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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, May 30, 2013

If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad

Its been a long time since I've written something here and even longer since I've written about 'someone' straight from heart. Yet, this post goes out happily to a girl I've met by fluke. Only two things gives me irks at the bottom of my heart: one, seeings plastic bags at my home and two, setting adieu to someone dear. Letting go is surely the hardest moment of all. So, this post clearly goes off at bidding goodbye to a girl we all know, all because am better at writing than saying.

Meeting someone gives you a smile
Knowing that someone makes you feel content
Acknowledging lows & highs brings a strange feeling of togetherness
Goodbyes sets you even closer

Like a winterland princess, living in her own forms, surviving against all odds, somehow managing to set sails in high tides, filled with elation- this is remarkably known Jagriti. With her roll number prior to mine, I've grown fonder of her, slowly yet definitely. With each summer shining bright, each rain getting stronger, each autumn making us move on and each winter getting colder, she's risen above all.

You know when you meet someone
There's a flicker in eyes, a charm in words
Another attitude flowing in awes and oos
Its another friend you've met.

There's something about her, I thought clicking pen on my bench when she walked in the classroom; a rare sight, seriously. Which is beyond we can see, imagine or understand. She has a gift by Him. A gift which she knows she possess and respects it. Its not just a gift of being beautiful outside, its something deep inside. There's some charade about her, which makes us go even crazier for her.

Its been a long time, yes
Some enigma in her soul
I frequently ask this question
How can someone remain so blithe?

I knew this quote was right: "the girl who laughs the most is the one who cries at night", used a lot in movies and often deduced out of a happy girl by all. Bogus! Delusive! Made up!
Jagriti has changed my definition of being 'happy'. The supernatural being who's made everyone her's, seeing through the transparent mind and soul of all. Flowing in with all's sorrows and smiles. I've seen her grow even better than us.

The break-ups leave us crippled
More parched for true love
She has however gone a different way
Break up brings you closer to the real 'you'.

The girl who has emerged in a better way after break up. Never looked back and sailed with good winds leaving the world watch her with every step she takes towards mending herself all throughout. Personally, its because of her I started taking my break-ups in an affirmative manner. Will I ever see her again? This is a question I've stopped asking, for we set our own trends & ways. Sooner or later, meeting is marked.

I see you flying a midst the storm
Is this delusion that I see your wings?
Or is it as they say;
you are truly a blessed one

The sun is setting we say
You'd rather wait for new days
Filling wounds with happiness
Would you teach us how?

Blitheness, cheerfulness, delight
You've made it yours- the dark night
We see you fly
"There she goes, when we might see her again?"

The numb words have preoccupied us
Here are the only ones that I have:
May you glow higher than moonlight
The world shall never set you apart
Glee be your mate forever
Happiness stay with you thereafter

-Much Love

Well, the post doesn't end here, a few words by your algorithms are:

With you, I need no long essays to express my love
I'll miss your routine calls
I'll miss your tragic stories
The fun we had that night
The chats we used to have during labs

The way you used to irritate me by your silly questions
Trust me, no one can do that, that cutely
No matter where we all end up Jagriti,
You will be missed

Jagriti, you are the most jaunty and lively person I have ever met. Your mere presence brings a msile to everyone's face... you are the girl with purest soul.. I will miss your stupid long long stories and the way you said "anjali, anu kuch samajh nahi aa raha kya karu". when you are totally blank during exam times (actually most of the time). Just want to say all the best for your future, may you get through the best college and succeed in your life ahead. Keep laughing an take care, will miss you a lot and I know you will miss me too.
P.S- Benzene hamari presence feel karta rahega tumhe!

I would remember you as a girl who hardly attended college. Every other day you had something or other to share with all those twists and turns in your crazy life. A girl running for assignments, attendance or some advice, with no relatives in Delhi but so many friends. Hope to see you a little less confused in future and continue being smart, sweet, hot, fun, lively, bubbly person that you are. And all these years spent in chem hons venky, we have a strong bonding with "Benzene".

Miss horny! I know I realized it later but its a toast to be your friend in every way. You are the inspiration for all of us to live your life so lively. I treasure every moment spent with your especially the naval thing (our new invention together). It wont be the same without you girl. Wish you a best "kanpuria" life ahead!

Happy times! 

Just we all look so grown up here! :O
Fly high Jagriti!


  1. Okay! seriously this was one of the best gifts of life..:) Babes you are an awesome human being,whom i always adore. Tht everlasting smile and confidence in you made me your fan. i have no words to thank you for this.I dont hv any idea how do u write such beautiful stuffs and girl u know me so so well ;)
    i love you will always do and forever just a text away wenever u need me :* <3
    It touched my heart and soul <3

    1. @Jagriti
      Hey babe! Maybe I never said, but you've actually taught me a lot. After some time spent in brainstorm, I've actually come up seeing you glowing bright in sad times. Whenever I feel low, I imagine you jumping high :D
      So cheers to great time spent together! and to the bright future we'll all have! :)
      You'll always stay in our hearts.
      And yes, thanks for the comment! :D

  2. AAvikaaaa...i love you! i love you so so much :*
    you are a gem <3 i was feeling so so so low since 3 days and now when i read this again,there is such abig smile on my face. the way you have presented me makes me so glad. It returned all the lost confidence. I cannot thankyou enough in words. I really want to meet you soon. I will thank you in my way when we meet next :) i hope soon :D lots n lots n lots n lotsssssssssssssssssss of love :*

    1. @Jagriti
      Hey babe, so good to hear from you after quite some time, not really equipped with being such far away from you. Sad to know something pulled you down for 3 long days, but blithe to know that now its all okay! and trust me, things will get better & better when you have that beautiful smile stuck on you forever!
      I am so glad that this post makes you happy, that too often!
      And I want to meet you too! :) Someday sooner! Till then, jagriti, I would love if you stay in your best shape all the time, and keep updating me too.
      I love you too! :) Always <3