Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A cup of caffeine?

I poured the Nescafe coffee powder into the grinder with two spoons sugar. Followed by two spoons of water. After grinding, poured 1/4th cup of milk into it. After some labor (by the grinder), I saw the cream made up. Into the milk already boiling, I fully transferred the ingredients of the grinder. Just after a short time interval of five-six minutes, hot cappuccino was ready!
As soon as I gulped down the first sip from the yellow coffee mug with black stripes, I saw the pre-rain whether. 
Three of my little friends of society playing in the park in rain made me smile at them. Laugh as one of them falls down. I, just standing at the entrance of balcony, gulping down my favorite liquor, watch as the rain increases its fury.
The smell of rain, of wet soil mixes with the aroma of caffeine. The voice of rain, so pure, collides with the sound of me gulping down my coffee- The only thing that I can prepare on my own.
My friends playing in the park now rush back home as the eerie of rain takes its spin. I, watch it grow. I watch the trees dance, in the light of moon.
How filled with glory the world is. How beautiful the life is. I've never been so over-the-brim with happiness stored in, than at now. I've never been filled with goodness, than at now. After quite a long time, I am filled with some positive charges.
The coffee is halved now.
I remember how worse the last two months were. Working as a beaver, unwell, people in need forming distances and the heartbreak warfare around. 
Just the right time the song plays at the back of my mind. The song I not only give an ear to, but donate all my senses to, like at least one hundred times a day. How lovely the lyrics are. The best line: "I dont care if we dont sleep at all tonight, lets just fix this whole thing down". A bizarre song Heartbreak Warfare by John Mayer.
Followed by Your Body Is A Wonderland.
 It has happened to me, at the end, when no one understands you, these world re-known artists does. As if, each line they are singing is for you. Each word is for your happiness, remorse,  guilt... everything.
Only two more sips left.. I gulped down one. 
Glancing at my life, everything is back on track now. A few remorse, but people have accepted me this way. Forgiven me and made me forget the bad days. One such person ready to give off everything. Just to make my everything back on track. And friends, no matter what, will jump into the deepest of the ocean and drag me back. Some are life supporters, some are life givers, some life donors. The life is yet, more to be explored. More friends to be made. I exhaled a heavy breath -"Its over, the bad time is really over."
The last sip of coffee passed down my throat.
The cup of caffeine is the celebration of friendship & love. The rain is the celebration of life.
Here's the link to both the songs... 


  1. 1st of all,i love john mayer & esp. d song-heartbreak warfare...& 2ndly,loved the post :)
    description makes you feel lyk u r actually watchin rain pouring dwn wid a cup of coffee in yr hand :)
    keep it up

  2. @Hardik
    With each post, I realize how similar we are. I regret we only had an year together of friendship, but yet, whenever you visit the college... I fell good! You've pushed me a long way!
    Thanks for the comment here too!
    Glad to have you. :)

  3. yea,actually v r vry similar at our taste of music & many other things & i'll keep visiting college for sure to meet u all :)
    in Parivartan lies my 2nd heart

  4. @Hardik
    yes, and each time, we all will greet you with same hearts and wishes! :)

  5. beautiful...very spontaneous thoughts!!! i like your writings.... and guess what, i too am in love with rains since my childhood!!!! and i still cherish those days of dancing in rain with my dear friends.....monsoon is the best for me!!!

  6. @Shubhangi
    I guess its a same pinch then? And thank you for this lovely comment.. :)
    Looking up to more..