices with all pride and glory :DD This is originally a bangla song sung around 1978 is what dad translated to us:O
    Oh ! Dad se yaad aya! During Pujo we have 'shudhhu Pujo gaan' playing int he car stereo.So it was S.DBurman this time ! How ALll the Hindi numbers have been translated form Bangla! My mommy dear loved every single original version<3
    Now is shall not stop i think but i guess i should,,and come up with more and more of stories as u did( i always have many :P You know the best;))...AND i like the new avatar of ur blog missyB-))
    Kudos!! See you sooon!!

  5. hahahhahahahhahahha its very refreshing and exciting to read your post........looking forward to read your experiences on coming festivals.........

  6. @Swati
    You just wrote many beautiful stories as 'comments'. Wow it was. With your hahaha, lalala, wowoss , ooohhhss... it just makes your words more and more realistic. Yes, I know maximum songs are translated from bangla, after all, bangal is the origin of music. Yes, I do understand a bit of bangla, but still tend to listen to all the songs. My ears just go with them . The music, the voice clarity is always inexpressible.
    And yes, the ramlilas! What a fantabulous part of our culture. The festive season is always incomplete without them. The awesome characters played by very common people who turn up to be the heroes filled by pride.
    Yes, the another thing is- AM GLAD YOU COMMENTED! (something good), cos you generally make fun of my out of the world stories. Now I know your interest, its mainly non veg food, bangal music, the festival timings. :) I'll write more of it now. eeeeee!!! Am getting more excited than you were while commenting! Thank you swati.. Love you <3 <3 <3 :))))))

  7. @Aditya
    Am glad you liked it. None-the-less, I wish next time onwards, you'll be in my experience too! The season has just began.:)))))))

  8. Nuh-uh! You can't overbear my excitement :P eeeeeh! haha! Yup! I completely go 'beserk' when it comes to culture and tradition! NOT merely Bangla-oriented though :P But throughout our nation! It is exciting! aaah! The dances! Folklore! Cuisines ! Beauty it is all:D:D:D:D:D:D
    And stop thankinglady :P Iluness<333er them..hmmmm hmmmm and my tiny-miny brain fails to come up with any viable comments:P Geez!
    Let-The-Exploration Begin :**
    and i just try i dont make fun of the stories that turn up from ur imagination dear. It's IMAGINATION that can't and shouldn't ever stop anybody! I just try and find out the fessibility of them O_o whih is weird..but i do think ov

  9. @Swati
    Will remember the last line mainly :P. But your stories are always better than mine. :D

  10. Waht? i just saw it isnt typed fully:/ geez! guess i wrote...i think over them and i fail to make sense :P or whatver:))
    and HEY all that i told u arent any ficticious stories:P sachi hain :DD

  11. @Swati
    Yes, I know. All your real stories are like awesome! And funny and weird too (in a good sense though), which all I love giving my ears to. :)