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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Monday, April 29, 2013

Am keeping you Forever & for always

"Rain has its own share of magic".
Her mood usually goes with the weather and vice-versa. Cold breeze hits her white face and hair making them flow with its direction. The tiny rain drops starts hitting the red umbrella making a musical sound. She's alone standing under the umbrella where 'they' earlier were. Sometimes its only a walk in breezy rain that you need. It doesn't solve anything, it just gives you an awakening that it shall go on for some more time, just deal with it. She goes for a walk wearing brown rain boots. Street lights look so admiring like a beautiful pastel painting and so does the head lights of car. Her shadow follows her. When nothing is behind you to protect you from falling, there's a part of you for sure who never leaves. Leaves of trees collide with each other with the force of breeze, 'its a song of nature' they say. But it wasn't just an evening walk, she knew where she was going. It took 10 minutes to go the the highway by bus, but she preferred walking, for the nature insisted. After a long walk by time but short by mind, she reached near a tree with red & white strips painted on it. She bent over near a tiny heap of soil, kept her umbrella aside and started digging with bare hands. The rain went even lighter, as if letting the process go easy for her. Pictures started colliding in her head back to back- this is where they met by fluke, where they kissed for first time, where they parted ways, where she buried his last memories. What she was finding was surely a little deep inside, as if buried so with thought of never finding it again.
Some layers of soil and emotions later she found what she has left, found what she was looking for, for which rain went down- a silver heart pendant that her 'better-half' had given her. She removed all the soil over it, picked her umbrella and took a bus this time for she was tired of fighting emotions. She wanted to get back home as early as possible. Back home, the pendant was kept near a frame which had 'their' photo together. Its not really easy to move on from something, especially if a piece of you won't let you do so. "Even if I will never see you or talk to you, I will always keep a part of you with me", she said holding that pendant.


  1. This is amazing Aavika. I felt so calm and nice while reading it. Thanks for insisting that I read it.

    1. @Saumya di
      I am glad you really liked it! Thank you! :D

  2. Ahh
    Beautiful piece of wrk Rowlings :)
    Especially the scenery described around in the rain,it just sets the mood

    Waiting for the rest of the story if you have something in your mind :))
    Its going to turn out to be such a beautiful story, i am just imagining it now

    Keep it up !!!

    1. @Hardik
      Oh geez! Dont keep such high expectations please. Haven't really thought much beyond this piece though, but if something strikes my mind then surely will go ahead :D

      Thank you! :)

  3. Awesome! Your posts are so captivating.

    1. @Madhuresh

      Am totally filled with gratitude over the brim! Am glad to have another avid reader! I wish you happy reading in future!
      Thanks Indeed for this comment too!!