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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, April 26, 2013

With or Against Nature?

Toys, cartoon character, mugs, wrappings, stationary, decorative items, a lot of things come in shapes of animals easily available at Archies or Hallmark at which we all look with awe. We all, at some point of lives have had pyjamas with antlers faces, or maybe some other cute animals. Animals look cute when we bring into being with human touch. I look around my computer table, I see a turtle toy, sparrow sitting in her nest, four wallpapers of different types of birds, beer stickers all over my room.
Then why are sparrows vanishing, dogs being abandoned, antlers hunted for fun, tigers killed for skins when we love them so much with their fake entity?
I watched an hour and a half length documentary on dolphin slaughtering in Taiji, Japan by Ric O'Barry called "Cove" which killed a part of me as I watched intently. People in Japan watch dolphins in dolphinarium while eating dolphin meat (which has high mercury content) at the same time. A few people say there are not bothered, they cant do anything about it, its not in our country. If you simply try to avoid it, doesn't mean it'll go away. The movie will surely hit you straight in head and heart leaving you think for a real long time about what could be done. I see dolphins in movies and videos and 'mystical creatures' is all that comes in my mind. They've been proved to be more intelligent than humans, you know along with having the power to heal with their presence. Search the internet and so many results appear of people who have survived because of them. Dolphins love us and we only love their toys.
When will humans stop pretending they are ultimate owners of nature? Nature hates humans for what all we have done to her- exploited her in worse condition imaginable. We dont own any living creature. Nobody gave us right for it. We can only own cars and houses or draw borders. We are humans- selfish, preoccupied, not bothered, dictators. At the same time, we can be humans- loving, caring, helping. The only question is which part are we at.

Watch the movie if your inner calling hasn't come yet, it surely will now. Visit-


  1. & how can i connect to the post is because even i watched the movie with same intent & awe & was ashamed of ourselves for being such heinious & uncaring :(

    I wish all people in this world watch the movie & there arises a worldwide protest to stop such slaughter.

    Emotions well put up yet again my little Rowling..

    1. @Hardik

      Right, the movie is a complete eye opener and surely has brought some change till now and must continue to do so. We must stop these acts we do with all the people, and now with humans too. We don't own anyone.
      Thanks for the comment!

  2. human tendedncy, we all marvel at things that bring happiness to us, give it a go over other things and then move on !!

    sad, but true !! :(

    1. @Jagpreet
      So true, a tradition going on since decades which I think should change now. Only we can change it.
      Thanks for commenting! :)