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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Engraved, not buried #OctPoWriMo 2013 day 10


Suddenly reminded of you a lot
And suddenly, I catch myself thinking
It's buried too deep now. 

Suddenly I can't stop feeling it
But I'm not feeling it as much
It's buried too deep now. 

And suddenly I catch my face contorting
My eyes leaking
My veins visible
Suddenly I'm not such a grown up anymore

Suddenly I'm back in college

The above is originally written by Anup Bishnoi on his blog Grass on Fire named "Engraved, not buried". I picked it up for inspiration. Here is my reply, or better called - an extension to his words.


The walls are calling me more
The windows long shut, are open again
It's uncovering like lost treasure.

Bleak voices of fun
or the tiny rays of sun
It's all uncovering like lost treasure. 

I can feel those days again
But they are passing me by
I know; not here to stay
I still hold them in tight fists of mine

Leaving here a piece of me
which will wander even when I am gone
Until I say someday; yet again 
Suddenly I'm back in college

This prompt of "A reply poetry" submitted by a very close friend Nimue created a void and filled it itself with brighter colors in form of words. Trying to reply to a poem which is an inspiration, is more or less frightening with the first thought of "justifying" it with proper words, which, yes seems next to impossible. 
But once done, it leaves with a realization of how much Anup Bishnoi inspires me (which is deeper than I thought before writing this). 
I am yet frightened if I have done justice to his words and his feeling of attachment to his college days. Again it gave me some more bliss, cos I do not have fond memories from college but thanks to him I lived a little from his side. And yes, this is a tiny (insignificant actually) piece of dedication to him.
So thank you Anup Bishnoi for the impact you have left on me. More of less, for the amazing person you are. Keep doing it, please.
And it doesn't stop without thanking Nimue, for its because of her I went through a lot of feelings while writing this. I discovered a new part of me.

P.S- Apologies, I know it does not match your level of writing, at all. 


  1. I loved this ..
    thank you for sharing that Anup's poem and then your lines just took it to another level ..

    I am so so happy my prompt brought out these gems to light :D
    yay !!

    1. I cant stop thanking you di! I just wrote something.. straight from heart though..
      I love your prompts! :) Thank you di!

  2. This is so cool! :)

    Honor to mera hai jo meri poem chuni :) :)

    1. oh! geez! You liked it! bas.. mission successful!
      thank you soo much bhaiyaa! :)
      aap likhte rahe, hum peeche peeche chalte rahenge.

  3. I really like how you've replied to the piece, really love these lines:

    ' Bleak voices of fun
    or the tiny rays of sun
    It's all uncovering like lost treasure.'

    1. You picked the same lines which I like too! Thats awesome! hi 5!
      Thank you for dropping by ^_^

  4. You both are such awesome poets that this post just reached another high :)

    And what a reply. Loved it

    1. Aren't we all amazing bunch of poets? :D
      This post just means so much to me! Thank you for commenting and making it all complete. :)

  5. this was beautiful....

    and feels great to have found Anup..terific writer :)

    1. ahhaaa! He'll just blow you over with words! He creates magic!
      Thank you for making a comment :D