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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So Yesterday

I remember I was in 7th standard since I loved the Disney Hit series of Lizzie McGuire. Broad casted in India in 2005-2007/8 (I roughly have a glimpse of past).  My dinner was just booked with it. Nobody would dare to touch the remote at 10pm in my hand and I would make everybody watch it too. Yes, my ignition of teenage life started with her. Learned a lot from her, the school life, and what not (even though it barely had any resemblance with Indian schooling, still close to me). Never did I know how would I survive without it. After me reaching 10th standard maybe, it ended (after repeating the full fleshed series for almost ten times). Dare would I miss any episode, no matter how many times I had witnessed it, my eyes would always glue to her, her friends, family, her notorious little brother, and her crushes. Not to forget, her cartoon protagonist which would appear in some or the other scenes. Oh! I was in touch with her even before my first crush (so, its quite an old thing). She just sembled "me".
It happened that evening, me returning from my regular tuitions, my eyes were awestruck when I saw her first ever video from her album. Yes, I had known she was a singer too, but never had I seen any videos from her. Never had I known her as something out of her daily routined Disney show. Man! I love that video as it even inspired me to use a kajal (her eyes simply beautiful to me). She was fat, at that time. Even though aware of this fact, I would still fight with my friends screaming, "she isn't fat! Don't say this ever again". She had a little pale yellow teeth and I would still scream, "Maybe she had jaundice which left her with this" or blabber anything with over the par confidence.

Today, me sitting at North Campus' Nirula's, saw one of her old videos (when maybe she was 16/17) on 40 inch LCD in the eatery joint. "To the beat of my heart". 
Yes, she was fat. I recognized the body again, even though now she is way thinner.
I madly saw the video without a blink. I still remember each word, I sang it moving my legs to and fro under the table, like a kid again.
Yes, I imagined myself. Even shorter than am now. Discussing the previous night's episode with school friends in two cat-like-ponies. Coming back home, I would watch her videos in my then-new pc (we bought it when I was in 8th standard), literally jump on the bed and give similar expressions as she did in her video with something that could pretend to be a mic for me.
I came back home today. Opened this youtube thing, which I barely use. With eagerness I typed, "Hilary Duff- Beat of my heart".
Saw this video first time in like 3-4 years. Happy as a bird am! I felt each pinch of those days.. again.
Followed by the first video I ever saw, "So Yesterday". 

Not to forget, I have seen her each movies like 5-10 times (at least) and each video like don't know how many times (even memorized many of her dialogues which I still speak along while watching her movies).

How weird life is sometimes. How do we even dare to forget the things we promised never to? How did I forget the one person who made my entrance into the teenage years way simpler which wouldn't have been so at her absence.

For a few people on the planet Earth who do not know about Lizzie McGuire, this is a must visit link:
My ever favorite videos:
"Hilary Duff- So yesterday"
"Hilary Duff- Beat of my heart


  1. @Aditya
    Finally! Something that brings your first comment in!

  2. nice,i did lyk to watch d show although,not vry frequently nly wen nthing else ws cming thn it did a gud justice to kill my tym

  3. @Hardik
    Thanks! I just remembered the golden days.. simple & sober. She lies in my memories. :)

  4. and i started watching her...because of u :) :P n still is one of my favourites :)

  5. @Anisha
    Yes, I know. I forced you to watch it and we used to discuss it the next day when we met. How funny and childlike it sounds, yet it soothes.
    Thanks for this comment, I remember the platinum days :)

  6. ahahahahahaaa Aavika! This is sooo adorable:)) Reminds me of my days when during afternoons i used to catch up with the shows:P With a tiny crush on her male frnd :P haha! Cute curly hair with inno face*_* Yes ,the cartoon popping up everytime was the best part! How i even today imagine my life in an animated way:)) Like yeterday only i saw Madeline movie for half n hr when dad kept telling me to switch off:P He was busy sleeping:P but i, undettered continued watching;volume almost mute but dotting with all my might:D And what a relaxation it is! Cartoons bring the true spirit in me out:D Best stress buster!! Cant deny Shinchan hangover mom and i had:D I still rmmbr all the dialogues by heart! Mom and I lietrally conversed like him:PWhile father glared at us :@ hahaha!
    "hey Arnold" "Kenan and Kel" "all that" "figure it out" "LittleLulu" "big bag" "Mickey and frinds" ...and the list goes incesnt!

    20 yeras old of my life,but nothing can stop me watching cartoons NOW and ALWAYSSSSS Foreverrrrrrrrrr:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  7. @Swati
    Same pinch! Even I watched that Madeline movie, but it wasn't for the first time. True, isn't it, the cartoons bring us hopes, joy and happiness. Even the sadest part of the life, has a safe part in mind, that things will be fine at then end. They do make things 100% guaranteed fine at the end. Even, they don't bore us and bring a happy atmosphere around. Thanks for the wonderful comment!
    P.S- Shinchan is my crush, followed by mickey!

  8. Shinchaan shinchaan pyara pyaaraa!!!!
    Cartoons <3 Foreverrr