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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, July 5, 2013

PART II- Scintillating Reminiscing

-Pieces of a Diary
Pg 847

Here I sit in the park we first met. Where his cap came flying towards me and we almost bumped into each other picking it. Here he asked my number and since then we've never been alone. That white cap with blue stripes is still with him, now has become a lucky charm.
I haven't seen him since a month. He's off to his another work tour to other part of the country. For a woman who works from home, this is hard to understand at times. Our house seems alien to me when he's away. My skin appears parched, the walls seem colorless, the mirrors has his' reflection. But with every passing hour when he's on his way back home, the house itself illuminates with brighter colors. I get chills even thinking he'll be coming here very soon. Actually very soon, maybe in another 20 minutes. I have asked him to come to this park- to share a news with him, dressed in a dress he gave on my previous birthday.
I dont know how many years have passed. It seems I've known him since eternity. How was my life before meeting him? I have no memories of it. Maybe because he's so easy going. Maybe cos he understands.
I have remembrances of our best night ever, we had gone for a sudden trip to nearest farm house right three days before he left. The farm house so elegant and subtle which appeared on brochure delivered at home. We drove till the farm house in an old chevy which is a memory of his father, so we can never let it go. Unfortunately & expectedly, it broke down a few kilometers from the destination- something not very odd. Nothing in sight and tired of trying, we spent our night in the car near the tree. I have never been afraid when he's around. We sang in chorus with the radio songs and talked to the stars- the Saturday tradition which we cannot desolate. We made love later and slept in old blankets kept in back seat of chevy. Though a towing truck came around 4.30 in the morning and spoiled our sleep.

I feel he's coming towards me.
I have never been so desperate to see him. For I will tell him I am carrying our child.


  1. you would be glad to hear...yes it does lives up-to my expectation & yes i am curious now, what is going to be the next chapter of love :))

    keep it up up & up Miss Rowlings :)

  2. @Hardik
    Oh my! I had kept my mind going easy for a few days in order to come up with something new and vibrant. The emptiness filled up on its own, am happy. And wow! You liked this! This entire "diary" series goes out to you!
    Thanks hardik for being so optimistic! Wait for the next part!