Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, December 28, 2012

Paramour for Nature

Happy days, sad days, gloomy days, lazy days, enjoying days, tiring days, stressful days, celebration days, fun days and all kinds of days come and pass me by, at which sometimes, I love to look back, with hatred or with a smile on my face.
Apart from this, I have always felt a void in my days, something lacking. We all need someone who would love us back, love us even more than what we offer and of course, asking nothing in return except our presence. Such cellophane attitude cannot be apprehended from humans who continue always look for some favors in return or alongside of our love. 
I bereft a cherished, darling, endearing. I beggared a pet since my imagination took off its first flight. Here are a few strands of my imagination which are buried deep within my heart, yet insatiable of pure love:

How about a dog?

I woke up one winter morning with red polka dotted pajamas on, wondering where did my orange-cum-green jute slippers go. Without stressing my mind with absence of slippers, I saw my dog, Bubbles chewing them. Bubbles is a female lazy Saint Bernard puppy with brown patches on her white soft fur, who sleeps most of the times and loves to sit on my feet, at remaining times. I fell in love with her at the adoption site at an NGO. We usually go out for long drives and I allow her to sit at front seat with her light pink tongue floating out of window in direction of wind. Bubbles is a pure vegetarian like me and sticks around with me all the time. Being a girl, she listens to me patiently and never leaks my secrets to anyone. She likes colorful clothes and caps, we usually match on every detailing of wearings. Sitting by lake on a green portion of grass , under our favorite Mahagony green tree on weekends is our favorite thing to do. She always sits near the doormat waiting for me with eyes glued at the stairs that lead to our first floor home.
Bubbles, a lazy Saint Bernard.

Or a turtle?

Chloe is a female Star Turtle, a month old when I got it from an aquarium shop very near from a metro station. Chloe is a happy-go-lucky soul and a very articulate one too. Always residing in her glass & wooden box kept right above my book shelf and right next to the window, she has just enough sunlight coming in from window to provide her with vitamin-D for her healthy bones. I have set up two table lamps to give her enough warmth, a little tub of water where she daily enjoys her bath and two-three plant pots which in summers, I replace with flower pots too (which she loves to eat). Chloe is a pure vegetarian like me and enjoys only lettuce & spinach unlike me. At night, I detail her with aces of my day, after which she goes off to sleep.
That's how Chloe likes it in her natural aura. 

Pet isn't something which is put in cage and seized its freedom. Pet is adored, cared for, dearest, idolized, well-liked, precious and very close to heart. You only give it food to eat, shelter to stay in, babyish time and it gives you its heart & soul. For all those lucky people who have a pet, be it a bird, a dog, a cat, a rabbit or anything, continue to love your animals as family. And as for me, I can only hope & imagine I integrate my life and acquire the missing puzzle piece, soon.  


  1. i like turtles ;-)
    and snakes :P

    btw, very good use of all the colors :-)

    1. @jagpreet:
      I like all reptiles. I like animals. I love nature, to be precise. :)