Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A token of Thanks

Two years back I initiated writing via this amazing blogspot, with ordinary skills and not much exposure. I never had much combat when it comes to professionalism in writing until I realized its only putting yourself in front of the mirror and celebrating the mirage of life. Keeping aside sophistication and maturity, I gave it a try only with immaturity and Love which my heart beheld for bringing a dream into reality- my own blog. I ensured going ahead only to have fun and get rid of melancholy of life. The blog stood aloof having the best, the good, the bad, the worse moments with a hint of all feelings- ecstasy, excitement, gloomy, care, majorly Love and mainly what we call-Life.
Here I readily enjoy overlooking 80 posts I have written and rejoice that I have grown, not as a writer much, but as a person. I hereby have made a gratitude list in accordance with the events that occur:

  • I must thank Saumya Di, for introducing me to the world of blogging for not only giving me a collar but also for giving me the base to stand upon when I needed it. Without her, I wouldn't have started it in turn. Her way of writing, still remains an inspiration to me:
  • My heart is filled with gratitude to the technological world. Though I can never understand how it works, but it does. I must convey my thanks to for giving a perfect platform to everyone without any chauvinism between professionalism and immaturity and also for giving me amazing gadgets to use anytime.
  • I am filled with gratitude to my computer for sure, without any grievances it has been a provision for me to write. My every post has been written only on my computer. 
  • I am grateful to Hardik Gaurav, my only perfect, reliable photographer I have known since the college life began. Each of his picture is a beauty which soothes the eyes and charms the heart. Most of my pictures used on blog come from him. Thanks Hardik for being an avid reader too. His page on facebook is a must to visit:
  • Next person I must thank is Jagpreet who I dont know how but always manages to leave me with a comment and deliver a smile on my face. 
  • Love you Samvita, you have been an inspiration behind many of my posts which come out as beautifully as you & me are together. With all my heart I thank Nitti and Anjali, who have successively been spreading a word about my blog wherever and to whoever possible since a long time and managed to bring me more avid readers.
  • I must convey my Thanks to Himanshu, you've just put this bug me in for trying long sentences. Some day, I promise to touch your expectations. 
  • There's always some mood-related music going on at the background when I am trying to paint the world with my words. Thanks to music, no doubt which pushes me enough to keep writing.
  • I thank Nature, Humanity, for bringing me enough beautiful creations to write upon. 
  • I thank God for how He has made me. For I can feel Love, happiness, pain, grief, friendship and everything which become my way of writing post to post.
  • I am humbled to have many readers who get inspired by my posts and discuss things with me when we meet. Varuna, I owe you for this one.
  • A great bouquet of thanks to so many ardent readers my stats show outside India as well. God knows what regularly pulls you all towards my blog, but it makes me happy and arouse me to write more & more. Cheers to all 80 posts, wonderful followers and so many blog views I happen to get whenever I open my blog. 

To all the people who have made this blog what it is today :) Thank you! 


  1. i like the computer part !! ;-)
    every post on this computer..:P

    apart from that, its a joy to read your blog.
    kudos, and keep writing !! :-)

    1. @Jagpreet:
      Even I like the computer part and now I've realized the power of Gratitude.
      Its fun to write, more fun to know people are enjoying! :D Thanks for always and always motivating me to write. Surely means a lot to me. :)

  2. & thank u Aavika for presenting us a kaledeoscopic vision of sm of the most exquisite, honest & beautifully true emotions :)
    God bless u my Wonder writer buddy Aavika Rowlings :)
    ur posts only have got more beautiful with time & i know the pinaccle of ur beautiful creative imagination is soon to be witnessed by every1 & i wud always be at ur back wid my photos always wanting to get featured in ur posts & trying to compliment ur already wonderful posts :)

  3. @Hardik
    Aah! Where to begin from. Since the blog was born from nowhere to changing welcoming pictures, changing titles, changing minds you have always been just around the corner. The blog has become indispensable of your view, pictures, comments for sure. It would just not be what it is without your moral support and whenever we even meet, asking me to always keep travelling on this road.
    And a special thanks to your pictures. No matter what I become (as a write) in coming times, I surely would want you to reach higher heights of fame and bliss in world of photography. Oh! you sooo deserve it!
    Needless to say though, stick around all the time. :)

  4. Behind your back, I have been reading this blog regularly, and marvelling at how this little girl manages to echo emotions which are so mature and profound. Being mentioned first up in the list of one of those bloggers I have come to respect, I think I am on cloud nine. I feel honored and privileged.

    There are things I wish for you Aavika, all good, bright, nice and colourful. May God give you better than what you deserve. God bless. Keep being awesome!

    1. @Saumya Di
      Time surely works wonders to people, as it has done in mine by helping me learn to always move ahead with anything that arrives in life.
      The words of gratitude are surely the world's most powerful words I can use to describe your position (for now in blog-world).
      Without a speck of dust of doubt, you deserve to be honored and privileged.
      Let you and me (and the rest of world) be always colored with bright colors of joy and be blessed at all times of out lives. :) :)