Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Saawan ke jhule pade... tum chale aao..

How busy as a beaver I've been this week. Not just week, the entire month. No time to breath, no time for introspection, no time to sleep properly. The assiduous days flow one after another.
Me, at friend's pg today, the park just a few meters away from my eyes at Satya Niketan. How astonishing the view is when it gets dark. Not literally dark, somewhat in between dark and evening. The bridge in between that time. Being lethargic I only gaze my eyes at the people. At the juveniles mainly. Their life, their moments, I can only live mine. The comparison just comes inside without knocking the door. How insane I've been all my life. Grown so much in past three years. Transited myself into something, that for now, I do not have a reverse gear. I just wanna get lost somewhere. Wanna escape the ongoing activities of life for sometime. On the other hand, life never greets me with breaks. Not even one. Time travelling awaits me. Seems like it was years back. How childish I had been. How insane. How funny. How precious, to me. How much I've always adored myself more than anyone. How well I used to tackle the titsy bitsy cobwebs of life. How I was always stuck into the black hole of happiness.
I laughed out as a girl pushes the another off the swing. I laughed some more when they fight, even when the another swing is empty. It makes me remember some more phases of me. 
How life has just dramatically transformed me. So, are the people around me. I think am more influenced. 
The heavier loads of problems flowing just in one after another. Some still flowing in my veins. I, being a bona fide laziest person, is too comatose to just fit back into the satchel and start fighting those things which are busting forth with me.
Tried to solve many, created many many more. Made friends globally, but left my own. Metamorphosised myself for rest. To such an extent by now, things cannot be solved. Just inhaled it all. Somewhere in the rush of city, I have lost my soul.  Somewhere long back. In oder to run from troubles, I ran away from myself. Maybe cos the storms hit when I was just in a boat, not a huge Titanic. The boat, is devastated by now. But, instead of constructing the boat, am on my way to build Titanic. To some extent, its done. Hoping it will be on its verge of end-construction before the storms would hit again. 
But, wait.. the Titanic did sink at the end.... The only hope to survive dies by now.. again. 
Not so early.. I'll construct more rescue boats. 
Just as the debate goes on in my tiny head, I start singing.. 

Saawan Ke Jhoole Pade, Tum Chale Aao
tum Chale Aao, Tum Chale Aao

aanchal Naa Chhode Meraa, Paagal Huyee Hain Pawan
ab Kyaa Karu Main Jatan Dhadake Jiyaa Jaise Panchhee Ude

dil Ne Pukaaraa Tumhe, Yaadon Ke Parades Se
aatee Hain Jo Desh Sen, Hum Us Dagar Pe Hain Kab Se Khade

jab Hum Mile The Piyaa, Tum Kitane Naadaan The
hum Kitane Anajaan The, Baalee Umareeyaan Mein Nainaa Laden

A melodious track by Lata ji. 
The song, dedicated to my early life. I miss those days. Surrounded by a few friends, few happiness moments which I have lived heavily. Hoping to get back soon! 
Here's the link to the song.. do give it an ear..


  1. Hmm...
    There is nothing to deduce from here. But I have eager ears, just wanted to let you know.
    And, it is a melodious track. Listening to it as I read. I am depressed too, now. Talk soon.

  2. @Saumya Di
    Hope so.. take care.. :)