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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Color of Blissfulness!

The yellow mustard farms
I very well bear in mind, the first time I was exposed to colors. When my parents taught me the primary colors: Blue, Red, Yellow. And I would scream "Yellow" all the time, everywhere. I would always pick the yellow token in ludo, snake and ladders. I would start coloring any picture with yellow first. I would go for shopping for school bag, water bottles, clothes and ask every shopkeeper, "ye yellow mein dikhao". I would love the yellow flowers at first: the yellow rose, the yellow mustard flowers. "Dekho kitni duur tak yellow hai", I would scream looking at mustard farm at village. The trend is going on since I was 2 and a half years.
I still scream "Yellow!!!" looking at the autos, the school buses, the road signals, the lights leaving all the people around me starring in amazement. Its simply my Love for this color.
Wonder what in this color has drowned me completely into it?
Yellow flowers completes the nature
Ask me what I see in this color?
Ask my why only this color? Why not something else?
The only answer I come up is:
"Yellow" for me means, bliss, cheer, delight, ecstatic, glee, liveliness, vivacity, rejoice, laughter, playfulness, joy, jubilation, optimism, laughter and a lot many feelings!
It makes me happy! The more number of things I see in yellow the entire day, I believe my day will be more good spirited. It just increases my luckiness and charm.
Another thing about yellow, which we all notice: the lights. The lamps are empty without yellow. The street lights would be of no use without yellow. Fireflies are abandoned without yellow. The diwali diyas, the autumn leaves, the flames, the crackers, everything is bare without yellow.
Just when the sunlight enters the room, every little details in the life blooms!
Also, the Sunshine is yellow. It means beginning of the new day, new hopes, new opportunities. When the sunlight explodes through my window panes, I feel like starring it at till it disappears. When the sunlight makes wonderful patters in my house, it gives me peace of mind. When the sunlight explodes from the leaves, I feel like a part of dark, horror, gloomy part inside me has vanished.
I crave for the yellow kurtis, yellow slippers, yellow clips, yellow rubber bands, yellow tops, yellow towels, yellow paint... in short everything yellow.
Yellow sunshine adds pleasure to the frame of Life
"After every dark, stormy, chilled night comes a bright, blissful, summery, Yellow morning"!


  1. @Anjali
    Thanks a lottt!!! I lovveee yellooowww!!!
    P.S- glad you commented at last!

  2. Yellow is THE colour right? Not the dirty yellow up on the Delhi Police barriers also not the marginally yellow on the walls which are painted beige,actually.. Gradually, but not slowly I'm sure, I will comprehend your obsession for the divine sunny colour-yellow. And I surely can imagine you yapping, "YELLOW".

  3. @Himanshu
    That car ride has surely yield a lot for you! This means you listened carefully and caught every corner of 'yellow'.
    And thanks for commenting! :D