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"A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done"
- Cardinal Newman

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Celebrating Womenhood

I may not have seen God. But I have seen my mother. That's the only simple way I can describe a women. A mother- the best person, women in the universe.
She adds colors to our lives. A sister, a mother, a friend, a daughter.
She is incomparable. (Picture by Hardik Guarav)
A daughter, the best supporter.
A friend, the best booster.
A sister, the best friend.
A teacher, the best guide.
A Lover, the one who makes you feel complete.
A women is an epitome of strength. Pillar of power. Shadow of God. Pill of happiness.  An architecture of patience. An appealing beauty inside-out.
Rain of  Love. Spring of awesomeness. Summer of magic. Winter of innocence.
Being 19, am myself on the road of moudling into a women, or have I? I forbid saying that. I am nowhere near a mother for sure.
She sacrifices. She supports. She Loves. She shields. She protects. She stands for all, even when none stands for her. She is as strong as an iron. She is as soft as a flower. She is fearless. She is the most beautiful thing nature has made. She is selfless. She is a multi-tasker. She is inspiring. She is magnificent. She is breathtaking. She is moving. She is majestic. She is grace. She is marvelous. She is exquisite. She is ideal. She is gorgeous.  She is tender. She is darling. She is praise. She is charm. She is adore. She is angel. She is omnipresent. She is immortal in the hearts of all.
She is a women.
The words seem less when you describe a women- any.
A father's strength, hope and friend. A daddy's girl.
Her laughter gives life to the entire world
Her patience, tolerance is unmatched

And she blooms like a flower in the lives of all

She feeds her children, shelters and protects them
 even in the hardest of times.

And just when she grows old; she has crossed the bars of perfection a million times.

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