Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Yesterday. I, returning back home after an assiduous day at college. On my way back through the metro, I started singing, all of a sudden. "Who says I cant get stoned, turn off the lights and the telephone. Me in my house alone, who says I cant get stoned?". 
I almost forgot the last time I'd sung this song. So cozy to me, it lends me a huge amount of peace, when am with me. Yes, when am with me. I do not consider myself alone, when am not with anyone else. I still have the best companion: me. Then happens the another song, "hey there delilah, what's there like in New York city, am a thousand miles away but tonight you look so pretty, yes you do. Times Square cant shine as bright as you, I swear that's true". Thats a complete deja vu. I remember the last time I'd sung this was at same situation, in a rikshaw, with just me, at around 7 pm. Half night, half day. Seems like am having a Semblance with my old self.  The mirage continued followed by few drops of rain. Alas, it rains again. It reminds me more of the past now. There are always songs that are miss matched with any others. I continue singing, that leads the rikshaw wala entertained actually. Singing " am going home", is my favorite hobby. No matter how irritated the people around me are getting. No matter how many times I have sung it, I'll still carry out my job. I switched to hindi now. "Thade rahiyo, o pake-yaar re.. thade rahiyo". For having learnt semi classical a long time back, I never get bored of singing it over and over again. Followed by, "piya tose naina lagi re.. naina lage re.. jane kya ho ab aage re.. naina laage re". I imagined the gracefullest Waheeda Rehman dancing.
The rikshaw ride comes to an end with my destination just across the road. I walked in those dew drops.
There are still a million songs, which I'll never ever get irked of. Will keep listening to them. Still agitating the people around me. Being covetous. No matter how many times am poked.
The list also consists of:
Banna Banni (a famous traditional Rajasthani Song)
Chalte Chalte yuhi koi mil gaya tha
Pal pal dil ke paas
Bade acche lagte hain (indeed, it got its recognition back with the arrival of the tv serial, which I love)
The hardest part :Coldplay
Talk: Coldplay
Someone like you: Adele
Mehfuz hu: Euphoria
These are the songs which have been dedicated to me. Either by people, or by myself to me.

It rained again today, and the same cassette of songs plays at the back of my mind as I danced my feet off.


  1. awe-inspiring..depicts hw one cud be so lively wen dey hv nthng but a passion fr music ...................

  2. @Sarang
    Am pleased to see you comment each time.
    With your views, you provoke me to write more.

  3. @varuna
    Thank you. Even a delighted each time you comment :) eeee

  4. All the Hindi songs listed, really warmed up my heart. English tracks I don't listen to, except for a select few. Nicely written!

  5. @Saumya Di
    Hindi songs present the feelings in a better way as compared to english ones. :)

  6. nycccccc as usual...depicts d same cozy feeling wen even m traveling in metro all alone,my best fren is my mobile wid all those lovely songs i can't get tired off :) weather standing or sitting, wen 1 of my vry favorite tracks strts playing even i start humming softly,everytime wndering if the people near me r staring at me or not :P albeit i really want them to listen to d song m singing ...hehe
    truly mesmerizing feeling that is....
    & ya v'l sing a duet of hey there delhila smday,its 1 of those songs i luv to hum the most :P

  7. @Hardik
    You've left me mesmerized with these words of yours. We've both just coincidently come across the same feeling. Yes, its wonderful. Sometimes, you do not need anyone, but just you yourself.
    And as the duet... am eager, fully loaded to shoot it with you... :)
    Just now, one more feeling struck me, we both are always same pinched. :)