Deep Thought

"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another season ends

"The ending is a new beginning", they say quite often. Or so, I thought.
Last week, I went to the last wedding of this so-called Marriage Season. The Indian Marriage.
Wherein, the women in backless blouses, net sarees. Somewhere exposing backs, or somewhere big fat bellies. Talking about their in-laws. Rather, bitching. Hopping around at every food stall and pushing everything in their mouths, as if never seen a lot. As a matter of fact, everyone does that. Girls stalking guys. Guys stalking girls. Offsprings jumping at every place possible. Women just enviously gazing at each other's jewellery and attire. And men, what to say.
Well, this post isn't about blabbering and bitching, its more about the big fat Indian Weddings. Each marriage now has a corner separate for pictures and a photographer appointed for the same. Not everyone knows the couple much, but for sure all will go up the stage and get the pictures done with the couple. Along with lots of zooming and unnatural poses, I say the photographers are the best things to happen at the wedding. The deejey ofcourse isn't bothered. And so are the chefs. However, all the tables do have plenty to fresh flowers, which I ensure atleast a bouquet is stolen by me at every wedding.
And yes! The brides ofcourse! are bothered more for giving good poses, she knows the pictures will go on facebook. Agreed, the time has changed!
The winter winds starts immensely at around 12 midnight or so. As yet, no girl will show they are dieing in net sarees with backless blouses. If they say, the parents will adamantly say "told you so". Rather, they pretend its a summer breeze. Funny! Yes, for sure, Indian marriages are the best thing to occur. The food is free and so is the sight seeing. Comeon! At most of them, I dont even know who is marrying whom. Never-the-less, I do know which stalls were there!
Waiting for next marriage season to arrive soon. 


  1. hehehe....coool...exactly the way i see the wedding these days wenever my parents force to company them to attend some a wedding,totally unknown to me :P
    but at least these absurdities,make sure you don't get bored....just keep noticing this or that unusual thing & wallah,u are getting free entertainment too along with the free food ;)

  2. @Hardik
    You soo always get my words and feelings in the perfect way I want everyone to see. Exactly my point! We must enjoy whatever is coming! Weddings are funnn!!!